I’ve always written. I love words. I love they way they stir my soul or make me laugh out loud. Tattling on myself and family is therapy. And boy, do we need therapy.

I live with an amazing man. He is my best friend and the only person in the world who can calm down the chaos just be walking thru our front door. I wouldn’t want to live this topsy-turvy life with anyone else.

My main duty besides laundry is mothering three incredible children.

WARNING: My tales are not for the weak-spirited or for perfect mothers. They speak of my zany, unpredictable life. It is very possible that you will be grossed out, nauseated, and feel deep pity during reading. If that happens, the only thing that will help is sweet tea.


I was nearly 30 years old when I became a mother. Just getting there proved to be challenging. 674 pregnancy tests later . . . it happened, I was ready. Or at least I thought I was. Since I was an excellent parent without having children, I figured it would all be a piece of cake.

I periodically added to my mental list of things my children would never do. ( They would not eat their boogers, pick gum from under the table, wear house shoes to the mall, fix their own hair, scream in a store, throw a tantrum in public and . . . ) Obviously, I had never been around real children.

I had all the ‘mom stuff.’ I quit my job and dedicated my time to staying at home. Once I got into the swing of all things baby, I tried to fill my long days.

My struggle to be a mommy, was, well, a struggle. I was lonely.

There were days where the only thing I accomplished was leaking milk. And that wasn’t even voluntary. As my baby grew and I grew another baby, I had desperate moments: being pooped and vomited on, in an airplane, without spare clothes. Watching in horror as my toddler’s temper tantrum stopped the world from spinning on it’s axis-in
the library, where it is quiet. Managing to get thru Wal Mart
, with a screaming, hiccupping child with toys clenched in each fist, just so I could feed my family. Lying to my children and convincing them that the overhead store speaker was telling them to SIT DOWN in the cart OR ELSE. Opening and consuming unpaid for food and leaving a messy trail for the store security to follow, occurred on a regular basis.

Moving across the country to a tiny home with a toddler, a huge belly and no friends made things even worse. But in time I made ‘mommy’ friends. I watched them struggle and it did something in my heart. You know what I learned? They weren’t perfect. Sometimes they were even bad, like me. Their kids, were just like mine, perfectly human.

And thru the years of diapering and disaster, I discovered the most amazing thing of all: I was really never alone. In the darkest moments, He never left my side: As I held my oldest child’s hand and looked into her pleading eyes for me to stop the IV from poking into her arm, He was there. When my son, fell from the loft of a hay barn and couldn’t walk, He was there. When my third child born too early, fought to breath through tiny tubes, He was there.

I love reading other mother’s heroic stories of extreme circumstances and mundane living. They make me feel normal. It is comforting to identify my struggles with others.

You may feel isolated. Tired. Alone. But there is a gigantic group of people who are just like you. They are called mothers. They know what it feels like to love a child more than life; feel their child’s pain; to move earth to be with their baby.

There is also a HUGE God who is always there, especially when others aren’t.

And that’s why I blog. That’s why I have to do it. I do it because laughter is easier to swallow than tears, and because sometimes we just need to be reminded that WE ARE NOT ALONE.

Oh, and about that mental list, my kids have done it all!

Why THAT family?

Through the years, I’ve been in different conversations and either said or someone said to me, “You know THAT family?” They don’t even have to say a name usually. My mind automatically pulls up THAT family.

You know the ones.

The family that always has troubles. Something out of the ordinary is always happening and they are usually followed by disaster.

As I sat in the Emergency Room last night with my little boy, it dawned on me: Oh my word, WE are THAT family.

I don’t know how it happened or when, but we became THOSE people that trouble follows.It’s been a crazy month, even for our family. Let’s just put it this way, our family of five has met individual deductibles and it’s still January. I’ve never had a longer month. It’s been hectic, unpredictable and well, you just wouldn’t believe it!

My son created a swing in between the couch and air hockey table in our playroom last night and lost his balance. Three of his top teeth took the brunt of the fall and are now hanging half-hazardly. I’ve never seen so much blood.

At first, I thought it was just his cut lip, but once I saw his teeth, I nearly passed out. Really. I had to put my head between my legs. It wasn’t so much the blood, it was knowing it was my son’s blood that did it.

My husband was gone, but my family lives close and they helped get the other kids to bed and we rushed to the ER. As I applied pressure and quieted my crying son, I had my epiphany.

I used to gossip about THAT family. I’d quickly pass judgement on the mother who didn’t watch her
kids closely enough or the kids who were overly active. We are THOSE people now. I don’t know if it was adding another child or a genetic mutation, but I know trouble is now a member of the family.

In preparation for upcoming disaster, I’ve adopted a new theme. I repeat it daily.My kids will jump in mud puddles. They will need stitches. We are THAT family.

Please don’t be alarmed. Don’t send condolences, although small gifts are accepted. We have come to grips with this and we are okay with it. Just remember the next time you talk about THAT family, we have feelings too.


