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Giveaway Policy

Reviews & Giveaway Policy *NEW* Effective January 2010

Do you have a fabulous product you’d like to give away on my blog? With more than 100,000 page views a month, my readers LOVE giveaways and I love featuring awesome companies!

I am very selective about what is given away. I only recommend family-friendly products that I would actually buy/use. Please email me and we can see if your item is a good fit for my blog.

Please note:
Giveaways must be $50 in value or more. There is a $50 fee to write the giveaway post (this fee is waived if you advertise on my blog). 100% of this fee goes to Compassion International.

Also: I disclose everything I receive in my giveaway posts.

For more information, please email me at


After a year and a half and seventy-five DIY projects, I’ve decided to alter my weekly DIY projects that I usually post every Friday.
Let’s face it, my house is decorated. I don’t have a spare square left. I have thoroughly enjoyed creating and crafting with you. It’s been a fun and creative outlet for me!
I will still do some projects –especially gifts (around holidays, birthdays, etc) and family projects that have meaning.
I just want to refocus my efforts and instead of doing projects for me, do them for others.

While I was Googling charities that might need craft projects, I discovered Craft Hope. Wow. This is an amazing site that collects thousands of beautiful quilts, dolls, dresses and distributes them to orphanages and charities in need. I was so inspired, but knew knew that this was way out of my league. (I can make bean bags on a sewing machine, folks.)
So, in a way, I’m proposing the same idea, only on a much smaller scale and with a glue gun. I will announce one project a month, with a tutorial and ask you to make one or ten of the same. Once you’ve completed the project, you will mail it to me. I will collect them from everyone and deliver them to the charity in need.
All the while, I’ll keep you updated and reminded of how many have come in, show some of your handiwork in pictures and remind you of the deadline. I hope for each of the projects to be family-friendly and easy enough for you to do together with your kids!
(If you have ideas, please email me

Project 1-Fleece Blankets for Hospice- more than 75 blankets were given to Hospice
Project 2-Cut-out shapes for African Sunday School Children-500 were sent in and shipped!
Project 3-The World’s Largest Nerf Party-Mason had an awesome time celebrating!