Washing Clothes-BLOGGER STYLE

A few weeks ago, I taught the world how to Mop: Blogger-style. I have been bombarded with visits from people who actually googled “pictures of mopping the floor.”


I’ve actually considered getting a patent on my innovative idea. Who knew accidentally overflowing the tub would lead to such fame.

At the end of that post, which you can read here, I jokingly invited you all to come back and see how I “wash clothes -blogger-style.”

Fate is a funny thing.

Because about 9.2 days after I wrote that in jest, my toddler entered a new and exciting phase called, “Everything I see, I put in the tub full of water.”

“Hmmm. . . these could use some pre-treating.”

“Oh, yes the temperature is just perfect.”

“In they go. My Dad will thank me for taking care of his boxers-

And his shirt.”

You might find this little fact funny: That was the third time in three days she did this. I do not find this funny, in case you’re wondering. But I did decide to grab the camera and record it, you know, to show to the family therapist.

While I’m shooing her out and wringing out the wet clothes, she did this:

Yes, we have some water issues we will be dealing with this week. (This is where most of her hair accessories have ended up and yet, I keep trying. Why? I ask you?)

But at least I got a head start on the laundry.

Washing clothes: Blogger-style.

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Food for the Soul:
“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.”- Romans 1:20


  1. 4


    She’s just doing it to help out the blog :-). Yeah–I’ve been known to grab the camera and take pictures then stop the wrong-doing!

  2. 6


    Hush your mouth woman, she is merely trying to help out.

    Just tell her her chore is now laundry….I promise in a week, it’ll lose it’s shine and your tub will be yours again…..and the laundry too!

  3. 10


    Yep. Been there and dealt with that. My son had a fascination with the potty……and our cat. Poor Kitty, she was potty baptized a couple of times and to this day, does not like my son. So yeah, I feel ya.


  4. 12


    I think I have the perfect mate for your daughter…my sweet son (16 months) keeps taking my shoes and throwing them into the tub. It is his mission in life. I have a lot of shoes, by the way, and am having a hard time finding a pair that matches lately.

    So…he would be her “sole” mate. HAHAHAHAHA

    OH…and in case you think your toilet is the only special one…I woke from a perfect sleep, groggy and squinty eyed only to find a toy air fighter captain in the potty. I believe his aircraft was in danger and he had to eject.

    Becky, the maid.

  5. 18


    Don’t leave any jewelry laying around.

    How funny. Baby Bum put a whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet last week. It almost soaked up all the water.

  6. 19


    AH Ha Ha!!!! How cute. She just wants to help wash daddy’s nasty cloths! LOL

    I know you don’t think right now, but every other mother in the world thinks this is SO sweet right now, cause, you know, OURS isn’t doing it!

  7. 20


    I had to laugh when I read happy housewifes comment about throwing everything in the garbage can…we are doing that too right now!

    In fact…we used to have 3 phones…now we only have one. I think two of them are now precociously placed in a landfill somewhere.

    And the keys…you have to be careful with the keys. Sigh.

    Becky, the maid

  8. 21


    Aah, it’s so good to have moms who can relate. Been there done that, with the toilet water. Also, been there, done that with the car keys and the trash can. Rrr.

  9. 23


    I HOPE you paid her for providing material like that for you!!! :)She’d fit right in over here….and I could use the HELP!!

    another LAUGH out loud!! hold on to your WALLET….that could be BAD, very bad!!;)

  10. 25


    Ahh…I see blackmail in your future.

    When she’s eleven or twelve and grumping about helping out around the house, you can pull these photos out and say, “See? You promised me way back when that you’d ALWAYS help with the laundry!


  11. 26


    I think PBJ would throw everything in the toilet if I let him alone in there for more than 2 secs. As it is he too is throwing everything he can find in the trash can – and looking SO proud when he does it.

  12. 35


    AHA!!!! there are other moms out there like me :o) I wrote a very similar post a month or so back… My toddler also thinks it’s fun to put EVERYTHING in the tub and toilet…LOL!!!! There must be something about development in this toddler scenerio :o) Most recently my babe placed my curling iron in the toilet…AUGH!!! thanks for sharing and I love the pictures :o)

  13. 36


    It sure is funny. And cute. When something like this happens at our house (and it has been with increasing frequency), my husband and I say “If it is empty, I will fill it. If it is full, I will empty it.” That’s the toddler motto, right?

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