Just Keeping It Real!

Every once in awhile, I get the impression from some of the comments left on my blog that people think I ‘have it together.’  
Excuse me.
I was just guffawing.  Because that is funny.
Now, there are fleeting moments of peace and complete sanity.  They are usually late at night. When the children are fast asleep.
But during the day?  When there are little people awake, calling me Mom?  Well.  Anything can happen.
Like yesterday.
I woke up in a fine mood.  It lasted for about 9 minutes.  And then the toddler woke up.
My normally happy girl had morphed into a strong-willed, temper-tantrum-throwing beast. For several hours, I did every thing to appease.  I offered snacks, pulled out toys, read books, took her temperature-  Nothing worked.  
I watched the clock and wished for nap time.  It was 11 a.m.  I couldn’t stand one more minute of it.
And so, I strapped her flailing arms and legs into her car seat.  Grabbed my favorite book. Turned on a Baby Einstein movie in the car and drove to Taco Bell.  I ate until I felt ill, read my book while she watched TV and stayed there until it was nearly nap time.

Just keeping it real.


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    I’m pretty sure I was right behind you in line at Taco Bell. I was the one in the van with the four kids duct taped to their seats.

  2. 4

    Marcy - The Glamorous Life! says

    Oh I have been there sister…I have been there! Totally normal in my book as far as mommy life goes. This is combat- you do what you must to survive!

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    Oh, I knew you didn’t have it all together. You are to much like me, and I definetly do not have it together. :o) I have done similar things. Like for instance so I could get some peace from work and before I got L.L. I got to his karate practice early. His MeMamma was bringing him there. But I got there early just so I could take a nap in the parking lot. It was the only time I could get to myself.

  4. 8


    Yesterday after many meltdowns from Baby A and Baby B deciding that practicing to become a stunt person was a fabulous idea I leapt into the car at the speed of light before I lost my mind. I got to the end of the street, realised I had no wallet, no book, NOTHING and had to skulk all the way back home where I just locked myself in the bedroom for 15 minutes. Don’t worry the kids were with daddy the whole time LOL.

    I love your idea, I’ll have to try that the next time I’m heading down the highway for meltdown city.

  5. 10


    Sometimes there is only one speed and volume with toddlers…you have to strap them in for their own good…and Baby Einstein or Forrest Gump…whatever it takes.

    (Sad to say I once had a toddler that liked Forrest…so we just let him watch it. Thankfully he overlooked the language.)

    Hey, that’s just how we roll, dog.

    :) The Maid

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    LOL! I haven’t had to do that in awhile as my kids are older now. But back in the height of our colicky days with our lovely daughter….there were many days that I would strap her in the car seat and go for a “joy” ride at 2 in the morning because it was the only way I could get a repreave from the crying….the problem was once she fell asleep we couldn’t take her out of the car because she would immediately wake up and start crying all over again. I slept in my car ALOT back then. I SO do NOT miss those days.

    For the record….those things do NOT mean we don’t “have it together” they are simply our way of KEEPING it together.

  7. 16


    Hey… whatever works!!!

    Just remember, these days are preparing you for teenagers. You just THINK you’ve seen attitude.

    Blessings! Dawn

  8. 19


    Lol. I love it. I have so been there. Our local grocers gives free cookies to the kids at the bakery. Sometimes, when the kids are going stir crazy because we haven’t gone anywhere in a while… we go to the store. I make an obligatory purchase like a bag of apples, bread, and milk. Because getting the free cookie is so exciting to them. I could buy cookies and it wouldn’t be the same. Free cookie is like Christmas.

    P.S. – remember a little while back…. I wrote a post.. about something you had done… and how I couldn’t.. and you said take the plunge…. I did.. and guess what 😉 I will have an announcement in June with a link to said thing and I think I’ll do a giveaway to celebrate because I’m so excited!

  9. 20


    You know I HAD TO GO TO THE DRIVEWAY the other day….I can’t STRAP mine in anymore and drive around like I used to….

    I head for pavement….

    and Jennie is right…you do ROCK..now, I’d have not headed for Taco Bell…but to DQ babe…a blizzard ~ MAKE MINE A DOUBLE…Missippi Mud FUDGE..TURBO…ahhhhhhhhhh…..
    I feel better already!!

    you handled it like a PRO!
    and the award goes to…..
    Kristen, for her fabulous display of ingenuity, for not forgetting HOW to start the ignition and get to a place of therapeutic respite…taco bell…

    love ya!

  10. 27


    Thank you for sharing. Because the parents who say that’s awful and they never have those kinds of days and never need to resort to television or anything like that? Yeah…they make me nauseous.

  11. 28


    Too funny, glad those days are over for me…wait, no they aren’t the kids and tantrums just get bigger. Like 26 and 24 big. Good grief.

  12. 31


    Sometimes, if you are going to continue to allow them to live in your home, you’ve just got to do what you’ve got to do.

    I used to strap my son in the car seat and ride around until he went to sleep. One night, I had taken all I could, and I strapped him into the car seat. I was wearing a Tshirt and drawers.

    I got pulled over by the police for not dimming my brights.

    I, fortunately, did not have to step out of the car and he was intrigued by the policeman shining the big flashlight in his face.

    And now he is SEVEN! PRAISE GOD!!


  13. 33



    I have been there and in fact today may end up being that way! LOL

    This is why we love you. Unafraid to show the whole bloggy world what being a mom sometimes is all about!

  14. 34


    Feels so good to know I am not alone! Good thing you parked or it would have cost you more. We USED TO drive around our small city when we had wild moments from the kiddos like this, but now gas is .. well you know ..

    My minivan is our other home!I find joy knowing my kids love it in there .. especially w/ a movie or snacks!

  15. 35


    LOVE THIS ~ “I don’t know what my blog will become. This may be it. And that’s okay, because I like myself. I’m nice that way.” Thanks for writing what all of us were thinking … sometimes without even knowing it. And thanks for the laughter along the way.

  16. 39


    I remember the times we would load Lil’ Bum into the truck and drive……..just…to……….stop………the…….screaming.

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