Sizzling Summer Vacation Spectacle Blog Carnival

Summer is just around the corner.  And I’m ready!  I can’t wait to don my swimming suit large coverup and get wet.  I’m also looking forward to our summer vacation:  7 days at Family Camp!  
I thought it would be fun to link up at the end of summer and share our Vacation adventures, blog carnival-style! Some of my best vacation memories are the unplanned, unexpected moments that had me pulling my hair out.  So, don’t be afraid to bare it all, well, keep the swim suit on, please, this is a family blog.  
If you have a 14 day World Tour planned, we want to turn green with envy.  If you aren’t planning a big vacation this summer, link up with a day trip post and pictures.  Whatever it is, share it!
Join the fun on Friday, August 29th.  (Mr. Linky will probably go up late, the night before).  
And, oh, I forgot to mention, every hour I will draw a random door prize winner from the Mr. Linky participants.  The door prizes will have a ‘vacation/travel’ theme to help you capture your memories or plan for your next trip (like a vacation journal, digital photo frame, picture frames, jewelry and more!  (If you’d like to get a little advertisement to your online store, contact me about donating a door prize.  I will link to all the donations.  Just email me if you’re interested.)


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    Of Course I want to play! I have added the link to my side bar! We are going to FL in less than 2 weeks and away to DC and Ohio so our summer is full of Vacation fun!

  2. 3


    I’m going to be stupid for a second and ask for a little clarification. Are you wanting for us to do this ONLY on the 29th or are you wanting us to do this UP TO the 29th?? I have a tendency to forget my funny stuff if I have to hold it. haha!

    Also, I have a Disney World planning blog, its I would be HONORED if you’d consider putting something about it linked with the vacation thing. I know moms usually end up planning these WDW trips and most dont have the time to go all over the internet searching for tips. My goal is to try to make it easier to plan right there on my blog.

    Anyways, you dont have to, but I’d love for you to consider it. I’d respect it either way. :)

    Blessings, Krissy

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    CLARIFICATION: This is just a ONE day link ’em carnival. I just wanted to get it out there to my readers so they could share it with their readers and so on. I also wanted you all to keep this little carnival in mind, so when the post-vacation blues set in, you’ll have something to remember your trip with!

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    This is such a great idea! We are taking a mini family vacation on Memorial Day Weekend. I will be sure to take notes so I can share them in August. :)

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    Count me in! This summer we are making the move from Asia to Europe! And while everything we own is in transit we will do 5 weeks stateside. From TX to KY to DC. Should be fun, but OH MY I am tired just thinking about it!
    I will have to remember to save some surprises when I blog this summer just for the sizzling spectacular. What a great idea!

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    I’m In.. altho my vacation plans were nixed this year in preparation for the wedding plans instead, we still hope to get away for at least a long weekend!

  7. 15


    Sounds fun- we just got back from a tough( fun but TOUGH) vaca- hopefully this summer’s trips will work out better (healthier) -what a fun idea!! I grabbed the code. :)

  8. 19


    from a Christain musice festival to family camping to a Beach vacation i am sure tohave plenty to blog about this summer! We’ll see you in August!

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    What fun! I am taking a 15 hr. cross country trip with my sister & my two children. Then spending 3 weeks with my family & my husband’s family. I am sure nothing will go wrong, or anything funny to blog. No way, hehe!

  10. 27


    Was introduced to you through Christie at Baby Tea Leaves. I’d love to participate, but I’ll be on vacation at Disney. 😉 Maybe I’ll have to donate a prize…..

  11. 37


    We just got back from our very first family vacation, and we’ll be taking another ‘vacation’ next month! I’ve added your button to my sidebar!!

  12. 38


    This is a new site for me, so I will join in the fun. Every July we go to Hilton Head for a week of sun, sun, sun + sunscreen. This year, we body boarded every day. If you have never tried it, you must. It will turn you into a kid again. Yeah!!

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    We headed to Mexico for a week of fun in the sun with our three little boys at a family reunion. It didn’t take them long to start calling it home.
    I also added your button…and I love Tinkerbell!

  14. 44


    All linked & ready for this great giveaway! Thanks for hosting!
    My family hasn't gotten to go on a real vacation EVER. My daughter will be 3 & we're expecting our 2nd in December. We are saving up to go to Disney World next summer! We're so excited! Thanks again!

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    I put your button on my blog, and would love to participate, but due to an issue with my son we will not being going anywhere or doing anything especially grand this summer. if having water time in the mini pool in our front yard or water balloon fights to ward off heat stroke count, then i am in… :-) ooo, do home improvements count? we have been doing some of those as well. actually, blogging has been my mini getaways… that is bad, isn’t it? :-)

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    I’ve got you linked as well and I should be officially launched by then. We went on a couple day type excursions but no real vacation yet this year. Our vacation plans are on hold until our littlest one is at least a year old. Thanks!

  17. 49


    Wow how awesome! I’m adding your button as soon as I finish posting this :-)
    We tend to take small weekend trips monthly or so, but we have a BIG family trip coming up the week of the 18th! I’ll be sure to post about it with details when i can!

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    HI! I found you during the Bloggy Giveaways. I added your button to my sidebar then and I have been working on my post today! Can’t wait to read about everyone’s summer vacations. :o) See ya on the 31st!

  19. 62


    I have your button up (very cute BTW) and I am ready to talk vacations! We just got back from one, and I only shared the first two days…got more to share! I need to get up that slide show of pictures!
    Thanks for the carnival of fun!

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    dfh says

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