Sincerely ‘Fro Me to You- Miniature Brides

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I grew up going to church.  The same church my entire childhood.
It was average size, but small enough where everyone knew everyone else’s business. 
My sister and I were the only set of twins in the church.   And of course, this was before multiples and fertility drugs were so common. 
So, we were special.  (At least we thought so.)
The youth pastor and the pastor’s daughter decided to marry.  They were special and so they needed something special for their special wedding.  
I’ll never forget the day my sister and I were asked to be in their huge wedding.  We were going to be miniature brides.  Because we were special.
The bride ordered our matching dresses, miniature replicas of her dress.  I remember they were $100 each, a small fortune even now.
Even with  my ‘fro, I felt like a wedding cake topper:  Perfect.  
We were a hit at the wedding.  So much so, that we became the hottest wedding accessory!  Everyone asked us to be in their wedding.  I mean, if one is cute, two is adorable!
And, we already had the adorable mini bride dresses!  See?  We were asked again and again!
‘Fro Me
Show me what you got!


  1. 2


    Wow, oh wow! Those dresses are, well, umm, I can’t think of any words to describe them.

    I’m gonna have to sift through some photos tomorrow, and hopefully play again this week. I love Thursday!

  2. 10


    Let me see if I can guess this right. You were on the left in the first photo, and on the right in the second. Because I think it looks just like your oldest.

    That is so funny though, that it seemed to be all the rage to have the twins in your wedding party. Y’all were a hot item. :o)

  3. 11


    Aren’t you somethin’ in your red lace jr. bridesmaid attire!

    I got to be the bride once and never a Bridesmaid. Maybe if there had been two of me…..


  4. 12


    OH! And I want to play along but it will probably be late tomorrow if I get to at all. I’ll come back over and “Mr. Linky” if I do. Love this Blog Activity!

    Jen Again

  5. 13

    Ok, Where Was I? says

    That’s weird! I mean, it’s cute and funny, but it’s weird. In fact, even just one miniature bride is kind of unusual. But what do I know, I haven’t been to a wedding in ages.

  6. 14


    Miniature brides are disturbing, but I’m glad you got to be the hot ticket item. (Even if that fact makes the fact that you were a miniature bride slightly less disturbing.)

    I really never understood the difference between a miniature bride and a flower girl. Can you clarify?

  7. 17


    OH you are so adorable!! How long did this wedding appearance last? I wanted to be a twin, remember the double mint gum commercial with the twins, I wanted to be that! LOL. Love the pics!

  8. 18


    Are you identical twins? It’s difficult to tell in the photo?

    Love the photos. I always wonder why these old photos look kinda orangey…or is it just me?

  9. 20


    Wedding cake topper……you are adorable!

    But I must know what in the heck that second pic is about? Why did someone take a picture of a grown woman fondling another’s foot? LOL!

    Thanks for hosting again!

  10. 21


    Do you still have those lovely dresses?? (said with tongue in cheek) I’ll bet your daughter would love to play dress up in them.

    They are special, that’s for sure.

  11. 23


    I’m so jealous, I always wanted to be in a wedding when I was little. I finally got to be a bridesmaid when I was 20, and it was very anticlimactic.

  12. 25


    My mom just brought me my miniature bride dress from my stint as a flower girl. I have to say, your dresses were slightly more attractive than mine! :) I’ll have to see if I can dig mine out for one of these. In the meantime, I’ve posted a different blast from the past on my site.

  13. 26


    Why is it that when we are asked to be in a wedding, no matter if we are 2 or 42, our hair has to be some unique contortion that can never quite be “in” but is not bad enough to be out?

    Oh, and baby’s breath…lots of it jammed in your braids is another flower girl accessory.

  14. 27

    Ok, Where Was I? says

    Thanks–I have no idea how to delete a link up there, so I just added another like a big dope. This is a great carnival idea–fun to read all the posts.

  15. 28


    LOL those pictures our classic!!! Your kids are so gonna hate you when you pull that sand dollar trick on them. I still can’t believe my mom did that, but you know, it’s good laughs now. I was SOOOOOO MAD!

    Okay as for making your blog into a book. Go to

    They have a program that works with blogger. It’s the coolest thing ever!!!! I can’t wait to get my first book. My husband doesn’t read my blog because he’s waiting to read it when it’s in a hard cover book.

  16. 35


    That is really cute – I remember when twins were rare and special! We had twins in my sixth grade class in 1973-4 and oh my, they were celebs!

    They were really really nice, too.

    I found you through Vintage Thingies Thursday via the Apron Queen, BTW.

  17. 37

    Ok, Where Was I? says

    I feel bad: I just saw your comment…uh, somewhere…about the other twins in the wedding and you mentioned your comments saying it was weird. And I said that! Uh, so…what I meant was weird in a good way.

  18. 40


    I can’t help myself…. I am soooo jealous!!! I always wanted to be a flower girl and nobody ever asked me… Guess I should have been a twin! :-)

  19. 41

    dfh says

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