Make an Impact

I’ve been in the bloggy world for less than a year.

I loitered for a long time.  I bookmarked 3 or 4 blogs and I read them faithfully every day.
The blogs were popular Mom blogs.  I remember thinking, “Hmmm, this person has 97 comments today. Do they really care what I will think?”
And then one day, I was so moved, I couldn’t help myself.
I dipped my toe in and left a comment.
At some point, I actually had enough courage to open my own blog for comments.  I’m so glad I did.
I’ve noticed a hierarchy in the blog world.  I’m sure you have too.
The huge traffic-gobbling mom blogs set the trends.  They offer amazing giveaways, write great posts and well, they deserve to be at the top. It doesn’t take a good blog long to become a shining star.  A few of my favorite reads are at the tippy top.  And I leave them comments on a regular basis.
Because they impact me.

I think my heart would stop beating for a millisecond if they left a comment on my blog.  I’m a small fish in their great big e-pond.
I’ve grown my own small collection of readers (You-whoooI love you-see I’m waving frantically!!).  I don’t know what my blog will become.  This may be it.  And that’s okay, because I like myself.  I’m nice that way.
But I discovered something the other day.  As I hovered over my sitemeter results, I recognized a blog that kept resurfacing.  I thought the name was catchy and I had a spare minute, so I visited.  It was a cute little blog and I left a comment on the post she’d written.
About 4 seconds later, I got a new comment on my blog that went something like this, “OMG!  I can’t believe YOU left a comment on MY blog. I visit you every day and you inspire me.  It means so much that you left a comment for me. I’ve always wanted to leave one for you, but I didn’t think . . . Thanks so much . . . . “
I impacted her.
I was shocked.  This person saw me as a big mom blogger.  I didn’t exactly correct her.  She was a small fish (or so she felt) in my e-pond.
It just made me want to give my best to my blog.  I’ve been tempted to rant, vent and spew about life’s little upsets.  I’ve tried to refrain because this is not an anonymous blog and that is not my purpose for blogging.  I don’t want to make an negative impact.  Ever.
You may have certain goals for your blog or it may be a helpful outlet to you. Whatever the reason, people are reading your words, whether you know it by their comments or not.  
So, blog well. 
Because you are impacting others.

Food for the Soul:
Psalm 19:14 “May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer.”


  1. 1


    I’m fairly new at blogging, and am quickly finding that it’s becoming a tool to help me “step outside myself” and be braver about letting others see more of who I really am. Reading your blog has impacted and inspired me. Your other reader was right to be in awe. You do have one of the great mom blogs out there. And without knowing you personally, I think you’re amazing. Thank you!

  2. 2


    Thank you for sharing your life with us… You are an inspiration and my motivation for starting my own family blog!

    Our family blog has been an awesome opportunity for me to reconnect with family and friends… Just tonight I heard from a childhood friend that I haven’t seen or heard from in over 15 years….

    I’ll keep on keeping it real ~ and continue to check in with you every day…

  3. 7


    I am so glad I read this post today, I needed it. Just yesterday I spent hours writing a post about something that ranted a bit, and blamed (even though I tried to be nice about). My conscience was pricked and this morning I took it off. The good thing is I didn’t post it till late, and I was able to take it off early. Thank you for reminding me that I want to make a positive impact, not a negative one.

  4. 8


    wow this speaks to me. because i’m a little fish in a big blog pond too. and i felt just as you described when you left a post on my site a while back. so thanks for that.

  5. 10


    Ah, this is so good and so true! So many times I think we start out on our blogs just talking for us and posting picts for family and pretty soon it turns a corner into something else…something cool! What you’ve said reminds me alot of the Christian walk. You never know who’s watching…all we need to be concerned about it that we ARE walking with Him, then WHO KNOWS who HE will bless and encourage through us. You too, sister….keep on blogging well! Have a great weekend!! :)

  6. 11


    This is a great post and I loved it!!!

    I have to say, I felt that way when you commented on my blog when I wrote about your piece on the sampler 😀 I couldn’t believe that YOU left me a comment!!!

    I find you inspirational too and I think you’re doing a great job sticking with you blog’s goal :-)

  7. 13


    So true! Just the other day my sister in law said her friend reads my blog all the time but NEVER comments. I had no idea she read it. Great post.

  8. 15


    How convicted am I? It’s been hard to keep it positive lately, but your thoughts and scriptures flipped the switch, I think. Thank you!

  9. 16


    This was a great post, Kristen, and a very good reminder to all of us mom bloggers. It must be a point HE was trying to drive home to me, too, as I have a friend who reads my blog and just the other day she told me about five of her other friends in other states who read my blog regularly – I had no idea. Most of these ladies aren’t Christ-followers and it reminded me that no matter where I am, I am a witness.

