How to Mop the Floor

I have issues.  Serious.  Issues.   I need a support group.  
Therapy is probably an option.
I need help.
This is how I mop my floor -Blogger Style:

I start the water for my nightly tub soak.  It’s a ritual.  It makes me happy.
Before I dive in, I check my email.
I forget about said water flowing into tub because I am engrossed with a NEW COMMENT.
I do not hear the water overflowing on the tile floor.  Gallons and gallons.  And, did I mention gallons?
My hubby makes the discovery and screams. “AWWWWWW!!   THERE’S A FLOOD!”
That’s when it occurs to me that he’s probably talking about my bath.  On the floor.  Literally.
He turns off the water.  I’m expecting a lecture.  An argument.  A little uh, laughter, maybe?  (Depending on his mood).
No.  He grabs HIS CAMERA.
And I grab the towels.  He doesn’t help me.
At all.
I’m using every towel we own to soak up the 3″ of water on the floor.
Without any help.  Oh, I have an attentive audience.
And, it seems it’s quite entertaining for some in my home.
The floor sparkled when I was done.
Come back and see how I wash the family’s clothes!!
originally published April 2008


  1. 1


    Love it! Those are cute pictures. I sometimes do the same but with my breakfast in the morning…sittin here at my desk wondering what smells so good and I realize it’s the frying pan!

  2. 2


    Hey, don’t take a bath, don’t leave the house, don’t do anything but sit at the computer and those things won’t happen!!!! Oh wait, you have a life don’t you? silly me!

  3. 11


    That is too funny, but I have laundry on my bathroom floor. I guess the piles could absorb the spilling water like a sponge or your towels. They could perform in a mop-like way by being swished around and about. And all the flooding could help me get a jump start on the wash. Perhaps it is a win-win situation after all!

  4. 14

    Anonymous says

    And you were worried about him…I’ed say he’s got your number!


    How many times I’ve done this with the sinks; washer machine you know it’s on the rinse cycle and you realize you forgot to put the laundry in, but never the “luxury tub” oh I know why, because I don’t have one~ brat!

    Nice tub~ Dawn :0)

  5. 18


    Too Funny! I never thought to show my blogger cooking from Monday night. Let’s just say those potatoes were not fit for human consumption!

  6. 23


    Hey, it’s all good because in the end, you got more out of it than you bargained for. Well I mean aside from a ton of wet towels, you now have a sparkling clean bathroom floor.

    Of course, my hubby would do the same thing…stand there and snap away whilst I slogged around in the water. Oh and he’d be laughing himself silly. I think. Not that I’m going to find out anytime soon. Nope, I learned that I am physically incapable of blogging and cooking. Burnt orange peel and vanilla beans do NOT come out of Le Creuset cookware. Ever.

    Great post!

  7. 27


    I learned in college to bring my clothes in the tub and dance on them while I take a shower. It got them sort of clean I guess

  8. 30


    Oh what an innovative idea! I experienced almost the same thing about 2 months ago, it was the day after we got new carpet and the toilet overflowed for hours. We had to pull up the carpet in our dressing room and in our closet, the tile was ruined and it was raining in our crawl space… I’m glad your husband found the tub over flowing!

  9. 33


    Can I say that I love your bathroom? It is huge! And so clean!! Thanks for sharing the secret…wonder if it would work on the kitchen floor too with dish washing. Only prob is I am horrible at laundry so I can’t spare all my towels or we’d be towel-less for weeks!

  10. 34


    This is so funny!! I do this all the time! So much that my husband has nicknamed me “Squaw Running Water” how hilarious is that! I loved the pictures, bless your heart! LOL 😉

  11. 36

    cre8tivkj says

    Hey, whatever it takes to get great content for your blog, eh? LOL! I really enjoyed this one!

  12. 40


    I heart doing dishes. I have never said that before – but I thought it would be fun. (that’s my WFMW post)

    I have honestly never cleaned my bathroom floor the way you have. Living on the 5th floor of a condo community, I’m not going to try it anytime soon LOL But I’m so happy your floor got clean and your husband enjoyed taking pictures of you LOL

    Have A Great Day!

  13. 41


    I am so jealous– so have 40 comments!! WOW you are famous in the blogging world my friend. And I love it that Terrell captured that on camera- kinda like the poparattzi getting candid shots of celebs. :-)

  14. 42


    LMAO! And you were probably smiling from ear to ear not because of the sillyness of the situation but because you were thinking to yourself “YES! This is PRIME blog post material!”

    I almost burned my house down bloggy style. I have since that time banned myself from the computer when dinner is on the stove or cookies in the oven…It just never ends well.

  15. 43


    LOL – that’s hilarious! I did the same thing about a year ago … it was literally a waterfall pouring down through the heating vent. Thankfully, we only have one level. But you’re right – the floor SPARKLED!

  16. 44


    I TOTALLY DID THIS!!! And it created a huge problem since it was in the middle of winter, and it was freezing cold outside, and it soaked through the air vent and then FROZE down under the house. Wow what fun.

  17. 45


    I am laughing out loud!!That is hilarious…The funniest part being your husband taking pictures of you and your “flood”…This could easily be me too…I check my blog probably one too many times a day sometimes…I love your “Mopping, Blogger style”..Hey, you have a clean floor now!! :)

  18. 47


    You have such a great way with words!! Such a funny story – I can totally relate, but I am usually burning the dinner while I am reading and writing blogs :o)

  19. 49


    You are fortunate, out toilet overflowed upstairs and came pouring out the downstairs ceiling. Of course the first thing I did was grab my camera… my husband asked what I was doing and I said, well of course I have to get pictures for the blog!

  20. 53



    I love the expression the second from last pic. It’s like you’re saying…”I’ll deal with you after I get off the computer.” LOL

  21. 55


    you’ll bathe and never get this far!!!

    YOU provided the LAUGH I needed tonight…I may have to add it to my thankful Thursday routine…REALLY….the scary thing is….you look strangely like me….and I HAVE DONE IT THAT WAY…no overflow needed!!!!

    SCARY THING…mine would ahve done the same thing!!!!

    I’m telling you….FIRST THING in the MORNING….I’m determined to be at least in the top 25….sound like Idol now don’t I?????

    in my BEST BRITISH accent….
    that was quite possssibly the FUNNIEST thing I’ve seen all week….you know, maybe not your BEST work….but it WILL get you through to the next round…

    have a great night..
    keep us laughing….:)

  22. 58


    I wish I could try that but my luxurious tub is sitting in a box in the garage. *sigh* someday I will be able to mop the bathroom floor bloggy style. If only I had a bathroom floor to mop. LOL!

  23. 67


    This is my first visit and for sure the first of many! I can so see myself doing the same thing. In fact, okay, nope I’m good! ;o)
    Thanks for the laugh.

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