The Gifted & The Talented

Last week, my 8 year old daughter spent 6 hours taking tests.

In the summer.
Because she is special.
Or at least that was her response when I told her she was going to do some achievement tests.
Yes, her self esteem is doing well.  Thank you.  
I explained that we were allowing the gifted and talented testing to help eliminate boredom and excessive talking in the classroom.

When I picked her up the second day, she told me all about another student she met.
“Mom, she is so smart.  And so are her parents.  Her Dad is working on a medication to cure diabetes, right now.  And her Mom is on the research team with him and she’s testing the medicine on lab rats!” she explained excitedly.
“Wow,” I said and I will admit I felt rather ignorant.  I mean, the smartest thing I’d done all day was keep my toddler’s reaching hand out of her poop diaper.  
Because yesterday she was quicker than me.  
And so, baiting my smarty-pants daughter, I said, “Well, that is awesome.  I guess most of the kids who tested with you have really smart parents.  Right?”
She thought about that a minute and I could almost hear her brain working.  
“I guess you’re right.  I must get it from Dad.”


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    All of my kids have higher IQ’s than me. (And mine isn’t lousy, either.) And my husband…his is sky high. Although you wouldn’t know it, watching him yell at the football video game. I content myself with the fact that I make better lasagna than all of them.

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    I have no doubt that feeding a bunch of rats various meds and observing them is TONS easier than keeping a toddler’s hands out of her poop! One day she’ll know… That infinite wisdom we all gain when we become Moms and think “Wow, my mom had to go through all of this and do all of this with ME?”

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    General knowledge is that kids now a days are much smarter than their parents
    Guess she gets it from your side too.. u write so well and you have a knack to keep readers coming back..

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    I do think kids are amazing at taking the air out of any confidence we may have. Good luck with the testing. What an honor just to be tested :)

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    Oh, no! It’s a really funny story, but I think there’s a sad social commentary behind it. Why do we (as a society) give so little prestige to stay at home mothers? They (and you) are doing the most important job in the whole world, and it doesn’t make them any less smart. Maybe it makes them even more smart.

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    HILARIOUS! I got a daughter just like that, and she’ll be 7 next week. I gotta stay quick on my feet with her! Hence, my blog post today! :-)

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    Marcy - The Glamorous Life! says

    Just when you are having a proud moma moment they go and wreck it! Warning though the GATE program can be a scam….sure I wrote my first play at 7 and learned to churn butter and learned engineering while re-building a motor….but um, I can’t spell for crap. They sorta glossed over the basics ya know?

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    Kristen – many of my cousins and some of my friends have completed lots of ‘higher education’ since college, while I stayed home with babies. It’s easy to feel less important at times, huh?

    I always have to remind myself that the most important thing IS raising the kids faithfully – in heaven the Lord isn’t going to care how many degrees we have or what kind of job we worked while on earth. The eternal blessings are our children. Poopy diapers and all.

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    I was actually pulled out of school to take those tests when I was in fifth grade, and then I never heard anything back. Guess I wasn’t quite gifted or talented enough! I was put into GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) a few years later anyway. What’s funny about that is that all of the kids in that class ended up at loose ends in the world, no one went on to “greater things.” So much for that system eh?

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    How cute! And you know, kids just say the darndest things, and they even mean anything by it. What you do is WAY harder, cause keeping a kids hands out of their diaper is a 24/7 job!!! LOL

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    Sonya says


    Wow though, 6 hours of tests! My 7 year old had some real issues with being bored and talking in class this past year. I’d love it if our school could offer her a program, but it doesn’t start here until 4th.

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    soooo, they’re finding a cure for diabetes, but are they super star bloggers read by hundreds of people daily? Keep up the great work!!

    BTW my post today, totally reminded me of when your daughter called the pastor on your cell phone. Looks like our girls are kindred spirits!

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    Oh funny!

    I wonder if your 8 year old daughter would like to penpal (snail mail or email) with my 8 year old daughter. While she’ll never be in or tested for the GATE program because she’s homeschooled, she certainly qualifies. It would be nice for her to have another girl her age for her to converse with.

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    They think this because we are at home all day trying with great effort to answer all questions, but at then end of the day we say…I don’t know go ask your father. And he knows. So…there you are.

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    Ok, Where Was I? says

    Ouch, the little punk! Curing diabetes, blogging–same difference. At least that’s what I tell myself.

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