    BTW, I was thrilled when you left your comment on my blog and even took the time to send those few emails. THAT mom talked to ME!!! Woohoo! Thanks!!!

  10. 18


    You have a wonderful blog! I enjoy reading your posts. I just wanted to put in my two cents about blogging. Like you said we need to remember that there are many people reading our blogs and we need to give glory to the Lord in our writings. What I have been struggling with lately is wanting to be one of those big fish as you say. Somehow this has become consuming my thoughts a lot and blocking out what is really important. Which is Christ and my family. I think we need to remember why we start our blogs in the first place. For me it was to journal my life as a mom, wife and homeschooler, so that my children could some day read what was going on with their mom when they were young. I need to keep in mind that the Lord may just want me to remain that “little fish”!

  11. 21

    Marcy - The Glamorous Life! says

    ooooo- this was a wonderful post. I have been blogging since March 8th at 4 o’clock in the morning when I couldn’t sleep. Naturally- what to do but start a blog!!!!…and YOUR blog has been an inspiration form the beginning. Yup, I aspire to be LIKE YOU! So there- get over it…and accept it lady. In my world- you are famous. I tell as many people about YOUR blog as I do my own! And when you left a comment on my blog- I actually called my MOM and told her. Okay now I sound like a stalker or something. But I am not- I am a FAN and a bloggy FRIEND.

  12. 23


    Good post! I use my blog to encourage others as well as a way to share Christ with others. The world may not always like what I write, but then I can’t hold “them” to the same standard because they know no better. I just pray that I am always gracious and compassionate with my words. Because you’re right…people ARE watching…and reading our words.

  13. 24


    Good thoughts, Kristen. I started my blog, not to simply journal out loud, but to put out helpful things for other women who are in a similar situation to mine. And I thought that all blogs were more or less like me. We think we have something to say, and we’re gonna do our darndest to get somebody to listen. :) I have to say I’m surprised by the number of moms who do it for their children, or their families. i’d like to hear more on this. Why you started? Is this your job? Do your regular readers have blogs for the same reasons? or different? Just who IS out there anyway? :)

  14. 25


    Great post. I was just discussing this at Mom Bloggers Club because I really struggle with it. When I am having a yucky week, I want to vent about it because it is my blog. BUT, I also recognize it is very public. While I want to commiserate with others, I also want it to be a place where others find inspiration, comfort and encouragement.

    I find when I am really struggling with something in life, I am more quiet on my blog. I blog about pretty insignificant stuff because I don’t want to put too much of a negative vibe out there.

    I do find that the more I get to know my readers, the more relaxed I am about what I write. I used to write like I was writing to a bunch of strangers and I don’t do that as much now. hmmm. something to think about.

    You have established a really good blog very quickly – you are touching many lives by writing about what is in your life and from your heart. You can tell that you put a lot of thought and work into it and I for one enjoy it SO much! Thank you.

  15. 26


    What a wonderful post. It’s true. I notice the classes. I try to stay positive on mine, but often times it’s hard with what life brings. I’m glad you posted this as a reminder. Great great and obvious post. I wholeheartedly agree with you. :)

  16. 27


    It’s so true – our words have much power to impact others. Even when I’m posting about something that’s negatively impacte me on a personal level, I try to write about the lessons learned and bring out what positives I can.

    And I always keep in mind that my blog is form of archiving for my family – I want my children, and particularly my daughter – to have these writings of mine to read when they’re adults and parenting their own flock of weefolk.

    Good comments are complete soulfood!

    And I think you’re brave just to have the fro photo on your blog.


  17. 28


    First off, you and another “Mom Blog Hall of Famer” commented on my blog within a week or two of each other and I felt so special. Granted, I did kind of non purposely egg the other famous blogger to comment on my site, but I wasn’t trying to do so. Any way, you do make a difference. Your posts are so encouraging.

  18. 30


    Sometimes you click on a blog of a blog and you expect – well, not much. Occasionally you click on something that makes you think. This post about making an impact hit me. That’s what I hope I can do when I blog. I have to of them, one about the fun things we do at home, and one about me and my child with selective mutism. I hope that both inspire and make a difference for others. I’m going back now to read more of what you have to say.

  19. 32


    I found your blog by accident and now I come read it almost everyday. I was having a hard time not feeling as if I measured up to some of the other mommy bloggers who do sunch a great job of raising their kids without germs,sugar,or anything non-organic(ha). I feel like you are a real mom and you make me feel like a real mom too. Thank you so much for your words of encouragment. and for “keeping it real.”

