I’m Glad I’m a Woman-Reason #27

Have you heard about the female hiker who was just saved after spending 70 hours hanging off of a cliff?

She attached her sports bra to a logging cable in order to signal for help.
The bra caught the attention of a group of lumberjacks who called a rescue team.
Can you just imagine that conversation?  
Rescuers credit her ingenuity.  That bra gave her sagging morale a real push-up.  If those men hadn’t seen the waving bra, she would have been under the wire.  She needed their support.
Just one more reason I’m glad to be a woman.


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    That is to, to funny!! Not that she was stuck in the woods and all, the part about the lumberjacks and the bra and the… oh nevermind, you know what I mean. :)

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