My Rear View

I have more than 4,000 digital photos stored on my computer.  They are an unorganized mess.

A disaster of enormous proportion.
This makes me twitch.  A lot.

I set out the other day to attack this project.  As I was rearranging and deleting and organizing, 
I kept seeing these random, headless photos.  They were potshots.  
Interesting photos of uh, um, well, of –
My booty:

My bum:

My hiney:
My derriere:

Getting the picture? 


  1. 1


    Oh goodness thats funny!! This and other various reasons is why my hubby does not use the camera. Besides my booty would take up the whole darn picture. :)

  2. 2


    Funnny! I delete pictures like that…mostly because my hubs doesn’t usually get the camera and when he does he decided to take similar pictures when I’m in yoga pants or worse…sweat pants! What is he thinking!

  3. 4


    DH takes those of me, too. I usually delete them off of the digital before I upload to the computer. Then he gets mad at me! LOL

    I love that you are keeping them… you guys are so sweet together!

  4. 15


    My wife doesn’t like it when I take pictures of her like this. I do it all in fun but she insists on me deleting them soon after. Maybe she secretly does like it and she just won’t confess. :) Too funny either way.

  5. 16


    ROFL!!!!! my hubby does the same thing to me!!! i just found a set of booty piccies he took the other day from 2 years ago whilst I was playing with our was quite sad to realize i didn’t have those particular pants anymore too. aren’t hubbies hilarious!!??

    (on a nicer note, i will admit to taking the same kinda pictures of my hubby’s biceps and

  6. 28


    That’s great! My husband always takes the most random pictures of me, and always when I look my worst. But he loves them and says they are just for him.

    Thank you for the reminder that I need to get all the pictures on my computer organized and properly stored!

  7. 29


    How funny!!!! I’m sure if we all looked close enough we’d find tons of these pictures on our computers as well. Have a Great Day

  8. 33


    Awwwwwww that’s sweet!

    My hubby, on the other hand, fears certain death if he were to EVER take a picture of my backside. Seriously!

    I feel ya on the photo organizing thing. I dread it. I sorta went a bit mad when I got my big girl camera (a super sweeeeeeeet DSLR) last year, and now I have 20+ thousand photos that are awaiting organization. No wonder my computer is so slow!

  9. 34

    Marcy - The Glamorous Life! says

    Oh you funny gal! Okay so ONCE I asked my husband to use my professional camera to take a nice photo of me for my photog site. He took 5-10 photos and said-“okay I think I got a couple good ones, can I go watch my golf now?”….well, I ran to upload- and what did I see? ONE photo of my face and the rest of my CHEST! Apparently- THAT is what works for him!!!! Hey have you tried PICASA? You will DIE how awesome it is. You load it for FREE and it finds all the pics on your computer FOR YOU. SO easy to organize….try try try…I have 27,000 images on my system!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 37


    What is it with men? My husband does the SAME thing! However, on the last batch of pictures I down loaded, not only did I find my butt more times than I care to count, but he took pictures of his TRI bike. UPCLOSE pictures. Okay, so I knew he liked it, but I didn’t know he liked it THAT much!

  11. 43


    ahahahahaha that is too cute! isnt nice to be wanted? especially on those days when you feel so un-appealing. there are days I cant even stand myself and my hubby still wants me. crazy!

  12. 46


    That’s hilarious! It’s the little things our hubbies do that make us smile!

    I have a few of those shots myself…like I said before, my boobies provide a constant source of comedy for us.

  13. 49


    That’s the sweetest thing! What a good guy. I’d do the same thing – keep the pics to remind you next time he’s not being quite so sweet…

  14. 51


    It would have been more funny if you thought he was taking pictures of someone else’s behind only to later realize it was yours! I don’t think I’d recognize my own butt!

  15. 53

    cre8tivkj says

    LOL! I laugh cuz my hubby has done that to me, only his pictures are the moving kind (video). I think I’d rather see the pictures still rather than moving (makes me want to jump on a treadmill right then and there, I cringe). Cute post!

  16. 54


    ONE day…ONE day I tell ya…I’ll be FIRST!!

    but it’s not today….
    I do have to tell you that I was reading a post of yours last night…LAUGHING OUT LOUD…and hubby wondered why such fun at 9 pm…without him…I showed him the PERM post and the overflowing tub…then he understood!!
    He said that lady needs to write a BOOK…her random posts are HYSTERICAL..
    I agree….

    and apparently so do 53 commenters in FRONT of me!!

    your pics look strangely like the ones my 13 year old has bogging down MY computer….

    have a great one!!

  17. 55


    That is AWESOME! Sometimes I just don’t feel pretty at all and it totally amazes me that the hubby can’t take his eyes off me. God works in mysterious ways I guess… :)

  18. 57


    How sweet! (did you ever think anyone would say that about a random booty shot!) Thanks for making me remember that my husband loves me as is! Sometimes he will make comments about me and I will just roll my eyes and think “there is no way he could possible find that attractive!” I am going to try and really believe those comments from now on!

  19. 60


    First I will say, oh my gosh you have 59 comments today!!! I really need to figure out how to do the wfmw on Rocks in my dryer, because you know how I love comments!!!
    And that is absolutely hilarious!
    We are on the book The Horse and his Boy. I never read the books as a child it is wonderful to have my husband read them to us all.
    I am glad you have the same kind of husband I do, wonderful.

  20. 64


    Kudos to hubby for thinking you are still cute after 14 years of marriage. Kudos to you for sharing photos of your derriere. I don’t know if I would have the guts. :)

  21. 65


    K. This had me laughing. I can relate. my husbands photo taking moment of choice is while I am in the SHOWER! Needless to say, those will not make it to the blog!

  22. 66


    ha ha, I’m loving it. I have found quite an assortment of ‘those’ kinds of pictures on my hard drive before too. It seems like everytime I bend over my boobs or butt are being photographed.

  23. 67


    Don’t they have the strangest ways of staying dear to our hearts? My hubby still picks up candy bars at the gas station for me. I’d rather have that than flowers any day. :O)

    (And I have those same jeans you’re wearing in the “My hiney” picture. and I’m pretty sure the same white button-up shirt from the last photo. NY & Co?)

  24. 69


    My sweetie is just like that! LOL. He always let’s me go up stairs first, so he can pat my behind. Nice on those days when you’re just feeling gross, isn’t it?

  25. 70


    awwww.. you wouldn’t include this in your hard cover blog album? I happened to catch this off of Shannon’s WFM a while back and thought it was VERY funny. It was great to see it again…

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