  20. 33


    I have commented on a few of the biggies and they have emailed back. I save them all cause I am a dork that way. I also save the ones where people tell me they love my blog. Cause I am a big dork that way :)

  21. 34


    I guess I never thought about the fact that there is a hierarchy…I frequent really a couple of blogs that get ALOT of comments and I just figured it was because they can write WAY better than me! But I totally have comment envy…I have been blogging since feb of 2007 and just started the first of this year opening it up to other people so maybe slowly but surely I’ll start getting more comments but I get way more visitors without comments!

    I wonder how to turn that around?

    Anyhow…I’m sure it’s the giveaways that helps out a lot :) I’m excited for your sizzlin summer giveaway!

    Thanks for being such a fun read!

  22. 35


    You already know what you’ve done for me…just opening up this world…well. But I know what you mean. The other day I was looking at my sitemeter and I saw that someone who I have never heard from visited me consistently and has me on her blogroll. Why little ol’ me? And then I began to notice the smae kind of trend from someone in India who goes to my site often? India! I don’t think I know anyone from india. Amazing what I think sometimes are silly life stuff can impact people so that they keep coming. Serious stuff. God can make a ministry out of something that was “mean” for your rantings!

  23. 36


    Great post! Just discovered your blog through BlogHer and I’m likin’ it very much. I’ll be adding you to my Bloglines right away.

  24. 37


    Well then I don’t have to tell you how many times I randomly throughout one day click on your must be the colors and easy reading in here?!
    Plus “that family” is just so I don’t know, believable!

    So yes I really like this place and of course the person who dedicated time to it, but again you don’t need me to tell you this because well you already know ;0)


    OK I’m gonna be in trouble for being in I’m suppose to be helpin hubby with wood putty on the floors ugh…this is seriously a good post about a “Saturday night not so hot date”


  25. 40


    I read your blog daily and really enjoy it! I have appreciated you taking the time to give some comments and a little advice to me.

    I have always considered you one of the “big blogs” and am amazed that you have only been around that long. You inspire me to do my best.

    You are an excellent blogger! Thanks for all that you do and thanks for a great post.

  26. 41


    Isn’t it amazing how we feel we must have the affirmation of others. The comments do that for us. Yet that should not be the case. Isn’t it funny how our self worth is based on a word or two from strangers, or even no words at all, meaning if no one comments on a posting. So it is very important to keep a sweet spirit since we are the ones around our selves the most. Be careful what you say and do all day then rest comfortable at night. Have a safe and fun holiday weekend.

  27. 43


    There’s a lot of truth in this– I’ve followed a similar path ending in satisfaction with what I’ve gotten out of blogging.

    The biggest differences are a) you’ve got a bigger blog and b) you were able to put all this into a great, coherent post. Maybe the former has something to do with the latter… Hmmm…

  28. 44


    What a great post! I remember one of my college professors always said “Think with the end in mind”. When you talk, or write, think about where you want to be at the end of the conversation, or blog post. I like how you stated you want to make a positive impact. That is definitely what I hope to do also although I don’t mind a bit of raving and ranting oh and maybe whining to just keep it real!!!

  29. 45


    I’m one of those people who love love love your blog! You always make me smile, think, and laugh! Your doing a great job!

  30. 51


    I love your blog! You inspire me! I want to grow up (blog-wise) to be like you someday! It makes my day when you stop by my blog. I see you as a big fish. And not just that, but a role model, a confidante, a giver of great advice, and a whole lot more.

  31. 52


    so true! We don’t really ever know who we touch! I read your blog because you can make me laugh and laughing makes me happy!

  32. 53


    I am a “little fish” and I am trying to become a big fish. I leave comments on lots of blogs, but I don’t get that many. Oh well, I will be a “big fish” one day.
    I think your blog is great.

  33. 54


    I don’t know if it was my comment that made you write this post, but:

    1. My blog IS cute.
    2. I was WAY excited that you commented on my page…
    3. My blog DOES have a catchy name :)
    4. You DO impact me :)

    So, even if my comment wasn’t the one that spurred that post, I like thinking that it was. And maybe someday I’ll be as popular as you in the blogging world :)

  34. 55

    Mikala says

    55 comments? Not too shabby! If I got that many in one day, I’d have to lie down for a minute. Or 30. Just until the faint feeling went away.
    Cool blog, BTW. I’m putting you on my feed reader.

  35. 58


    I have told you this before, you are gonna be big mark my words! I can feel it!

    I love your blog, and you have had me since you superglued the babies mouth. :0)

  36. 65


    You have made a definite impact on me. It never fails that you give me new prospective when I need it.

    Thanks you and you are so very right about keeping it positive.

