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*Update* We have a winner! Congrats to Laurie (email!!

Hi y’all!

I love secrets. Don’t you?
Thank you for being a part of my newsletter. I’m proud to see so many who are parenting on purpose!
Our kids LOVE family night! It’s such a great way to communicate, fellowship and just have fun! Usually we turn off the technology and just have some good old-fashioned fun.
Family Night Fun is a really great company that sees the value in family nights. They offer great ideas, fabulous products and they truly partner with parents. They sent our family a huge box of games art projects for many family nights to come. They also offered to reward one of you with the Armor of God Family Night Kit ($60 value). They sent us this board game and it’s awesome!!
Would you look around their shop and then leave a comment about something you think your family would enjoy?
I will send out the winner’s name in a special newsletter only email.


  1. 3


    I love this site! Great kits for birthdays – especially the I Love Puppies! I think the S'Mores maker would be a good gift to give too.

  2. 15


    I have three boys so the Armor of God kit would be very well suited for our family. They would also love the Thomas memory game or any of the I Spy stuff. My youngest is crazy for Thomas and my older two love I Spy.

  3. 21


    My four very "fancy" girls love everything Fancy Nancy, so we would choose one of the many Fancy Nancy things from the site. However, I was thrilled to see that the Armour of God prize is listed in the 3-7 year old age group! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  4. 23


    Wow, so many choices! We would love the monster games. We are having a silly monster themed b-day party fro my son. We also love the I spy stuff!! I like the Armor of God kit too!!

  5. 31


    My kids have been all about the "I SPY" stuff lately. Plus, I have a boy and a girl. I don't have to fight over dinosaurs or princesses!
    sylviarj at yahoo dot com

  6. 34


    This looks great!! My son loves his "Jesus" books and games. The microwave s'mores kit looks cool! And I think the camp activity book would be fun to take on a campout!
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  7. 38

    Misty says

    I would have to go with the treasure chest making kit. My 3 year old wants one so bad and I have been stalling to make my own but really for that price I might as well let him have some fun. I think he would love the Chomp game as he love Nemo but I don't think he is quite ready. Thanks for the give away but more importantly thanks for your newsletter and site!
    mnmzz at msn dot com

  8. 39


    My youngest daughter is planning a Fancy Nancy birthday party (in April- yes, she's ALREADY planning) : ) The Fancy Nancy game would be perfect for her party. Thanks for the chance to win. This looks like a great website. I'm excited to explore it more.

  9. 42

    Anonymous says

    I have 3 boys who love trains…this site looks amazing. I'm going to have to shop around! Thanks for a great giveaway!!!
    And I love the newsletter. Thank you for all of the time that you put into it!


  10. 43

    Shawna says

    My kids would love the We Love Horses and We Love Dogs kits….I might get both! :)

    PS – I really love your newsletter. I look forward to it every month! Thank you!

  11. 45


    Wow, so many fun things…I think we would use the Armor of God most. Right now we are dealing with some 4th grade bully issues. This is the first we've had to deal with it and for that I'm thankful, but I want my kids to respond correctly. Honestly, it's hard to supress that naturally protective mothers heart and encourage kindness. Even if I don't win, this has given me some great ideas and resorces. Thanks

  12. 46


    Ohhhh we would all enjoy the I love puppies kit. what a fabulous idea – no excuses now for not making the effort to have family time!

  13. 48


    Toss Your Cookies game looks fun. We are huge "boardgamers"!

    Fancy Nancy puzzle would be fun to do with my daughter. She would like the wooden mirror activity, too!!

    So many cool things–thanks for the chance to win.

  14. 53

    Renee Holley says

    It's so hard for us to have family nights now with a 16 yr old working, and a 13 yr old playing football. The two younger kids are missing out. We do our best though. Sometimes it's just 4 or 5 of us, but we tell the younger kids our family will look like this in a couple of years when 16 yr old goes off to college. On the rare occassion that we are all home, I make sure we have dinner together.

  15. 55


    Thanks for sharing! I LOVE the "Armor of God" Game! I am currently in a Bible Study that discusses this. It's awesome! If we could only grasp it!! It's really cool that a game can teach such an important scripture!!

