A New ‘Most Embarrassing Moment’

I woke up the other day, needing some “Me” time.
So, last week, I grabbed a babysitter and set out for a girl’s day out.  We shopped, had pedicures and ate lunch.
At Cracker Barrel.  Because we’re Southern.  And because there’s sweet tea.
I had a Veggie platter.  Don’t applaud my healthy choice.  My veggies were deep fried.
We were simply stuffed full of southern fried goodness, but we couldn’t pass up the dessert of the day.
The waitress brought this out.  With multiple spoons:
I know.  I had the same response.
We giggled like silly girls when she dropped this off at the table.  
I love sweets.  I, mean, love them.  Even when I’m dieting, I buy all the Weight Watcher’s desserts because I-must-have-sugar.  It’s an autoimmune disorder and I’m seeking medical attention. 
Let me just say.  Treat yourself.  Find the nearest Cracker Barrel now.  Drive 149.3 miles, if you must.  
This strawberry shortcake was divine.
When I took the first bite, an explosion-of-sorts, happened in my brain.
And I let out a noise.
It sounded strangely like a moan.

Oh, yes.  I did.

Well.  We laughed.
And, I ate more.
The waitress came over.  Put her hand on my shoulder.
She gave me a knowing smile and said, “Moan if you must.”
Oh, yes.  She did.
I licked the platter clean, picked up my babies and decided I need to have a girl’s day out more often.  
Giggles, shortcake, and all.
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  1. 2


    That looks so good I think I’ll make it a point to head to TCB this week. Seriously, they should pay you for this post — even if it’s in coupons for free shortcake. (You know, that may actually be better than real money.)

  2. 3


    Ok, I don’t remeber those fancy plates being at my Cracker Barrel.

    I wish I had of known about this last night when I went there to eat. I just ate my chicken and dumplings, then went to the hotel and went to bed.

  3. 6


    Oh yumm I love Cracker Barrel but us Seattlites are too healthy and the nearest is like 2 states over I bet. haha When we went to Arizona on Vacation I think we ate there like 5 times in a week!

  4. 14


    That looks very delish, but I need a little bit of chocolate thrown in before I get to the moaning.

    Now if that was some kind of brownie sundae, they’d have to escort me from the premises :)

  5. 15


    GOOD FOR YOU!!! Oh baby….strawberries and dessert….oh sweet heaven. Glad you got a day OUT! Happy Memorial Day! :)

  6. 16


    Thanks for participating in Moments for Me Monday…please put a link to my blog so others can participate too.

    Love your moment! LOVE those girls’ days out. That reminds me…I need a pedicure!

  7. 22


    Hmmm… Looks delectable. I love Strawberry Shortcake but I’ve never had a good experience at a Cracker Barrel and we’ve been multiple times. But, that might make me try one again in a different city 😉
    Glad you had a wonderful girls day out!

  8. 24


    That shortcake is on the box of Bisquick. I make it all the time and it is the best thing in the whole world. And you can even add just a little more sugar to the recipe if you want. It is easy, it is good and it is closer than a Cracker Barrel. AND Strawberries are in season right now, so go forth and produce fruits. Oh, and add real whip cream, not store bought. AND you can add butter to the shortcake as it comes out of the oven like a biscut. Oh my goodness, I need to run to the store. Buy, I mean bye.

  9. 26

    Growin' with it says

    big*HUGE*sigh…we left cracker barrel behind when we moved from the midwest…feel sorry for me now will ya. ahh, but we came back “home” to dairy queen, so that will do me for the time being! i sure love your blog!

  10. 27


    My post was a total all about me post…hope you didn’t mind that I linked to your site…I thought your post was awesome and uplifting! :)

    I just had a Girls Night Out and had strawberry cheescake from the Cheesecake factory…so I totally know what you mean!!!

  11. 29


    I love Cracker Barrel! I’ll have to order that next time I go. I’m sure that there will be moaning at my table as well. :)

  12. 30


    Wow that looks good. I actually went to a girls night out a couple weeks ago and we ate a Cracker Barrel. Yum! But we didn’t get dessert cause we pigged out on candy at the movie!

    We climbed Sandia today. I’m tired!

  13. 36

    Ok, Where Was I? says

    I am so ready to load the kids in the car right now and drive the 45 miles to the nearest cracker barrel. I won’t even cringe a little as I walk in and see that sign about how they don’t discriminate against anyone, which I should think goes without saying, but since it’s said…well. I won’t even care. I just want that dessert.

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