  37. 67

    Coffee Please! says

    One sentence ‘impacted’ me; and here I am to say; “She already has 67 comments… does it really matter what I say?”

    But I’m saying it anyway. I just surfed in for the first time tonight and your blog was a breath of fresh air. Thank You!

  38. 68


    I saw your comment today over at Rocks’s and so I wanted to come check out the post you were referring to in your comment.
    It is fantastic.
    You are so right on the money. No matter how big or not big my blog is (and it’s not big at all!) I have found instances where I was impacting someone. It mattered to them that I left them a comment and noticed them. And that made me feel really good.
    This was really a great post!

  39. 69


    So true. I have been blogging on and off for about 4 years now and I have always tried to maintain a postive outlook and encourage supporting one another- life is difficult enough, I try to make everything I do a postitive.

  40. 71


    I’m new at blogging(since March) and blog about a lot of local happenings in the town where I live. I have gotten some really great ideas from your blog. I love that it is so positive, and reaches a large audience. It gives me inspiration to reach out to a larger audience, too, while still including some of the local stuff.

  41. 72


    I believe I may have found a new inspiration to add to my list.

    I don’t remember when or how I found your blog, but I only started reading yesterday. I had added you to my favorites so I could come back and check it out.

    Now I’ve added you to my Sites to See list on my own page. You certainly do deserve the honor.

  42. 73


    This is a FANTASTIC post! I totally agree with you! I am new to the bloggy world…still trying to navigate. I also started by lurking on several great blogs…I was eventually moved to comment…and now I’m hoping my blog will someday move others. (It’s still early in my blogging tenure…so someday :)

    My life philosophy is “kindness matters.” I always want to be the unexpected inspiration…never the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back…and I believe no matter what you do, you will leave an imprint on someone…whether you know it or not.

    Thanks for summing this up so beautifully.

  43. 74


    OH you had to throw out the Psalm 19:14. Geez. (-:
    Not sure how I found your blog. I Love it. I also liked your little buttons so I could add you to my reader. NICE!
    Thought I would also throw you some love from Japan, not sure if you had readers here! I will work on an Okinawa following for ya.

  44. 75


    Yeah. Seriously, we all need to come read this daily. It is true. What we write does affect people even though we seem isolated by ourselves when we write it.

    I love that you chose this to link today. THANKS!

  45. 76


    Oh, definitely, you are one of the big fish. And your posts definitely have impact. I just finished reading the books you recommended way back when, For Men Only and For Women Only. Thanks for recommending them; they are making a change in my marriage, too. Keep it up!

  46. 78


    I have already commented about this way on up there in the comments. You still are one of my favorite blogs to read, and I am so happy to say I knew you right before you got big. You do leave an impact on those who come here and God is using you in a BIG way because you are THAT kind of blogger. :)

  47. 79


    I love this. I love everything you said. So many people have impacted (you included) and getting the courage to start my little blog is one of the best things I have ever done.

  48. 80


    Saw your name on Holly’s Mr. Linky and thought I’d stop by to visit.

    Loved this post. It is a great reminder to us all. I got a comment the other day where this guy was like: I read you all the time, but this is just an awesome post, so I had to comment. I was so startled. All the time? I have only been blogging since August. But, the post he commented on was a photo story Friday about my grandma (just last Friday). And, it touched him. It really made me think that people WERE paying attention.

    Thanks for this beautiful post. Nice to get to know you better.

  49. 83


    Yes indeedy! Impact we do. And once i got 331 comments on a guest blog I did. But that was only because after the first legitimate 40 comments, the gang of us started having a converstion. For hours. We blew up her site for a while. It was the most fun I had had in a while. Man. I hope she isn’t reading this! Thanks for the link! Glad to meet you!

  50. 84


    This is ALL so well said!!
    I started a blog for our shop over a year ago – don’t even remember how I found out about bloggine, but I instantly LOVED it! I loved sharing with our customers.

    When we closed our shop (after 15 years) this past July – I was having blogging withdrawls……and I can say I honestly enjoy my personal blog even more than I did the business one!

    When my Dad was alive, and before digital photos were so big I would show up to work (I worked with my parents) excited to share all my pictures I had taken – Dad would laugh at how he couldn’t do anything until he looked at MY pictures and listen to MY stories……….I fell THAT is what my blog let’s me do!

    Sorry to leave such a long comment, you blogging posts inspire me!!!


  51. 86 says

    Great. My second visit and I can’t leave….enjoying your words.
    I have a new blog focused on a varied audience: educators, homeschoolers, writers, mothers, and women. Come explore when you can.
    I’m thinking of linking the blog to another one so I can take advertising. Any thoughts?

  52. 87

    freefun0616 says

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