A New Southern Snack

Okay. So I’d hardly call it a landslide, but the “Have you ever heard of putting peanuts in your Coke” poll is in and 56% would call this act Southern.  I call it shameful.  I’m a big fan of leaving perfection alone.  Don’t put vanilla or even a cherry in my Coke, thank you very much.

And 52% think I should leave him!  (Just kidding, but you are on my side :D)  
The rest of you think I’m crazy.  True.  But not the point.  At all.
Well.  The tension has ended because he won.  I did learn a few more facts:
  1. It must be Coke.  (Not a substitute, like Pepsi or Dr. Pepper)
  2. The Coke needs to be in a bottle and it needs to be ice-cold.
  3. The peanuts must be salted.
One inquisitive reader asked if you swallow the peanuts with the Coke or if they collect in the bottom. . . truthfully, I do not know and I did not ask the hubby because I could not handle a monologue from the poll winner.
I also learned that there are some weird Southern people out there . . . cheese and crackers dumped in coffee, mayo and bananas, fritos and buttermilk . . . frankly, I’d like you all to leave the South.  My stomach just can’t handle it.
So, go on, grab a Coke and a handful of peanuts and MIX THEM TOGETHER.  I dare you.  Come back here and leave a comment.  I’d like to know about the long term effects.


  1. 1


    Ya know, I’m from Ohio. And we just did NOT mix that kind of stuff together. My husband was born and raised right here in Tennessee. No matter what I make, he has to put it on bread! I get mad sometimes. I mean, boneless chicken, pot roast, chicken stew, beef stew, pork cutletts, caseroles, etc. And he puts cheese, mustard and mayo on top of ritz crackers. Okay, cheese I can understand. That other stuff?? YUK!!!

  2. 3


    All of that sounds repulsive. All I can wonder is why? WHY in the world would anyone dream up that kind of concoction? Now, grilled cheese with jelly on top is delicious, but some naysayers think that is crazy. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! So, I don’t know…give the peanuts in coke a try after all.

  3. 5


    My Alabama Daddy puts saltines in a glass and pours buttermilk over ’em. Uck. I can’t even drink buttermilk. Heck, I don’t drink white milk, either.

    But I digress.

    The peanuts float, people. And they’re good. Give it a try!

  4. 6


    Ummm, ew. Vomitous. I’m with you, sister. And I wouldn’t want to talk to my victorious (but gross) hubby about it further, either. He doesn’t need any more spotlight (but maybe some new toothbrushes and toothpaste might be nice…how do you kiss a mouth that eats that kind of stuff??) :)

  5. 7


    Nasty, nasty, and again I say nasty. I don’t get it. Even if it tasted good, it’s texturally (is that a word?) wrong. Plus you could choke. That’s bad all around.

    But hey, whatever floats his boat, er, peanuts. So long as he doesn’t choke.

  6. 8


    Too funny. I asked my mom if she had ever heard of that and her response was “Well, it has to be Coke in a bottle.” Okay. Thanks for that. Still not sure WHY it’s done in the first place.
    It’s pretty much let the sweet stay sweet and the salty stay salty, huh?!

  7. 9


    I am originally from Pennsylvania, and we did NOT mix the two things together. My husband hails from South Carolina and he does it. It’s definitely a North/South thing. I love your blog!

  8. 10


    Born and raised in the South and those other things just really sound gross. 😛 My husband likes pinto bean and mayo sandwiches, and that my friend is gross!

  9. 11


    I don’t get it, and I can’t understand what fool thought “I think I’ll dump my peanuts in my ice cold bottle of Coke, that’ll be neat.” What is the point? Not saying it isn’t good, but WHY???

    People think I am weird for putting salt on my apples and watermelon, though. But it is good!

  10. 12


    Yeah, I don’t get that. I will eat peanuts and have a dr.pepper, but I don’t combine it! I still son’t understand. So it’s in the drink? Ywah, nothin’? Why? I’m trying to think if my husbands does anything wierd with food…nothing is coming to mind, but if I think of something I’m sure there is a club or help line or something they can call!

  11. 13


    Oi woman! Don’t encourage them to violate THE COKE. THE COKE is sacred….it’s SACRED I tell you.

    ANd I thought my very British hubby was strange for eating something called Spotted Dick, or even my British relatives for eating Black Pudding (I just threw up in my mouth a little, just thinking about what that is)…but nope, peanuts in THE COKE takes the cake!

    It’s a sad day indeed when a loyal COKE fan encourages the masses to violate THE COKE.


  12. 16


    OK, so I just found your blog through Christine (Serenity How?) and I LOVE it!!

    OK, on to the peanuts in coke…ROFL…I HAVE heard of it…but I am not with it! LOL! It’s just not a combo type thing…

  13. 17


    HA! the whole SOUTHERN PEANUT thing is just weird….they BOIL them and eat em….soggy….ewwwwwww!!!

    what happened to ROASTING and SALTING….
    I think the peanuts in coke is the lazy man’s ways of SOGGYING them up…..

    just something to THINK about!!!

  14. 19


    I haven’t done it for years but it is heavenly. Back in college I worked for a bank and one of the loan officers bought huge boxes of peanuts for a fundraiser. They also kept bottled cokes for us. We all mixed peanuts with coke. We also all swole up like toad frogs but hey. It’s yummy.

  15. 20


    And you call yourself a Southerner?… Kristin, I don’t know if we can be friends anymore. Coke and peanuts are like bagels and cream cheese. They GO together…Like you and the hubby…together.

    Oh, and I was just kidding, I’ll always be here, friend.

  16. 21


    Hahaha. I just happened upon your blog… this post is so funny. A couple summers ago my best friend and I went on a little road trip. We rented The Secret Life of Bees audio book. And peanuts in Coke is the characters’ favorite snack! My friend and I decided to try it at the next pit stop. :) Interesting… kinda yummy… but not an every day thing.

  17. 23


    (Just found your blog today– I think I read almost every post. :)

    My husband’s family is from Alabama and they L-O-V-E their Coke’N’Peanuts, but only for ‘special occasions’ (like roadtrips). He dared me to try his Coke’N’Peantus a few months ago and YIKES!! It honestly tasted like sweaty Coke. Disgusting.

    It may be a “Southern Thing,” but I am from Texas, and apparently… not THAT Southern!

    God bless and thanks for the encouragement today!

  18. 24

    Anonymous says

    So, I figured out the newsletter post was buried in posts over a year old, and since I am fairly new to your blog (within the last couple months or so), I thought I would click the 'older post' link at the bottom.

    This is hilarious! Since some have shared favorite food combinations, here's mine: ice cream cereal milk! That's what I call it. All in one dish. DEEEELISH I tell you! It makes sense to me. Ice cream and milk make a milkshake. Mose everyone eats cereal and milk. Sprinkle cereal on ice cream and you get a nice crunch for texture. Put all three in a bowl IN THAT ORDER, and voila! You have a wonderful combination! You can play with which ice cream you lke with which cereal. I prefer complimentary flavors. Grape Nuts goes well with Bryers vanilla (or any flavor really, since it is more of a crunch than an abundance of flavor) for a "beginner."

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