Family Night-STAY FOR $140 Giveaway!

I love my family.                                                                                             

My hubby, well, what can I say?  Anyone who writes my name in mildew and takes pictures of my rear on purpose, ranks high in my book.
The children?  They are the reason I get up everyday.  Literally.  They pull and tug on my tired body until I have no other choice.  
They light up my world.
And of course, I’m the Mom. I’m the do-er.  I am the efficient multi-tasker.  If I’m on the phone, I’m also sweeping.  I can carry huge piles of laundry up the stairs while dragging a new bag of kitty litter with my toe.  
Oh, yes.  I’m that good.
We are homebodies.  The mall frightens my husband.  We can only dine at restaurants with outdoor patios, what, with the toddler we now own.  We go to church and school-together, but separately to our own classes.  
So somewhere in the mix of all that being together, we missed togetherness.  So, family night was born.  Family night consists of well, the family, cat and toddler included, locked up in our family room, together.  
Now, at this point I’d love to tell you we sit around without the interruptions of tv, phones, computers, etc, holding hands, sharing fond stories and end the night singing “cumh by ya my Lord.”
Hmmm. . . . Not so much.

A typical family night for us might include a Wii family bowling tournament or the latest Disney movie.  Lately, we’ve really gotten into board games.  I don’t even throw myself on the floor anymore when I don’t win.

By far, our best family nights center around old home movies of well, us.  We’re vain that way. 

My kids LOVE watching themselves when they were babies.  We had a big box of unlabeled tapes.  We’ve almost made our way to the bottom.  Each one has been a surprise. (One of the first ones we watched almost 2 years ago cinched our decision to have another child.  When we stumbled upon the ‘baby tapes’ I just cried my way thru them.  Who knew my kids were so cute? And that it would lead to a third?  )
Family night isn’t strict or structured.  There isn’t a manual.  

It just is.  
Because one day, it won’t be.
And so, in honor of my sixth month anniversary of blogging and our love of Family Night, I’m offering one lucky reader an enormous pile of brand new Family Night Activities valued at over $140!

  • Risk Transformers Board Game :: Retail Value $39.95   
  • Mall Madness :: Retail Value $39.95    
  • I Spy Preschool Game :: Retail Value $14.95   
  • Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm :: Retail Value $9.95 
  • Smart Lab Electronics Lab :: Retail Value $19.95   
  • Hannah Montana 26 piece Activities Set :: Retail Value $19.95   
  • Popcorn Bags (because would it be a Family Night without it?  We know the answer to that, don’t we?)

To be entered into this random drawing, just leave a comment.  Comments will close Friday night, April 25th at 10 p.m. CST.  Winner will be announced on Sunday, April 27th. (I am limiting this giveaway to the U.S. only.  I’m sorry, but I will have to take away my kid’s lunch money to mail it as it is, thanks for understanding). Oh, and please, only leave one comment.  I’m not the best counter and I confuse easily, so play nice, ya’ll. This is open to bloggers and non-bloggers!

I have a big storage closet where I stick games and toys I find on sale.  This is only some of the stuff ! One lucky reader will benefit from my deep-seeded shopping issues.  

Oh, and if giveaways are your
, you must hop over to the Bloggy Carnival.  (I don’t know if specifically asking for God’s favor for the Random Number Generator works or not, but I’m going to try it!) Good luck!  Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog.  That will help you win something.  I’m sure of it.  Sort of.


  1. 453


    My family has started a similar tradition.. though different. We are all grown some with kids of there own, some without (me) but when we get together with my parents we have started watching movies and playing games and yes we’ve had the wii bowling tournement.. Dad is the king! LOL


  2. 454

    Anonymous says

    These are great – our family of 5 would love them. Our 4 yo has just discovered games and thinks that they are the greatest things ever – every night is family game night (he makes everyone in the family play at least one game!) Thanks for doing this.

    hersheygirl74 at yahoo dot com

  3. 455


    What a wonderful giveaway! I would like to institute family night at our house! This would really help!! cookiecutter72 AT hotmail DOT com

  4. 464


    I wonder what type of misfortune befell my daughter by being born to us, instead of you?lol. She would beg for a place at your table. Alas, perhaps such a prize package will have her content to stay here.

  5. 467


    Oh wow! I’d love a chance to win this Game Night Extravaganza package! My kids love board games, and we don’t have any of the ones on the list. Plus, I was planning on buying an ant farm this fall when DD starts homeschool kindergarten, so this would really be perfect. Thanks for this generous offer!

  6. 470

    Anonymous says

    Hi! Could I enter your givaway? Thanks!

    I am not on any of the boards below, so I put anon. my email is sgoetsch @ cox . net (without the spaces of course)!

    Thanks again!

  7. 475


    What a great site. Going to mark it as a favorite right away. I just found blogs a couple of weeks ago and I can’t get enough. Great giveaway also, thanks for offering this.

