Don’t Forget to Flush

My 8 year old daughter and almost 6 year old son, share a bathroom, much to my daughter’s chagrin.

On a weekly basis, I hear my daughter complain about my son’s non-flushing habits.  
And hey- I can’t blame her, really.  It’s just something you never get used to.  But, lately, all her complaining about his failure to remember has driven me batty.
We’ve reminded my son, prodded, corrected, rewarded – bribed.  Nothing has worked.
So. My daughter took matters into her own hands.  After my kids left for school last week, I was straightening upstairs and this is what I saw:

I laughed and I left it there.  Because, frankly, I thought it was brilliant and I wanted to see if it worked. 
The complaints ceased because there was flushing, people.  Much flushing.
We now have a true, card-carrying, flusher, thanks to my daughter’s idea.
Helpful Tip:  Put Masking Tape in the Perfect Place to Produce Perfect Potty Protocol!
I’m now applying tape to all sorts of places!  I just finished “If your going to wet your tooth brush, you might as well Use it!” Oh, and I’m not afraid to draw pictures on the masking tape for the non-readers in my home!
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  1. 12


    Yep, your daughter is a girl after my heart, too!

    I love the comment about writing “put the seat down” under the lid. I might try that one here!!! We girls are a little out-numbered here, and I HATE to be “caught off balance” (if ya know what I mean) if I get up to go potty in the middle of the night.

  2. 21


    That’s great! I think I need to do that! My kids all share their bathroom and I’m rarely in there as that bathroom is their cleaning responsibility. Every now and then I’ll pay them a visit and be overwhelmed with the rank smell of old peepee…they don’t flush. I think I need a sign.

  3. 26


    That is so funny! Thank you for sharing. I might have to try that one. Your daughter is very clever! Happy WW!

    Cascia @ Healthy Moms

  4. 28


    Wow! Is she smart or what?! I’ve been racking my brain, trying to come up with a way to get my two non-flushers to remember to do it in a way that doesn’t involve me yelling from across the house for the whole neighborhood to hear. Brilliant!! Tell your daughter she just might have found the answer to World Peace… okay, HOME peace at least. lol.

    Thanks for the fabulous tip.

  5. 33


    Okay, I’m trying this on my toilets. With 3 boys who don’t know how to flush, I’m hoping this will help!

    My daughter used to get mad that her brothers would come in her room and mess it up. She put a sign on her door that said, “No Room Ruiners Allowed”.

  6. 34


    That is SO funny! When I was in college I had a roommate who would NEVER close any of the cabinet doors in the kitchen–so we taped messages to the inside of each one. Unfortunately, she never really paid attention to the messages, b/c she still didn’t close the doors!

  7. 36


    That made me laugh. My husbands step dad hates dumping the honey bucket on the trailer and so he has duct tabe taped to the tank that says… If you crap, flush, if you pee, don’t flush. MAJOR GROSS!!!

  8. 42


    What a smart girl! Heck, I should do that for my 5 yr old daughter.
    She told me she “tries to remember” but she just can’t.

    Hmmmm, for someone that remembers a fight I had with my husband THREE years ago? Can we say LAZY!

  9. 46

    Growin' with it says

    I’m surrounded by 3 non-flushers and my sticker is gonna say…”AIM AND DON’T MISS!!”

  10. 47

    cre8tivkj says

    Oh that’s too cute! I can completely understand the lack of toilet issues, I have six kids…I am sure you can imagine!

  11. 52


    That is just too funny.
    I may have to try it myself. My 7year old son has the worst habit of not flushing and it drives me nuts! Especially since his 2year old brother thinks it is funny to throw things in the toilet. lol
    Such a smart little girl!

  12. 55

    Anonymous says

    I put a note on the wall behind each of my kid’s bath towels that said, “(Name of child), if you can read this note, then your towel is not hung up.” It helped a bit…

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