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    Anonymous says

    I too found you in Bloggy Giveaways! I clicked on you because I thought my family was “THAT FAMILY”! I figure we must have a lot in common! I will be checking back frequently!

  2. 3


    I too found you on Bloggy Giveaways! I thought I was “THAT FAMILY”! I figure we MUST have a lot in common! I will be checking back frequently!

  3. 9


    I have actually recently discovered your blog (I don’t remember how) and noticed you at mommyfest so I thought I’d stop in to say hi. I love you thoughts on why you blog… thanks for sharing.

  4. 11


    Hey girl, you left a comment on my blog and I want you to know that I’ve been to your blog before!!! Oh yes, I’ve read quite a few entires. You are hysterical. And guess what?! I’m a non-perfect Christian Mommy struggling just like you.

    But I’m more introverted so not always outspoken about my mishaps. I’ll share one with you—I was recently telling someone how to hold down their 4-year-old so they could get medicated eye drops into his eyes so he wouldn’t lose his vision.

    Someone called me a barbarian. They obviously never had children!!! How dare I suggest that someone hold a child down to put medically necessary eye drops in his eyes so he doesn’t go blind?! LOL!

    Oh and I’ve forgotten to buckle my children in their seats (seriously, on accident, because our car doesn’t move without everyone being strapped in). Luckily God kept us safe from cops and accidents!

  5. 13


    Nice to meet you:) Looking forward to seeing what is coming up tomorrow:) I hope you are having a blast at Mommy Fest! We’re having a Mommy Fest Scavenger hunt – come check it out!

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    Ok, I found your site, loved it, then lost it before I saved it & then found you again on MommyFest. Your words touch right to my soul. I felt all of what you felt. I think that is why this mommy blogging is so cool.

  7. 16


    Thank you so much for the welcome back. It was just awful being computerless *shudder* :O

    I see you’ve been a busy, busy girl and you’re blog looks really pretty, too. :)

    I’m having a giveaway through Mommyfest. Come check it out.

  8. 18


    Hope you’re enjoying mommyfest. I’m just stopping by to say hi. I’m Jenny. I live at The So Called Me. Hope to see you hop on over there. I’d love to have you. Anyway, great to meet you! I’ve bookmarked you for more reading.

    <3 Jenny

  9. 19


    I LOVE it when moms are REAL about mommy-life. When I was young, all I wanted to be was a mommy. After I became one, I felt guilty for feeling like I wasn’t “Mommy to the Max”. It is really nice to meet you. I will be returning for some more reading.


  10. 20


    Thank you for sharing your blog :)
    I am really enjoying this blog fest !
    Stop By the Almost Always Organized Mom’s blog (Organizedfamilies.com) and win some free advertising and a free featured listing on Herblogdirectory.com
    The almost always organized mom

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    Hey – nice to meet another SAHM/blogger! I thought I was pretty “prepared” for motherhood too. I mean, I was the oldest of five kids, I was fifteen when my brother was born… I knew what it was gonna be like, right? HA! God has a sense of humor!
    C’mon by Wani’s World sometime!

  12. 22


    Just stopping by from Mommyfest to say hi! We must have a lot in common, because I too thought we were THAT family!! =)

  13. 23


    It’s so great to meet you in the Mommyfest Blog Party!

    No I can tell my hubby that we aren’t the only “that family”. Hee hee.

    I hope to see you at my blog also. (I was a little late putting my site in the links, but you can go to The “Official” Heather Quarnstrom Blog.) Don’t forget to enter the contests while you’re there. 😀

    I hope you had a great Mother’s Day!

  14. 24


    I’m hooked, totally! I haven’t laughed this much on a Saturday morning since my dd told me I had bad breath when she woke me up.

    I signed up for your RSS feed and am following you on Twitter. If I start stalking you, no fear. I’m harmless. That’s what I tell everyone 😉

    Come on over to my party. Late as always.

  15. 25


    Hi. I am a latecomer from Mommyfest still trying to make my way through the list of blogs to read. Your introduction cracked me up so much that I’m probably going to end up sitting here all day just reading your archives! You are a fabulous writer! I love to read funny stuff and you sure do deliver. And I haven’t gotten off the first page yet! LOL


  16. 26


    Very nicely written. I usually have a hard time getting through long posts, but this was interesting and engaging. I hopped over from MommyFest and I’m glad I did. I hope to be back soon and I hope to see you around!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  17. 27


    Being a mom has proven to be the hardest test in life. Sometimes, you just have to throw your hands up and laugh because they really do have little minds of their own.

  18. 29


    Glad to see someone else, who seems reasonably sane and organized, has been catapulted into mayhem by unruly children.
    “Who ARE their parents?” could be our mantra!
    Thank you for a lovely read!

  19. 31


    I found you thru another recommendation and love, yes,love reading your blog. Guess what! My family was THAT family. Then they grew up, and my daughter’s family is THAT family. 3 teens and an 11 year old who keep us all in stitches, in tears, on our knees…

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