The Dream Vacation

I’ve told of you of my daughter’s deep love for dolls.

And I love that she loves them.
Whatever it takes to keep her little.
Santa brought her an American Girl doll last year.
She even celebrated her 8th birthday with other girls and their dolls.And oh, the love runs deep. 
It seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime chance to visit one of the only American Girl stores in the United States on our way to our Family Reunion this past weekend.
So, we did.
My daughter had saved $30 over the past 3 months by doing odd jobs for family members.  It took quite a while for her decide on a souvenir. 
I mean, who could decide easily with choices like these?
And after an hour in the store, my hubby pointed at this giant poster of the girls with their matching dolls and said, “Okay, that’s a little much!”
Yeah, it was time to go.  I was tired of looking at price tags for tiny doll clothes that were more than people clothes, anyway.
My daughter was thrilled, paid for her souvenir and we headed towards the hotel.  
Now, my son is six and typically very laid back.  The last thing I expected was this:
“Hey, Mom and Dad, did we plan this whole day to stop there just for my sister?” he asked.
“Well, yes, we did,” my hubby said.  “It was special and something we probably won’t do again.”
He thought about it for a second and said, “Do you think sometime we could plan a special trip just for me?”
“Sometime,” my hubby said. “But lets be happy for your sister, okay?”
“Oh, I am.”  And then a few minutes later, “I know!” he exclaimed.  “I know what my dream vacation would be!”
We prepared ourselves for some outlandish Nascar or Lego dream.
“My dream is to take a trip and find some toot putty.  The kind that comes in a little can and you put your finger in it and it sounds like toots,” he said.
“We might be able to make that dream come true on this trip,” my hubby laughed.
The sheer joy on his face was priceless.
Toot putty.
A dream come true.


  1. 3

    Marcy - The Glamorous Life! says

    See how lucky you are to have both boys and girls? I only have boys and all I EVER get is request for toot putty or whoopie cushions. I never get the ‘doll’ phase….and no action heros are NOT the same thing. Just ask my sons!

  2. 5

    Favaunt says

    Wow! Adorable. Who could imagine that toot-putty could make a little boy’s dream come true. I love it. Beautiful pics.

  3. 6


    Run thyself to the nearest Dollar Tree and do not pass go or collect $200. My daughters love this stuff. (But warning…it stains carpet.Doesnt everything fun though?)

  4. 8


    We also love american girls. MY 8 year old has Kit and I’m considering the bitty twins for my 2 year old. She loves babies more than my first. Hope we get a chance to go the the American Girls store. We have gotten the chance to send away kit the the AG Hospital. She lost her leg LOL! We all rejoiced when she came home.

  5. 11

    Carey says

    Oh this post makes me smile! (well, the first part makes me smile, the last part makes me laugh!)

    I was always a HUGE doll fan, and while I really loved baby dolls, I also had Samantha, and my best friend had Felicity. That store is just too much fun though. I was way too old for dolls when I finally was in that city, but my mom (also loves dolls) and I couldn’t resist. Such a fun moment to share! :-)

    P.S. You seriously got your husband and son to stay in that store?! I think my dad went model train shopping while we were there, and I sure know that my guy wouldn’t spend more than 5 minutes there!

  6. 13


    That’s hilarious! Great story!

    We’ve got an American Girl store here in Atlanta and I’ll never forget the opening weekend when the line to the store wrapped around the mall parking lot. I think it could be a potentially expensive thing when my girls get old enough to realize this store exists just a couple miles from our house!

  7. 15


    We have had toot putty and my boys loved it until they “lost” it. One of my boys decided to take it to his bedroom (it was supposed to remain in the kitchen) and once there he proceeded to take it from the little container and let it slime all over his hands and onto his carpet! Neon green still remains after repeated carpet cleaning! O.k. maybe my son was a little to young – he was just turned five!
    Live and learn – Keep it in the kitchen!

  8. 16


    I hope my husband doesn’t find out that they make “Toot Putty”!! He’ll never get anything done around the house again!! hahaha!

