Wrong on So Many Levels

I have mentioned my children’s fondness for tackling their loose teeth and for the The Tooth Fairy here and again, here.

My son, a fairly new member of the tooth-loser club had a wiggly front tooth.

This is seen as some sort of sporting event for my husband or at least a hobby.

Way past his bedtime, my son ran down the stairs screaming, “We have blood, people!” He held up the spotted tissue as proof.

My husband’s eyes glistened and dilated.

Let me just say that what happened next was wrong on so many levels. (Of course, my teeth have a low self esteem, so I may not be a qualified judge).

At first glance, dental floss may seem a harmless over-the-counter dental tool.

Not in the hands of my hubby, tooth-puller extraordinaire. 

This is what I heard:

Puller:  “I’m going to wrap this tiny string around your tooth.”

Pullee:  “Okay.  Why?”

Puller:  “It’s going to help me, help you.”  Give me a break.

Pullee:  “Will it hurt?”

Puller:  “That’s difficult to answer. I’m going to pull on the count of 3.”

And then I heard this:

“One-” yank

“Noooooooo,” from my terrified son.

“You did it!” from my elated son.  (Perhaps we have a bipolar thing going on here.)

This is what I saw:


Note how the tooth is still hanging from the said floss.

Like there were any other options for that tooth.

I’m sure this tooth pulling move will be outlawed soon.  It borders closely to child abuse or child endangerment, to say the least.

This is wrong.  I am ashamed to be a part of it.

I think teeth should fall out au’ natural.  You know in your food because they are hanging by a tiny thread of flesh.  This is the beautiful way. It’s a peaceful ending to the tooth’s life.

No.  Not here.  We pull and push and twist.  Apples are eaten by the handfuls.  We have tools, now.  The horror of it all. 

And I think this grieves The Tooth Fairy. I really do.

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  1. 1


    That is too funny. My oldest (a girl) lost her first tooth 10 days before her 7th birthday. She was so excited for it to come out and when it finally did she told me that she wanted it back in because she looked ugly now. She has since lost one more tooth. Craziness. I can’t believe he tied dental floss around it! I’m with you on the natural removal of baby teeth :)

  2. 2


    I’ve DONE it….it’s MIDNIGHT but I’m in the TOP 2~~
    Every single one of my baby teeth came out that way…thank you daddy!! HE tied that string to a doorknob…and VOILA!! out they came…
    I survived it!!
    I’ve NEVER done it to mine…seems a bit inhumane, I’m with you!
    Have a great DAY…
    WHOOOO HOOOOO….top 2~~

  3. 3


    Oh memories, too many of an older brother who thought he knew what he was doing (key word: THOUGHT!!!). I was glad to note that you saved your son his pride by calling it the tooth-loser club and not vice versa. :)

  4. 4


    My mother offered that service to Wren and she refused it (thank GOD), the same as I did at that age.

    You’ve got to admit that he’s got guts (the smaller ‘he’, the other one must just be a sadist like my Mum).

    Although I have kinda wondered if I’m missing out on anything (apart from excruciating pain).

  5. 5


    …glistened and dilated…….

    That is some GOOD stuff.

    What in the world was his motivation?? Does he have a thing for the Tooth Fairy?

    I think, in light of recent events, you should ask.

    I mean, how well do you really KNOW this man?! And what in the world has yet to be revealed?

    Does he sew? Secretly listen to Barry Manilow? Are his parents cousins?!

    I’m just asking.

  6. 7


    Due to the DQ Blizzard incentive in our family (1 blizzard each time you lose a tooth) my daughter, when one tooth is slightly wiggly, will push, pull, prod that tooth into coming out whether it wants to or not! She wants us to try and pull it! Poor boy on the other hand when I mentioned that THREE of his top teeth are now wiggly – almost went into shock. We didn’t have very good scenes when his previous teeth came out – but he wanted them out and he wanted us to pull them or for him to be able to pull them out b/c he so wanted them out! The other day he asked for something hard to eat like a carrot – so I think he’s working on them.

  7. 8


    Oh girl, our son has lost 2 teeth so far and I will add it was due to the Husband, his dental floss and my husbands ability to pull without notice…
    Funny maybe it’s a right of passage for dad’s to pull teeth. Funny, I think we might be related!

  8. 10


    My hubby is the tooth-puller around here, too. I am not normally squeemish, but I draw the line at pulling teeth. My son’s first loose tooth was hanging on by one tough thread. I actually started feeling light headed after several unsuccessful tugs. That’s when dad stepped in and got the job done. Thank the Lord we’re well past that stage.

    BTW – guess what my son is going to be? Yep! An oral surgeon or an orthodonist!!!

  9. 11


    My tummy is queasy now. eeeewwwwwww…… I can’t handle the tooth pulling thing. My DD used to sit for hours with a papertowel wiggling and yanking. She used to ask me to pull the things and I told her no way! Let it come out on its own. If I have to do it I will puke on your shoes…..

  10. 13

    Marcy - The Glamorous Life! says

    My dad used PLIERS. Yup- PLIERS…creepy right? I however do use a washcloth to grap the little hanging guys before they end up chocking on them in their sleep(hey I am paranoid-I am a mom)…

  11. 14


    Thank goodness my hubby has a severe aversion to blood…his or anyone elses. That way I know we’ll avoid the melodrama which occured in your home last night.

    Can’t help but giggle though at how pleased-as-punch your little one looks with his *conquered* tooth!

  12. 16


    UCK. I was definitely the kid who left the band-aid on till it fell off, or the tooth in till it landed in my mashed potatoes. I had uncles who would tease me and threaten to pull my teeth out with a pliers.

    Now, real question – what do you do with the teeth once they’re “lost”? Do you keep them?

  13. 17


    Oh, I just can’t handle the tooth pulling thing. You would think a big ole tough cop like me could handle blood and guts right? Nope, when my grandson tried to pull his tooth and then grandpa tried to help, I made them leave the room. I can’t stand watching that sadistic ritual. I don’t even like to watch him wiggle it with the tongue. In fact, I still have four baby teeth of my own. No permanent teeth underneath. And they have held up pretty darn well.

  14. 19


    ours come out peacefully here, my mom was a puller though.. My kids would freak out if we pulled one of there teeth.. They all fall out on there own.. Now there is alot of wiggling in on the kids part and eating of apples.. but no dental floss… My poor DH couldn’t handle that LOL..
    Congrats on the loss tooth. My 6 year old is supporting the two bottom teeth missing smile at the moment.

  15. 20


    This is the exact way my dad pulled our teeth. I hated it. We haven’t “helped them, help us” using this method… yet. I’m not above it though. That whole thing about teeth hanging on by less skin than I typically see on a hangnail… that postpones the inevitable. And I’m too impatient to wait it out. Yank the sucker already!!

  16. 22


    Must be a sport of some kind. The Tooth Pulling olympics. My hubby “threatens” with his tooth pulling ability. Baby girl runs. LOL! Her and I both would rather them come out the peacful way!

  17. 23


    wow , your kids are brave ! if i even want to wiggle a tooth in my kids mouth they run screaming . so instead they end up with a nasty looking yellow tooth hanging by a root for weeks. it’s so nasty . lol ,kids…

  18. 27


    Oh, I so get this. I wrote about this sort of thing back in the Fall. My daughter was pulling them out herself before they were ready just to get the money. Crazy girl.

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