DIYP -Birthday Platter

Project #1:  Birthday Platter
I’m not artistic.  But I’m a talented copier.  I saw personalized platters at a craft show.  And they cost a fortune.  I made one for my daughter’s birthday.  I made one for her friend’s party.  And I’ve been making them for teacher, retirement, baby shower and congratulations gifts.  I’ve even had people ask if I take orders.  And, no, I don’t.
Buy a platter or plate.  I bought mine at Garden Ridge Pottery.  They were $1.  You can’t beat that. 
You can use colored Sharpees, if this is going to be a keepsake item.  If you want to eat on the plate too, I suggest buying porcelain markers, they are a bit pricey, but they last forever.
Draw a cupcake (or something that signifies the occasion).  And don’t say, “I can’t do that.”  It’s really simple.  And we’re going for whimsy here, so no two look alike.
The great thing about Sharpees is they wash off with spit water.  So, if you goof, just use your fingernail, scratch it off and start over.
Color in the cupcake.  Write Happy Birthday, personalize with a name and there you have it!
(Here’s one I have waiting in my craft cabinet).
I like to wrap them in pretty tulle and attach a Sharpee marker for guests to sign the platter.  
You have an inexpensive fun present!  These are also great for anniversary gifts too!  Everyone just loves them because they are personalized and a memento to remember the special occasion. To keep the ink on permanently, bake the plate/platter in the oven on 350 degrees for 10 minutes.
This is the finished project.  (This is one we gave to my daughter’s friend).


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    That is really neat! I have also admired those celebration platters but have never purchased one. You are so clever to make your own.

  2. 6


    OK I am eye-ing the pool. I wish I could do this for a the baby shower tomorrow but oh well, I will find something or reason to do this. LOL that’s what happens when there are 5 mommies pregnant and do about the same time, lol. (Gotta grab my towel so I can jump in)

  3. 8


    I love it. I have spent a small fortune at those art places where you buy the pottery, use their paints, and they bake it in the kiln. You make it sound so easy and doable! Now, I have to find a pottery place like the one you have around here. Hmmm…

  4. 9


    That is so cool. I will try that when my grandson comes to visit this summer. I love projects that are simple AND fun. I think that is a great vacation Bible school project as well. Thanks for sharing.

  5. 16


    Man, why couldn’t you have posted this fabulous idea yesterday or two days ago when I was trying to think of a bday gift for my dd’s friend?! Today’s the party so it’s too late, but next time I’m in town/the big city I’ll be buying some of these and the markers to keep on hand. Thanks!!

  6. 18


    I’m always looking for inexpensive but cute gifts that mean something, but things like this (especially going to those pottery painting places) cost gazillions. And yes, that’s a real number, and yes, they cost that much. This is so cute, and I’m totally gonna over-use the idea. Thanks!

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    I absolutely love this idea! I’m stealing it and making my kids one every year for their birthday!

    I tagged you over at my blog. I just need to say something – there’s a lot of carnival blogs out there that I usually just stop by for the carnival, but really don’t care for the blog, but I really love your blog! You rock, girlfriend!

  8. 31


    I’m most definitely in on this one! I love it! I sure hope I can find some plates similar to that…I’ll be checking out all of our Garden Ridges! Thanks so much! :0)

  9. 32


    Ok…so if you do Sharpees then do you tell the recipient that it is for looks only, not to eat off of it? I’d like for people to be able to use it but not real sure how expensive the porcelain markers are…
    thanks again and sorry for my slow brain!

  10. 34


    I’m not sure if I totally understood one part…

    if you make the sharpie ink permanent by baking it on – can you eat off it then? Or will it eventually wash off?

  11. 37


    I love this idea!! I’d use it if I hadn’t already ordered an ‘autograph monkey’ from oriental trading co. for my son’s first birthday party. I’ll do it next year…if I remember!

    Ps yours is so pretty, mine would not turn out that nice.

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