  16. 56


    We would love the Armor of God kit, but besides that, the Smores Fun looks absolutely yummy. My kids love sugary treats. :)
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  17. 57


    first of all- a big THANK YOU for sharing this company with us…it will be great for this winter when we can't get outside and the nights get long!

    okay, we have two girls so of course the Fancy Nancy kit would be fabulous. But the puppy or dog kit would be a win too…

  18. 59


    Love the newsletter. Just this morning I was convicted about our house not being as peaceful as I want it… and I think I set the tone… and it hasnot been a peaceful one.

    The Family Fun website was great! I liked Loot. WOuld that add to the unpeacefulness? ops!

  19. 62

    Erin Ramsey says

    The S'more Maker is adorable and FUN! I have 3 girls so any of the dress up things would be cool for my family.

  20. 63


    My 3 year old was looking with me and he pointed to the We love ponies one, of course. He loves horses. He's more decisive than his parents anyway! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  21. 65


    Our family would LOVE the Dogopoly game! We found Disney Pricess Monopoly and Toy Story Monopoly at a garage sale and have been playing several times a week! What a fun website they have! So many great ideas!

  22. 72


    thanks for the encouraging words in your newsletter. I love that Family Night Fun site…so many great things to choose from. We are big into pretend play right now so that would be a big hit and my hubby and I loved playing Blokus at my brother's house and could totally use our own…guess I need to go out and get it now! Would love to win the armor of God game set…would be perfect for this little family!

  23. 73


    i've just been working with my kids on the armor of God! what a great tie-in this would be to family night! i also love the "camp" game. it looks like it would be great as my kids got older – they could still all play it together!
    kyrie24 at gmail dot com

  24. 74

    Mollie says

    Oh, I just love all the fun items. My kids would love EVERYTHING! My two year old is obsessed with 'sorsies' (horses) right now, so I know she'd ♥ the horse stamp set!

    mommy_mollie at yahoo dot com

  25. 76


    My 4 year old absolutely loves card games, so he would love the Little Hands Card Holder. Both he and my 2 year old would have so much for with the I Spy game, too. They always say that they "spy" things when we're driving in the car – horsies, America flags, green cars, etc.

  26. 77

    Beth says

    Enjoying your newsletter, and thanks for the website – there's LOTS here that I think my family would enjoy. Just in time for Christmas, too…! :)

  27. 81


    this is my first of your newsletters to read & it didn't come at better timing! thank you for taking the time to post it so we all can learn, grow & become better parents.

    also, great giveaway!!!

  28. 83


    Thanks for the giveaway!

    My daughter is young – just 18 months. So, I'd probably get some puzzles, or the Thomas and Friends Mix 'n Match Bingo… to use when she's just a little bit older.


  29. 84

    Tanya M. says

    Great newsletter! Enjoy reading it! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I love Family Nights! I think the S'more maker is too cute! And we already enjoy Blokus as a family. Even my youngest (7 years) understands how to play and we always have a fun time playing it! The Armor of God looks like a great kit!!!

  30. 86


    I love all of their stuff! I think the Thomas matching game is something my grandson would love to play at grandma's house. He loves, loves, loves Thomas and I keep a bucket of trains for him to play with when he is here.

  31. 89


    Thank you for the secret giveaway! :)

    My son is obsessed with pirates right now so I think he would love the Ahoy Matey pirate kit.

    BTW, love the new header!

  32. 90


    I think my 4 boys (and my husband) would enjoy the Ahoy Matey kit. My kids have always liked dressing up as pirates and I like the idea that it is interactive too!

    Thanks for the {secret} giveaway!

    Love the newsletter!

  33. 91


    Great Newsletter!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    ps if I win I won't be able to respond until Oct. 20 (we'll be out of town!)


  34. 93

    Laurie says

    I love your newsletter!…wish they came out more often! :o)
    My boys would go nuts for the "I Spy" kit and my daughter would be silly over "Fancy Nancy". What cool stuff!

  35. 98


    We'd probably go for Blokus or Chomp!, or maybe one of the I Spy games. What a great site – I'll have to check it out, and some of my son's Christmas gifts may end up coming from there!

  36. 101

    Rachel in KCMO says

    My toddler son would go crazy over Toot Toot Trains! He loves Thomas! We read Thomas books, and have Thomas trains and Thomas shoes that light up. If we could make our own train…he would be elated!

    The puzzles and I Spy kits would be good for him too. I like everything I saw! Thanks for the giveaway!!

    coupongrabber (at)

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