Go for a Weekend DIYP!

I’m a do-it-yourself kind of gal.
It’s not that I’m an expert with a glue gun or a wiz on the sewing machine.
Seriously.  I’m not.
I like do-it-yourself projects because I’m cheap and I’m smart.
Yeah, that pretty much sums me up, at least the first part.
My hubby and I were Pastor’s for 10 years on one income, can you say  ‘Oh, the miracles God wrought?‘  He did, my friend.  But we also learned the art of being frugal and creative.
I can’t tell you how many times I’d see something I LOVED, only to hear my hubby say, “I can make that,” or “We could totally do that ourselves.”  It irritated me at first.  Because we didn’t have the money to buy it, and this was my hubby’s way of saying, ‘no, you can’t have it, but that’s okay because we can do something better.’
And you know what?  We did. Time and time again.  My hubby has helped me with countless projects.  We became innovative and resourceful.
The amazing thing?  We could afford to buy some of those things now, but guess what?  Why buy it, when you can do-it-yourself?
I want to share some of the ideas with you every weekend.  I will share ideas I’ve actually tried or plan to try when I get the chance:  home decor, home improvements, gifts, kids items, and more!  
:Spoiler:  I’m not talking knock down the walls renovations, here.  We’re just gonna get a little crafty.  But don’t be afraid.  I will hold your hand.
So, the water’s just right.  Do you want to go for a weekend DIYP (Do It Yourself Project)?
Join me tomorrow for the first one!


  1. 1


    As a SAHM whose husband is the worship pastor of our church, I’m totally with ya. I tune in every day anyway because I have a blog crush on you, but I’ll definitely be tuning in for the Weekend DIYPs. With bathing suit on…because it’s hot here in Arizona, you know?

  2. 2


    I’m there! My husband is the same way, and lucky for me he’s never met something he can’t learn how to do and do well.

    Being frugal is a necessity with him supporting our 5 kid family with a teacher’s salary.

    Can’t wait to see your projects!

  3. 3


    I love the theory of DIY projects, but rarely am I happy with the results…I’m a perfectionist and this feeling dates back to when I didn’t look like the model on the front of the pattern when my mom used to make my clothes….

    That was a long awkward sentence, wasn’t it?

  4. 4


    My spousal unit has me doing “honey doos” every moment I’m not complaining about my aching back. Ladies, I’ve done it all from creating a gorgeous flower bed lined with brick to building an arbor for our patio. I’m teaching my 3 sons all about that big word that they don’t yet understand, RESPONSIBILITY… We’ve got chickens and goats. Making sure the animals are fed and watered each day becomes a chore in itself. Of course my spousal unit would have them cleaning their rooms . That lasts about as long as me trying to play one of their video games.

  5. 5


    Does this mean you are off home decor restriction? 😉

    Every blog I read about you I laugh and then oh how my husband would love to be married to you. I’m not as “cheap” as he’d like me to be. I love that about you and your blogging.

  6. 6


    I’m game. In fact my husband and I have been building cabinets for our master closet. We are about to build our third one tomorrow!!!

  7. 10


    ooh ,fun! I can’t wait to see your projects!

    I’ve missed reading your blog. I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had time to read, or blog myself. I think I’m slowly catching up though.

  8. 11


    I’m there… or should I say “here”? My husband can do anything. Even the kids say so. And he’s cheap… I mean, frugal. But these days, how can you afford not to be? Can’t wait to DIYP right in!!

  9. 12


    Cool…count me in. I can’t wait to read them. We are on a limited budget since our big DYIP (house renovations) fell through. We had to bring the big guns in. Mucho dinero.

  10. 13


    Our biggest DIY project is cooking at home. Eating out seems to rarely include good food, good service & well behaved kids all at once. It is so much more relaxing & satisfying to eat at home. And we all enjoy preparing the meal together & visiting over the meal. Plus we’re darn good cooks too. 😀
    Looking forward to your posts!

    For your daily dose of vintage goodness & a bit of silliness, stop by Confessions of an Apron Queen

  11. 17


    Guess I don’t need to tell ya, I’m a DIYP!

    House Building 101 and all things crafty creative!

    I’ll enjoy watching this..as I’m out for the weekend to a Mom’s Swap!

    It’s so much fun…one mom’s junk is another’s new found treasure!
    Served with a potluck style dinner..why am I telling you this..I’ll probley just post it later! Dunh?!

    Have fun~ Dawn ;0)

  12. 18


    Such a great idea! I can’t wait. I am always looking for ways to do things at home for cheaper. i don’t need to pay for something when I know I can do it just as easily, with more gratification.

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