*UPDATE* Congratulations to PunkinMama! Thanks y’all. Secrets are fun!

Hi y’all! Thanks for reading and being a part of my blogworld! I love that each of you are striving to parent like Jesus wants you too!

I love today’s giveaway. It’s sponsored by FAITH BABY!

Visit her great store and tell me what you’d like your faith baby to wear…One blessed winner will get their choice of a onesie or shirt.
If there was still a tiny tush in my house, you better believe they’d be wearing one of these:
This super secret giveaway won’t last long!


  1. 1


    That is an interesting way to be charitable and one that I have not thought of or heard of before. Thanks for sharing the details on it.

    My husband and daughter are so likely to get mosquito bites. My daughter has had 20 or more bites just from being in our yard for 5 minutes in late summer. It is awful! At the same time, my son and I only got 1 bite. It is wierd how that works.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. 2


    I have read your blog for a while, but never commented. I see from comments that other Moms are relieved to see that other families have struggles. And you do such a great job of turning it to laugh. Thank you, from a Mom. I finally commented because I finally thought of something to add. I seriously hate mosquitos also. And I never stop saying ” The only good mosquito is a dead mosquito” I makes my nightly searches more valid. Grumble grumble grumble!

  3. 3

    Anonymous says

    I think buying a mosquito net is like a very economical way to donate money to fight bad shit. i mean, 10 dollars per net, a rich person/gov/company’s 100,000 dollars could buy 10k nets and save probably thousand+ lives, its a cheap price for humanity. i think unless there is a global mass starvation crisis this net thing could be up there .

  4. 4


    I just checked out the Faith Baby site and there are some really cute items! I really like the frilly diaper covers/bloomers. Soooo cute! And the Jesus is the reason for the season shirts are really sweet too!

    Thanks for sharing the site with us!

  5. 5


    Wanted to add that the Mommy's Answered Prayers tee that you have featured on this post is PERFECT! I just recently had our first child….but before her conception, I prayed for her a lot!

  6. 6


    Okay I am confused by the old comments I hope I am in the right place for the contest. I love the Jesus loves me and so does my Daddy onesie, it is the cutest thing ever!

    mnmzz at msn dot com

  7. 9


    What sweet little clothes! I would have a really tough time choosing something for my baby…although we prayed long and hard for him so I like "Mommy's Answered Prayer" onesie. So sweet! Thanks for sharing the love.

  8. 10

    midwestmom3 says

    Thank you for this giveaway. I love the "be Patient" shirts.and the ruffled bottoms are adorable. I wish my girls were still little enough to wear them. Thank you for your Kindness newsletter, love the book suggestions.

  9. 13


    Thanks for allowing us to be a part of the giveaway! My brother-in-law and his wife are in Africa as I type this picking up their new baby to bring home for Christmas so if I win this item will go to her. Thanks again!

  10. 14


    This was the first time I received one of your newsletters, and it's wonderful. I was thinking of you this morning and I said a prayer for your success with the vote today. God's plans for us are bigger than we can imagine. :)

    I loved the ruffled pants and the ruffled t-shirt. The blue on the "blessed" shirt is perfect. What great Christmas gifts!!!

    Have a wonderful day!


  11. 15


    I love reading your newsletter!
    It puts a few extra special thought minutes into my morning.
    I love these little ruffle bloomers. My daughter doesn't have any, and I'd love to get her some! The Christmas ones are adorable too!

  12. 16


    Oooooo! I love Faith Baby things! I love encouraging our chldren from the earliest age that they are children of the King.

    We, too, are working on kindness. I didn't realize it was such an issue at our house until we focused on it. Thanks for the encouragement to keep going with it and some great ideas!

  13. 17


    Love the newsletter, thanks! I would get the hot pink 'Blessed' ruffle shirt for my daughter… along with the hot pink ruffled bloomers! They would look so stinkin adorable on her round baby butt along w/ her chunky thighs!

  14. 18


    I am confused about the mosquitos and the dates on the previous posts! Nevertheless, I wanted to enter in my name for the Christian baby clothing…so cute! I don't have an that little anymore but I have a very close church family with tons of babies and I know someone would be glad to have this! I like the one that says "I may be little but I serve a big God!". I also like the youth shirt that says "Be patient, God is not finished with me yet!" Shirts like these can initiate a conversation with a nonbeliever and plant a seed in their hearts. What an awesome idea!

