Washing Clothes-BLOGGER STYLE

A few weeks ago, I taught the world how to Mop: Blogger-style. I have been bombarded with visits from people who actually googled “pictures of mopping the floor.”


I’ve actually considered getting a patent on my innovative idea. Who knew accidentally overflowing the tub would lead to such fame.

At the end of that post, which you can read here, I jokingly invited you all to come back and see how I “wash clothes -blogger-style.”

Fate is a funny thing.

Because about 9.2 days after I wrote that in jest, my toddler entered a new and exciting phase called, “Everything I see, I put in the tub full of water.”

“Hmmm. . . these could use some pre-treating.”

“Oh, yes the temperature is just perfect.”

“In they go. My Dad will thank me for taking care of his boxers-

And his shirt.”

You might find this little fact funny: That was the third time in three days she did this. I do not find this funny, in case you’re wondering. But I did decide to grab the camera and record it, you know, to show to the family therapist.

While I’m shooing her out and wringing out the wet clothes, she did this:

Yes, we have some water issues we will be dealing with this week. (This is where most of her hair accessories have ended up and yet, I keep trying. Why? I ask you?)

But at least I got a head start on the laundry.

Washing clothes: Blogger-style.

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Food for the Soul:
“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.”- Romans 1:20

Secret Post {for Newsletter Subscribers}

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I love secrets. Don’t you?
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A New Southern Snack

Okay. So I’d hardly call it a landslide, but the “Have you ever heard of putting peanuts in your Coke” poll is in and 56% would call this act Southern.  I call it shameful.  I’m a big fan of leaving perfection alone.  Don’t put vanilla or even a cherry in my Coke, thank you very much.

And 52% think I should leave him!  (Just kidding, but you are on my side :D)  
The rest of you think I’m crazy.  True.  But not the point.  At all.
Well.  The tension has ended because he won.  I did learn a few more facts:
  1. It must be Coke.  (Not a substitute, like Pepsi or Dr. Pepper)
  2. The Coke needs to be in a bottle and it needs to be ice-cold.
  3. The peanuts must be salted.
One inquisitive reader asked if you swallow the peanuts with the Coke or if they collect in the bottom. . . truthfully, I do not know and I did not ask the hubby because I could not handle a monologue from the poll winner.
I also learned that there are some weird Southern people out there . . . cheese and crackers dumped in coffee, mayo and bananas, fritos and buttermilk . . . frankly, I’d like you all to leave the South.  My stomach just can’t handle it.
So, go on, grab a Coke and a handful of peanuts and MIX THEM TOGETHER.  I dare you.  Come back here and leave a comment.  I’d like to know about the long term effects.

Wrong on So Many Levels

I have mentioned my children’s fondness for tackling their loose teeth and for the The Tooth Fairy here and again, here.

My son, a fairly new member of the tooth-loser club had a wiggly front tooth.

This is seen as some sort of sporting event for my husband or at least a hobby.

Way past his bedtime, my son ran down the stairs screaming, “We have blood, people!” He held up the spotted tissue as proof.

My husband’s eyes glistened and dilated.

Let me just say that what happened next was wrong on so many levels. (Of course, my teeth have a low self esteem, so I may not be a qualified judge).

At first glance, dental floss may seem a harmless over-the-counter dental tool.

Not in the hands of my hubby, tooth-puller extraordinaire. 

This is what I heard:

Puller:  “I’m going to wrap this tiny string around your tooth.”

Pullee:  “Okay.  Why?”

Puller:  “It’s going to help me, help you.”  Give me a break.

Pullee:  “Will it hurt?”

Puller:  “That’s difficult to answer. I’m going to pull on the count of 3.”

And then I heard this:

“One-” yank

“Noooooooo,” from my terrified son.

“You did it!” from my elated son.  (Perhaps we have a bipolar thing going on here.)

This is what I saw:


Note how the tooth is still hanging from the said floss.

Like there were any other options for that tooth.

I’m sure this tooth pulling move will be outlawed soon.  It borders closely to child abuse or child endangerment, to say the least.

This is wrong.  I am ashamed to be a part of it.

I think teeth should fall out au’ natural.  You know in your food because they are hanging by a tiny thread of flesh.  This is the beautiful way. It’s a peaceful ending to the tooth’s life.

No.  Not here.  We pull and push and twist.  Apples are eaten by the handfuls.  We have tools, now.  The horror of it all. 

And I think this grieves The Tooth Fairy. I really do.

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Can You Help Me?

My hubby left for work this morning.  There was a little tension in the air.

It started last night and continued thru the night.  Let me put it this way, we didn’t exactly spoon all night.
Uh uh.  Nope.
He shocked us by opening a can of Coke and dumping an entire package of peanuts into the can. 
This was done in a nonchalant manner.  My kids and I froze and stared at him.  He glanced up.
“What?” he said as if he hadn’t just dome something totally weird.
“That is disgusting!  Why did you do that?” my daughter demanded.
“Yeah, Dad.  That is gross,” my son piped in.  The baby grunted and pointed.  She was in dismay too.
And this is when the tension began:  “Oh, that?  You guys haven’t heard of peanuts and coke? 
It’s a Southern tradition,” he explained as if he were Paula Dean.
Who is this man?  What did he do with my hubby?
“I am Southern.  I love traditions.  I have been married to you for almost 14 years and THIS, is a first.  Peanuts and coke, together?”  I said.
Well.  What do you think?  Please help me out.  For the love of all things Southern and good, can this faux hubby be correct?
There is tension, people.  I need your help.