    Beautiful daughter!

  9. 19


    The toot putty has me prostrate with laughter. (then how am I typing this? I be talented!) That is precisely why I love having a boy.

  10. 23


    That is awesome! Don’t you love it when making their dreams come true is so easy?

    I gotta say I think those American Girl dolls are adorable and I really look forward to my girls growing up and playing with them!!

    Hope you all are having or did have a great family reunion!

  11. 24


    Gotta love those boys… no frilly sweetness for them – if it makes noise (and preferably a noise which comes from one’s body), it’s a deal. :)
    Love it!

  12. 25


    We are big American Girl fans here too. I have to confess to being one of those moms who buy the matching outfits. We have been to the American Girl store in NY, but yours looks much nicer actually. Good luck on making your son’s wishes come true!!

  13. 30


    My girls were never into the American Girl dolls. I think I am glad. :)

    Oh and toot putty, If I happen to see it on an isle, I try to steer Logan clear of it. He normally finds it though and torments his sisters with it. :)

  14. 32


    Oh sweet for your little girl! She will ALWAYS remember that!

    And my gosh what your son said is SO typical boy, and SO funny!

  15. 34


    You want some Toot putty? I have two boys and they have more than enough :)

    I love those dolls and I can’t wait for my 16 month old daughter to be old enough to want one, but she’ll prolly just end up wanting toot putty anyway.

  16. 36


    Toot putty … I am laughing on the floor just typing this. Never heard of it and I hope o how I hope my boys don’t either. We don’t need anymore “action” over here than what we already have. Aren’t you glad his “dreams” and easy to fulfill right now?

    American Girl huh? You were in my neighborhood. I don’t have any daughters on this earth, but if I did, you better know that we would hang out there regularly!

  17. 37


    You just gotta love little boys. I love mine.

    We have a trip to the AG store in Atlanta this very weekend for the Princess’ 7th birthday this week. It is now time to upgrade from Bitty Baby to the next size up.

  18. 39


    My daughter and I were introduced to American Girl dolls when we lived in Chicago – you know, home of the FIRST American Girl store and cafe. Yep, she has one. And more clothes and accessories than I personally own.

    My daughter is also the proud owner of a fart machine. Not my son. My daughter.

  19. 40


    My oldest two went two years ago and spent a day at the one in NY with their stepmom and her friend &daughter.; It was a day they’ll never forget. The littles are looking forward to their day- our wallet is not. Maybe I’ll tell them about toot putty. :)

  20. 41


    Ah, yes, we are living the American Girl dream at my house too. My daughter was about your daughter’s age when she got her 1st doll, Samantha. Ever since then, the love has been strong. We went to Chicago solely so my mom could take her to American Girl Place & have a day just for her and with her. It was so much fun!

    So, what souvenir did she pick? And your son cracks me up. Boys are so easy to please. :)

  21. 44


    Ok, is toot putty the same stuff as the putty we used to play with when we were little kids? I think it came in a little egg-shaped thing?

    Hmmmm, interesting. I will have to google this toot putty and see what it’s all about.

    BTW, you’re daughter is just adorable. She looks pleased as punch with her doll. I can’t wait to take the Little Imp shopping for her first REAL doll! It’s coming…I can just feel it.

  22. 46


    I about fell out of my chair in laughter!!! PRICELESS! And when I say “Priceless” I mean that Master Card ought to make a commercial out of it.

  23. 49


    My kids LOVE toot putty! I hate it, can’t stand the sounds that can come out of it, but the kids are happy.

    Lucky girl…I never got to go to the American Girl Store. It is wrong to be jealous??

  24. 53


    I am cracking up on the toot putty! :) 2 Christmas’s ago my husband brought a small jar of toot putty in his pocket. He spent the entire night tooting from his pocket and everyone but me thought he had really bad gas!

    His family lives in rural Georgia and one of toots sounded so realistic that his cousin Mandy yelled out..”Dang Adam you hit cotton on that one!” Now that’s classy!

    It’s just not Christmas without toot putty! :)

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