Spring Love is in the Air

I love Spring.  I love the flowers; the breeze and the sun poking thru the clouds.


I love the melody of birds and the awakening of the slumbering earth.


I love the damp ground and the fragrance in the air.


I love it all—


Except for the mildew.


And, my word, do I hate the fine green layer that grows with the winter and rain.  It covers everything outside our house.


It makes me twitchy.  Really.  Before the ground has defrosted, I start whining about it.


This isn’t even seen as a flaw to my hubby.  He knows me well.  He tackles the green with me.


The other day I returned from the store and I heard a racket in the backyard.  My heart started pounding and my palms grew moist.


I opened the back door and saw this:



And nothing says I love you like the words etched in mildew with a pressure washer.


Oh, stop my beating heart.

Food for the Soul:

Song of Solomon 1:16 “How handsome you are, my lover! Oh, how charming!”

Tackle It Tuesday Meme


  1. 4


    Oh how sweet! It’s nice to know that hubby’s think about you even while they are doing the dirty work.

    Mine would get crazy and write love notes on his cigarette butts, years before he quit. Romantic huh?

    BTW- I love the new blog! Pretty!

  2. 9


    Oh how cute! My Hubby did that for me one time. He was pressure washing the driveway and put a heart with my name in it on there. It stayed there for the longest time.

  3. 18


    I eagerly await the day I can walk in to Costco with a cart and heave onto it a big box with the words ‘pressure washer’ on the side of it :)

    We are all about fighting the green goo….HELLO, we live in the northwest!

  4. 23


    I’m jealous on so many fronts. First off, you came home and the work was already going on. Then, you find “I love you.”

    And most of all, one of you knows how to work the pressure washer. We bought one last year and nobody can operate it. It’s some kind of two-tank thing from Sears. We are covered over in mildew (SC) on our porch and our pressure washer just sits there, useless.

    Love your blog! This is my first visit. Can’t remember how I got here. I think from Liza’s Eye View.

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