Family Night-STAY FOR $140 Giveaway!

I love my family.                                                                                             

My hubby, well, what can I say?  Anyone who writes my name in mildew and takes pictures of my rear on purpose, ranks high in my book.
The children?  They are the reason I get up everyday.  Literally.  They pull and tug on my tired body until I have no other choice.  
They light up my world.
And of course, I’m the Mom. I’m the do-er.  I am the efficient multi-tasker.  If I’m on the phone, I’m also sweeping.  I can carry huge piles of laundry up the stairs while dragging a new bag of kitty litter with my toe.  
Oh, yes.  I’m that good.
We are homebodies.  The mall frightens my husband.  We can only dine at restaurants with outdoor patios, what, with the toddler we now own.  We go to church and school-together, but separately to our own classes.  
So somewhere in the mix of all that being together, we missed togetherness.  So, family night was born.  Family night consists of well, the family, cat and toddler included, locked up in our family room, together.  
Now, at this point I’d love to tell you we sit around without the interruptions of tv, phones, computers, etc, holding hands, sharing fond stories and end the night singing “cumh by ya my Lord.”
Hmmm. . . . Not so much.

A typical family night for us might include a Wii family bowling tournament or the latest Disney movie.  Lately, we’ve really gotten into board games.  I don’t even throw myself on the floor anymore when I don’t win.

By far, our best family nights center around old home movies of well, us.  We’re vain that way. 

My kids LOVE watching themselves when they were babies.  We had a big box of unlabeled tapes.  We’ve almost made our way to the bottom.  Each one has been a surprise. (One of the first ones we watched almost 2 years ago cinched our decision to have another child.  When we stumbled upon the ‘baby tapes’ I just cried my way thru them.  Who knew my kids were so cute? And that it would lead to a third?  )
Family night isn’t strict or structured.  There isn’t a manual.  

It just is.  
Because one day, it won’t be.
And so, in honor of my sixth month anniversary of blogging and our love of Family Night, I’m offering one lucky reader an enormous pile of brand new Family Night Activities valued at over $140!

  • Risk Transformers Board Game :: Retail Value $39.95   
  • Mall Madness :: Retail Value $39.95    
  • I Spy Preschool Game :: Retail Value $14.95   
  • Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm :: Retail Value $9.95 
  • Smart Lab Electronics Lab :: Retail Value $19.95   
  • Hannah Montana 26 piece Activities Set :: Retail Value $19.95   
  • Popcorn Bags (because would it be a Family Night without it?  We know the answer to that, don’t we?)

To be entered into this random drawing, just leave a comment.  Comments will close Friday night, April 25th at 10 p.m. CST.  Winner will be announced on Sunday, April 27th. (I am limiting this giveaway to the U.S. only.  I’m sorry, but I will have to take away my kid’s lunch money to mail it as it is, thanks for understanding). Oh, and please, only leave one comment.  I’m not the best counter and I confuse easily, so play nice, ya’ll. This is open to bloggers and non-bloggers!

I have a big storage closet where I stick games and toys I find on sale.  This is only some of the stuff ! One lucky reader will benefit from my deep-seeded shopping issues.  

Oh, and if giveaways are your
, you must hop over to the Bloggy Carnival.  (I don’t know if specifically asking for God’s favor for the Random Number Generator works or not, but I’m going to try it!) Good luck!  Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog.  That will help you win something.  I’m sure of it.  Sort of.


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    Wow, great idea! Family night is sadly a forgotten idea in today’s society. It is so important to demand those moments of family time. Good for you! We love board games, so consider me in!

  2. 608


    What a great idea for a giveaway! Thanks for participating in the giveaway. Also, I wanted to let you know I love the title of your blog!

  3. 615


    Wow, great giveaway! We are homebodies, too, so we would love this!

    That post about the mildew is so sweet! I look forward to reading your blog.

  4. 636


    This is a great kit. I have a 4 and a 2 year old daughters and one on the way. We only have a couple of games and use brown lunch bags for the popcorn. I know my family would love the popcorn bags the most.

  5. 637


    What a wonderful idea! With a new arrival coming in five weeks, we’ll be having lots of game nights with our 12 year old. She’d love Mall Madness- I played that when I was her age and loved it.


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    dfh says

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