  15. 24


    I'd love to win! my kiddos would look great in something like this and is a great way to share the faith!!!

    Thanks for your great newsletters! I am encouraged and feel equipped when I read them!

  16. 26


    I would really like the toddler shirt that says, "Be patient – God's not finished with me yet!" I need my 3yo to wear it so that I can remember to extend her a bit of grace!

  17. 29


    So many cute things!! Sure makes me wish I still had a baby girl for those ruffled tushie covers and sweet headbands. But since my current baby is a boy, I think I would go with the t-shirt that says "When God made me He was just showing off." Too cute!

  18. 35


    I'd love a shirt or onesie that said "mommy's answered prayer". that is so adorable!

    Thanks for the chance!
    amandabroadway at hotmail dot com

  19. 36


    I love "secret" giveaways. I would choose the pink "not spoiled, blessed" for my youngest daughter. Too cute! They should come out with fitted tees for little girls. I bet those would be a big hit too!

  20. 41

    Anonymous says

    I love getting the newsletter! I think the T-shirt for toddlers that says "be patient, God is not finished with me yet!" would be perfect for my son.

    pandaandtigger @

  21. 42


    i LOVE THE "i may be little but i serve a BIG GOD!" onesie. My sister is expecting her first, and this would be perfect for her! Thanks so much the a great giveaway!

  22. 44


    cute stuff… I would definitely go with the "Be Patient, God isn't finished with me yet"
    mostly as a reminder to me… my kids aren't perfect and they are still kids. I need to let them be!!

  23. 45


    I like the "be patient, God's not finished with me yet" t-shirt–because I need lots of help being patient and that would be a walking/toddling reminder. 😉

  24. 47


    What a fun giveaway!

    I like the black with gold lettering…Be patient with me….I NEED that for my 4 year old. Have mercy!!!

    Blessings to you!

    Lana @ ilovemy5kids

  25. 48


    "Mommy's answered prayers" would be a perfect gift for my dear friend's long-awaited, long-prayed for baby!!!! I love this!!!
    susandtim at gmail dot com

  26. 50


    Not sure if I am commenting in the right place….but wanted to say that this is a fantastic giveaway…..I totally love and respect that business dedicated to spread the Good News!

  27. 52


    I love the tee that says God's not finished with me yet. What a great reminder. My kids would wear that everyday. Do they come in adult sizes??? 😉

  28. 53


    Thank you for clarifying. I tried to enter last night, but I don't see my post again today. Sooooo…

    My favorite is the Toddler Tee "be patient"! So fun and such a great reminder for ME!!!

  29. 55


    I love the onesie that says "Mommy's Answered Prayer"- so fitting for my son. Hope I win so he can wear it and show the world living proof that GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS!

  30. 56


    Wow! What a great giveaway. I don't have babies, either. My baby is 6!!! BUT, my sister is about to have her first child. They are not Believers, so I would love to give them the a cute onesie that says "not spoiled – Blessed". Blessings!!

  31. 57


    I so wish that my babies were still babies so that they could wear these! Fortunately I know a few cuties that would love to wear these clothes! I adore the little shirt that says "all God's grace in this little face" and also "I may be small but I serve a BIG God."

    So Cute!

  32. 61


    I kept re-reading the post to see what I missed about mosquito nets.
    Anyways, if I could win a onesie for my grandaughter it would be: "I may be little but I serve a BIG GOD!

  33. 63


    Kristen…I love the Christmas bloomers…and for my baby whose hair all fell out when she was three weeks old, that huge flower headband would have been the perfect accessory!! But I have to say…my brand spanking new nephew would be the recipient of "When God Created Me, He Was Just Showing Off!" :) Thanks for your words and your hard work here…

  34. 65


    I love the thought of sharing with my kids that they belong to the King from such an early age.

    And their stuff is cute, too! It's a win/win situation.

  35. 67


    This has been my second newsletter, and I so enjoy them. Thanks for all the great ideas , information and encouragement. Keep up the good work!