  8. 478


    We are another family who spends tons and tons of time together. We even eat ALL of our meals together! But still seem to find the need for ‘game night’ 😉

  9. 502


    This is so awesome! My 22 yr old got excited about the Risk game! lol And I was excited to have the I spy preschool game as I am a caregiver for extended family of little ones. Thank you so much for your generosity!

  10. 503

    Angela says

    Wow this is a goodie! (I like your son’s glasses–he is about the same age as my glasses wearing son). I love the family video idea! Maybe that will inspire another baby here too! :)
    Thank you! Angela
    mybuttercup “@” cavtel “.” net

  11. 504


    OH OH OH! I knew I kinda’ wanted this prize and then I saw the HANNAH MONTANA activity set. My 7 yr old would freak out over this.

  12. 505


    I read your blog and realized that we really don’t have a family night, and that is so sad. My son is 9, and he’s never really sat down to play a game with us. He plays checkers with dad (he always wins, so that is getting a bit old)

    I would love to win your giveaway, as that would give us the means and ways of having a family night. I mean, it’s hard enough to get them to sit at the table 4-5 times a week, but, with the promise of a game after, I bet we could improve that!!!


  13. 506


    Don’t enter me in your contest. My family is out and about these days and I live alone. I just wanted to tell you that I am subscribing to your journal on the strength of your writing. The entry about organizing your photos made me cry/smile. :) This is a good thing

  14. 518


    What a generous giveaway… My family is a big board game family.
    My niece is just getting to the age of understanding how to play games and this would be so awesome to win.

    Thanks for the opportunity,

  15. 529


    I grew up playing games as a family all the time. My kids are just starting to get old enough to do this ourselves, so this prize would be great!

  16. 531


    What a great giveaway! Please enter me. Our family loves to play games. My four year old especially. He regularly kicks my butt at board games. Seriously.

  17. 533


    I had two children in 13 months, and those years are a blur for me as well. It’s sad, because they are so adorable at that age. It’s hard to sit back and appreciate the miracle they are when you’re exhausted.

    Maybe that’s why we have grandchildren…so we can really appreciate the baby years.

  18. 534


    My son is five, I’ve just gotten remarried, and family night would be a super thing for us to institute! Sign me up, and I’d love to win!

  19. 541


    What a generous give away! Please enter me as well. We are just beginning the stage of games.. right now we are stuck in the world of candy land and shoots and ladders!!
    Thanks a bunch!!

  20. 543


    The thought of winning all that has my daughters dancing around saying, “Ohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease!!!!” I may be in real trouble if I don’t win! LOL

  21. 544


    It’s a nice change to see a REAL FAMILY. And I’m sure your’re more the norm now than what anyone wants to admit.
    Lovely, all of you.

  22. 546


    Oh how fun! You have no idea how much I need this – a family night of fun and not morning sickness, or complaints about what I made for dinner or a crying 6 year old, or a crying 36 year old for that matter – yes, it would be nice if you picked me. :)

  23. 553


    Unbelievable! Having a giveaway for Mall Madness would be enough, but to add the others in? I’m speechless. Mall Madness was a staple of an all-girl household growing up, and I’m still a huge fan at 24. We love our family nights too, good for you for doing it. Thanks for the entry!

  24. 555


    Wow that is a great giveaway! We try to have family night but it just doesn’t work sometimes. And we need more Wii controllers because trading when everyone is playing just isn’t fun.

    (email is first name at

  25. 560

    Pixie says


    This is my first time on your blog but I love your humorous writing style. And the blog about your “rear view” was a scream! My husband does that too! I still have the photo of his handprint (in flour) on the back of my pants. He snapped the pic. while I was making cookies! LOL

    Anyway, we have 6 kiddos here, so games are always appreciated!


  26. 561


    Since we started doing family night over 2 years ago I have seen such a change in my boys. I love the idea of watching all those old vids w/ the fam.

  27. 565

    Amy says

    What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win! And I love seeing your son’s handsome glasses. Mine has glasses, too. :)

  28. 570


    I am in love with your blog!! The pictures in your header speak volumes–ha ha ha! They describe my life to a “T”

    This prize would be absolutely PERFECT for my family–We are like you: the mall is my husband’s nightmare and I, too, have the wild toddler whom I cannot take anywhere (We’re patio parents, too). Anytime we do anything with my siblings or parents or friends, it has to be at our house and there is never anything fun to do besides flip the tv on—It would be amazing to pull out a stack of entertainment for every age. Please put me in the drawing!! Great to bump into you here–I will definitely be back!

  29. 579


    Wow! This is an amazing give-away! My family would be blessed to win such a wonderful assortment of games for our family nights. Thanks for the opportunity!

  30. 581


    oh my gosh, how fun. We love Wii bowling. I must admit I’m petrified someone will throw the controller through the t.v., but so far so good. Have you ever done the boxing? Wow, what a workout!! Thanks for entering me.

  31. 582


    Such an awesome selection of games your giving away! We would use them all!!!

    Thank you for the great giveaway!

    wearethatfamily rocks!



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