Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Mom. Mother. Mommy. Mama.

We have one or are one.

Mother’s Day snuck up on me this year, just like Easter.

It occurred to me the other day, that I’d better tackle it! My mother-in-law is easy to buy for. My hubby picked out a hand-carved wooden biscuit-cutter for her awhile back.

Yes, she makes biscuits from scratch. On a regular basis. It’s okay to feel sorry for my hubby and children. If it’s not in a pop can, it’s not happening around here.

I wanted to add something to what every mom on the farm needs, a.k.a. biscuit-cutter. That’s when I stumbled upon some beautiful custom made jewelry.

Oh, yes, now I’ve got your attention. (You don’t fool me, I know you were thinking, THAT mom is giving away a biscuit-cutter for Mother’s Day? I’m so outta here.)

Dear friends, we’re talking jewelry here. Follow me, now.

Star bright Jewels has some lovely pieces. I ordered my mother-in-law a beautiful one-of a kind bracelet. I just received the bracelet in the mail and it is divine! Β It’s gorgeous and high quality! Christine designs the jewelry and she is offering one of my reader’s a $30 gift certificate plus free shipping (to arrive by Mother’s Day).

So, go, look around at her store. Come back and leave a comment on this post and tell me what you would choose for yourse–, I mean, someone you love. I will randomly choose one winner Wednesday evening 10 p.m. CST.

The lucky jewelry winner will be announced on Thursday.

Oh, and Mom? I know you are reading this. That’s why I’m leaving your Mother’s Day tackle a secret.

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  1. 1


    Everything is beautiful. I can’t decide what I like best. I love the Lily Pond bracelet for the name, I would love a piece of jewelry to reming me of my Lilypad Princess. I also like the reminder of the “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” necklace, my daughter sings that everyday. But the Blue Lapis necklace is beautiful.

  2. 2


    Believe it or not…and I’m being very honest here..I’m not the “jewlery nut” that my sister and mother share so avid a love with, however anything my dh gives is treasured!

    If I got to choose something I would give the “Lily of the Valley” earrings, to my mother because her birthday is on Mother’s day this year and she is a Lily of the Valley!

    Thanks for another great gift idea!

    Dawn :0D

  3. 3


    Fun stuff… makes me wanna get dressed up and go out with my hubby. I like the cha-cha bracelets. I also like the blue and lavender denim.. pretty but not too flashy. Thanks for another fun give away!!

  4. 6

    Pixie says

    Ooooh, I think I (oops, I mean “someone I love”) would enjoy the Blue Lapis necklace and bracelet! Said loved one is sorely lacking in the blue earring department.

    And nope, no one else in my extended family has pierced ears so no temptation there :-) (Awww, shucks, guess I’d just have to enjoy them if I won!)

    (who’s been enjoying the RSS feed of your blog ever since I discovered it last week!)

  5. 10


    So many beautiful items!!! It’s so hard to choose. I love the Rhapsody In Violet Earrings, and the “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes” Necklace. Gorgeous stuff! Thanks!! xx

  6. 12


    That was a tough choice!! I think I narrowed it down to the blue lapas earings and the denem bracelet..
    Of course that is what I would purchase for “Moi”!
    I found a few others my mom may like!

  7. 13


    hmmm…I think I like the diva hoops best…or maybe the lily pond bracelet….or the denim bracelet…the cha-chas were cool too….or maybe the pink bracelet…or….

  8. 17


    Oooooooh! I love handmade anything! I wish everyone would support them instead of buying from the big stores. The quality and attention to details is usually so much better. Soooo, with all that said, while it was really hard to choose, my favorite were the Del Tango de Roxanne, but the Cotton Candy Pearl Drops were so adorable too. And, the Cha Chas! Going to order some!

  9. 21


    My mom would love the “So Charming” Amethyst and Crystal Sterling Bracelet. Thanks for the great idea for a mom who has EVERYTHING!! And I really like the bracelet that you ordered for your MIL.

  10. 22


    I just found your blog via the christian women blogs. I can say that your blog is going to be a quick favorite of mine! My husband and I were married three months after we started dating too!! Your writing is real and refreshing. Hope you have a great day! *I’m with ya on the sweet tea!*

  11. 24


    I always DO what I’m told….
    I went, I chose…and here it is…just PROOF that I went!
    Pink rocks…they are TOO cute…but I have to say the one you posted is another fave!! A TAD more expensive I may add!!
    Ok, now the winner will be chosen on Wed…..hmmmmm….my birthday IS Friday….but OF COURSE I’D give it AWAY if I won it! I would, I would….I swear I would…like my middle daughter says…”I PINKIE SWEAR!” as if THAT helps!!

    great little site!
    be blessed!

  12. 26

    MOM says

    Well, You’re so right!!! No biscuit cutter for me. I do love her jewelry!!!!!! I HAVE A SURPRISE, OH GOODY!!!!!!! MOM

  13. 30


    I love the “Love That Pink” bracelet. That would look so good with so many of my clothes!