  36. 68


    too cute! i love the hot pink ruffle bloomers so i'd go with the ruffled shirt w/ 'Blessed' on it for my 6 month old daughter!
    love the newsletter!

  37. 69


    Oh, Kristen, you really are THAT mom, lol.

    I absolutely love those ruffled bloomers ~ too cute. The ruffled T's are adorable as well. My fav is the cotton candy "Blessed" T.

  38. 70


    those mosquito comments gave me a chuckle, even though it is the first of Dec! Oh how I would love to win one of those precious little bitty things to give to my almost here grandaughter! My kids live overseas and they are always looking for opportunities to open doors for conversation about their faith. Little one is due in about a week and we are leaving this week to visit them, and hopefully be there for her arrival! I love your blog and love the way you have chosen to get the good news out there in the world!

  39. 71


    The Mommy's Answered Prayer is a GREAT shirt! And that couldn't be more true in our house!

    Thanks Kristen — enjoyed the newsletter this month!

  40. 73


    I would love to receive the "Blessed" Cotton Candy Lap Tee. It is precious and I can totally see my niece in California wearing it!!! Awww! I love the bloomers too!!!

  41. 80

    Connie says

    What a fun 'sneaky' way to post a give away! I love your blog, and would LOVE to win a cute little shirt for my new baby girl. The one that says "Mommy's answered prayers" is so sweet.

  42. 83


    My daughter had a FaithBaby onesie that she has outgrown (despite my trying to use extenders to keep it longer). I just love these clothes. Thanks for the chance… and what a great newsletter. Love it, as always.

  43. 86

    Anonymous says

    I really like the Jesus loves me… shirts & I also like the I may be little but…. shirt as well. Very simple & nice products.

    Dawn G.

  44. 87


    I think this is my first time commenting on your site. I love your website and started reading it last month. It's great! I just started my blog. It's fun!

    Happy Holidays!


  45. 88


    I have to pick ONe favorite? Okay…toughie, but…I think I like best the "I may be little but I serve a BIG God," although the Blessed tops with a coordinating headband are just wonderful! If I were to choose, however, I would pick "Be patient, God is not finished with me yet" for my nearly 13-year-old daughter who is having a rough time lately.

  46. 90


    Oh good I was in the right place :)I don't see my comment from yesterday so I'll leave a new one, if you just haven't made it through it then please delete this one or that one :)

    So my favorite thing is the Jesus loves me and so does my Daddy onesie. I was thinking last night about making a pink tutu for my little girl and having her pics done with that shirt and the tutu :)

  47. 93


    Thanks for the secret giveaway! I like the shirt about "it's not crying it's praising the Lord" except my little one's would need to say "squeal/scream"!! Fun stuff!

  48. 94


    Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas for building character into our kids. I would love for my little one to don some of this adorable apparel!

  49. 100


    My daughter used to have a shirt that had a "The spirit of God made me." shirt, but could only wear it a couple times before she grew out of it. I would love to have her in a faith shirt!

  50. 101


    OK Now that I see a whole lot of folk have got past mosquito nets!!! Here I am entering away – I just love the … serving a big god onsie!!!

  51. 102


    I am LOVING your newsletters!!! Thank you for putting such thoughtfulness and heart into them for all of us to read and learn from. If I won, since I have a 3 and 4 yr old, I would definitely go with a tshirt, probably the "Blessed, not Spoiled" one!

  52. 108

    Julie says

    I love the idea for this giveaway! I also think this product is a great, visual reminder of why I'm parenting and WHO I'm parenting for! Lately, I've been stressed with my 3 yr old daughter, who has been testing every boundary. I think it'd be a blessing to both of us to have her wear a "Be patient, God is not finished with me yet" shirt. I could explain to her what that means. It would also be a great visual reminder to me to stifle my groan and instead decide to positively teach her in the moment while having the big picture of God's love and purpose for her on my mind.


  53. 113


    Oh, I could use the "be patient…" reminder on the toddler t-shirt! And those bloomers – makes me want another baby girl just so I could dress her up!

  54. 115

    Eric and Danielle says

    SO adorable. I love the one about Mommy's answered prayer… So very true!

    eric_danielle at netzero dot com

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