After a year and a half and seventy-five DIY projects, I’ve decided to alter my weekly DIY projects that I usually post every Friday.
Let’s face it, my house is decorated. I don’t have a spare square left. I have thoroughly enjoyed creating and crafting with you. It’s been a fun and creative outlet for me!
I will still do some projects –especially gifts (around holidays, birthdays, etc) and family projects that have meaning.
I just want to refocus my efforts and instead of doing projects for me, do them for others.

While I was Googling charities that might need craft projects, I discovered Craft Hope. Wow. This is an amazing site that collects thousands of beautiful quilts, dolls, dresses and distributes them to orphanages and charities in need. I was so inspired, but knew knew that this was way out of my league. (I can make bean bags on a sewing machine, folks.)
So, in a way, I’m proposing the same idea, only on a much smaller scale and with a glue gun. I will announce one project a month, with a tutorial and ask you to make one or ten of the same. Once you’ve completed the project, you will mail it to me. I will collect them from everyone and deliver them to the charity in need.
All the while, I’ll keep you updated and reminded of how many have come in, show some of your handiwork in pictures and remind you of the deadline. I hope for each of the projects to be family-friendly and easy enough for you to do together with your kids!
(If you have ideas, please email me kristenwrites@yahoo.com)

Project 1-Fleece Blankets for Hospice- more than 75 blankets were given to Hospice
Project 2-Cut-out shapes for African Sunday School Children-500 were sent in and shipped!
Project 3-The World’s Largest Nerf Party-Mason had an awesome time celebrating!


  1. 1


    We are THAT family too. Every night this week we have had to bust out the ice pack for Boo, one night she had two working at the same time. Great fun. AND!! She told me last week that she thinks she is going to break something…ummm ok. When I asked her how it was going to happen (I mean we could use this power for good…) she said “With pain…”. Oh my

  2. 3


    I think I need to start saying your mantra too. With 3 little ones there is no way that I can keep up with all of the ways that they can get into trouble!

  3. 4

    Ski's Lady says

    I just found your blog through Audrey Caroline’s blog. I just wanted you to know, you are not alone………we are THAT family too! I enjoy being “THAT” family, though! Just think how boring life would be!! hehehe! Have a great day!

  4. 5


    I love your blog!! I now know how my Parents and siblings refer to my family. I’m OK with it too. My kids are not perfect. They say things they should not. They deffinately do things they should not and I think they know on a conscious level they out number us. Thanks for writing what I had not yet been able to articulate. I’m a fan.

  5. 6


    Children are all individuals, and with this comes the need to try out different things. :)

    We have seven children, and this can lead to funny or different events, much like your son trying to build a swing between furniture. 😉

    I have lost count of ambulance rides and emergency visits…but such is what makes life interesting.

    Keep smiling and thanks for sharing your story :)

  6. 7


    Hi, just stumbled onto your blog from “What’s that smell?” We are THAT family too, with the extremely active, adventurous and fearless boys who never sit still, love to be upside down, and don’t know the meaning of “inside voice.” Let’s just say we hear a lot of “are they always like that??” to which I can only say either “like what?” or “no, only when they’re awake” LOL.

  7. 8


    I have no idea how I came to find your blog…maybe through the Fro series….but I’m so glad you had the epiphany. It helps me to read about YOUR family to calm down about MINE.

  8. 9

    Susan says

    My kids are mostly older now (OMG! when did that happen?) at 23, 21, 18 and 9 (you can guess what happened). When the older ones were little, we were That Family. Now…we’re just Them 😉

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