    Okay, now I’m scared. Just when IS Mother’s Day????

    I gotta go check.

  14. 32


    Gosh, my wrist feels so NEKKID. If only I could afford to bling it up a little. What a dream come true if someone would conveniently award me with a gift certificate to a Wonderful Jewelry Store. POOR NEKKID WRIST!

    And the Rhapsodizing and blog Love and Much Linking that I would do if I WON!!! All three readers of mine would be sure to visit…..

    OOH OOH OOH! *naked wrist in the air* Pick me! Pick me!


  15. 40


    I am currently on a jewelry strike…the same earrings have been in my ears for months and I haven’t even pretended to change them with my outfits.

    I’ve been told however, that the longer the necklace, the taller you look…so 5 ft almost 4 inch me would really need something that dangles past knees…to add a little “height.”

    Becky, the maid

  16. 42


    Awesome tackle. Which reminds me I should get going on something for my own mother.

    Love the giveaway. All the jewelry is beautiful. I would love the Blue Ice or the Capri Blue bracelet for … my mother. :)


  17. 47


    I absolutely LOVE the Smokey Lavender & Peacock Pearl Dangle earrings!! And the Charmed Life Necklace is so beautiful. I have a pair of earrings that would go with it perfectly!!!

  18. 50


    Such gorgeous stuff! I know my mom would LOVE the diva hoops and I love the Fresh Water Pearl Hoops! But it’s all beautiful. It was very hard to decide!

  19. 52


    What beautiful items she has. But I was touched by the Charmed Life Necklace. Very simple, yet elegant. I think it is awesome that you are able to do this give away. Happy blogging!

  20. 53


    Oh, I have to tell you that as I as reading about giving your MIL the biscuit cutter, my eyes skimmed the word “jewelry” and instead saw “beautiful custom made jelly”. I think I might be hungry.

    I liked her laser cut necklace. Nice!

  21. 55


    So pretty I want to win…hint hint :) I would get the Blue Ice Bracelet and wear it as an anklet, since she didn’t have any I really want one for summer time! Pick me.

  22. 56


    What a great giveaway! Absolutely beautiful jewelry. I loved the Rock Candy Bracelet. I am a mother, I may have to pick myself out a gift. It would probably be better that way, not that I didn’t love the wooden doggy toilet paper holder I got last year!

  23. 57


    I’m participating in a giveaway from notes from my nest, and I wanted to give you the chance to participate with me. I know you’re already doing two giveaways around this time, but here’s the info anyway. The details are on my blog. Basically, all you have to do is write a post about what you know now about motherhood that you didn’t know before you were a mom, then visit the post I linked and tell me about it. It was definitely a meaningful post for me to write, and I like reading your blog, so I’m sure I’ll like reading this post, too.


    Also, about your giveaway, my older sister is graduating from college the day before Mother’s Day, and I would give the gift certificate to her as a present. I’m willing to bet she’d choose the Denim and Lavender bracelet. (I love it, too.)

  24. 58


    Thanks for hosting a giveaway. I think the blue lapis necklace would best suit my mother because it would match her beautiful blue eyes.

  25. 59


    If I were to choose one, it would be the Blue Lampwork Bead Bracelet that you have pictured.

    I bought my daughter and I matching charm bracelets with beautiful charms representing our personalities and a heart split in two, one half for her and one for me.

    I lost it at a cookout and no one ever returned it. Anyway, I would choose this one because this bracelet reminds me of the beatutiful one I lost.

  26. 67

    Taryn in NY says

    everything on there is so pretty! I can’t decide between the denim and the capri blue bracelets. I love them both. maybe I’ll need to splurge!

  27. 70


    Well, I NEED the Blue Lapis earrings, and I’d like the Lime Candy Dangles, Pineapple Aqua Earrings, and I’d very much enjoy the Smokey Lavender and Peacock Pearl Dangles.

    The jewelry names are as cool as the jewelry itself! I’d like to name a blog “Lime Candy” or “Peacock Pearl” : )

  28. 71

    Colleen P says

    Beautiful work! Any mom would be happy to be gifted with this jewelry. I think I would give my mother the Sea & Sky Dangle earrings, because the colors remind me of her and my mom is “lovely, substantial and yet still understated” as the description expains.

  29. 79


    Who could pick just one thing! I loooove all the earrings. KingKong says I need to buy more earrings. Oh, I will, even without winning this. I like the sapphire blue earrings, the swarovski ones. And sooooo many others………

  30. 81

    Keri Quite Contrary says

    I would love to give my momma the Cotton Candy Pearl Drop earrings. They would be just beautiful on her!!!

  31. 84


    My favorite is the Denim and Lavender Bracelet plus the one you have pictured above would be my favorites. She really does have some pretty stuff.

    Thank you for your giveaway!


  32. 85


    I would like to get the Red Agate and Sterling Bracelet for my mom. She just went into remission for breast cancer and works at a school where the colors are orange and black. This bracelet looks like it would fit in great with her school attire!

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