An Important Parenting Tip

I’d like to offer you a parenting tip today. 
I took this photo a couple of months ago.  Just because I want to remember the rolls.

There’s just nothing cuter than a baby girl in a dress.

The chubby legs. The cute tush.  The femininity.
She inherited her thighs from me.  One day, she will not thank me.
One of the best parts of all those little girly dresses is the diaper covers.
You know, because they coordinate.  
We all know how important that is.
The other day I was in a hurry to pick up my older kids from VBS.  I had about 57 seconds to change a diaper and shove her pudgy feet into her shoes.  
I quickly changed my squirmy girl and forgot to put her diaper cover back on.  
Maybe because it would take too long or because cute doesn’t matter when you’re in a hurry. 
We will never know.
I grabbed a shoe and realized I dropped the other one somewhere in the house.
After a quick shoe hunt, I grabbed her up and decided she could ride with one shoe on and I would put the other one on at the church.
But. Something. Happened. During. That. 57. Seconds.
Because when I got to VBS and reached to unbuckle my child from her car seat, not only was her diaper cover missing, so was her diaper.
Oh, yeah.  
She was nekid.  At VBS.
Under that cute dress.  
So, here’s my tip:  diaper covers are not for cute only. They are actually functional in keeping the toddler from removing her diaper while Mommy is not looking.
While I realize this isn’t exactly an earth-shattering tip and even considered obvious by some (ahem, hubby), this is my third kid and honestly the first time we’ve gone to church with an exposed, um, bottom.
So, I just thought I’d share.
You are welcome.
I’m here to serve you.
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  1. 2


    Awww, little leg rolls. Why don’t they look that cute on me? Hmmmph. Oh well. Great idea to take a picture to remember that sweetness. I wish I would’ve done that with my 2nd daughter. She is the only one that had any chunkiness to her. The others were string beans. Still are!

  2. 3


    Oh man, a persons worst nightmare, going to church and forgetting to put on the panties…well she got that one over with pretty early in life huh??? But her own mother caused her nightmare..poor child. She will need years of therpy to get over this one.

  3. 7


    Here’s a tip I learned the hard way (with dd #3, no less!):
    Even after they are finally potty trained and know how to put on their panties themselves, double check before you leave for church.

  4. 10


    Awwww! I love the rolls! My girls also inherited my legs (short and stubby) so I feel badly for them. Maybe it’ll change! LOL!

  5. 14


    too funny. and tell me about it. I can no longer put The Cuteness to bed without shorts of some kind over his diaper. Waking up to a pile of poop on the crib mattress drove that one home to me.

  6. 16


    ..and she didn’t pee on the floor or in the car?????

    My 2 hooligans rip their clothes and diapers off just so they can pee on the carpet, oh and forget peeing in the bath, b/c they will wait until you are sprinting them through the house to get them changed and will pee mid way.

    Love those nekid, chubby little legs. So so cute.

  7. 17


    Oh man that’s funny!

    So far my son has not inherited my legs (and my mom’s and her mom’s before her) but I’m very sad for my daughter…it really seems to follow the women in my family…

    you know…

    the c-word…

    cauliflower…no wait…

    actually I refuse to say it. Maybe then it won’t exist!

  8. 18


    Kristen, at least you remembered the diaper! I forgot my little Ella’s diaper the other day and she sat so happily w/her daddy’s xbox remote between her legs while I sat down to blog….. UGH ~ I secretly wish she did pee on the stupid controller LOL

  9. 22


    I love little rolls – on babies that is! I’m sure there will be many things our kids will not thank us for when they grow up.
    My girls will not thank their Dad for their bushy eyebrows that I know they will need to have waxed on a regular basis!

  10. 23


    I’ve been gone a couple of days, had some posts to catch up on.. great few days.. thanks for the info on world fasting and the laughs.. My son would always remove his diaper, and they didnt’ have cute cover-ups for boys. We used to put duct tape around the top to keep them on!

  11. 24


    I love it! That made me laugh out loud! probably b/c as a mother of 3 myself, I can relate!
    Found your blog through writer-mommy. Enjoying it.

  12. 27


    Hilarious! Thanks for a good laugh this morning. Also I have a 2yr old who tends to take off clothing and diaper, even the afore mentioned cute diaper covers!

  13. 30


    Love the rolls, I concur with the duct tape comment!

    I’m not sure how they manage to film all those cute diaper commercials. Those kids must be genius IQs because the second either of mine was close to just a diaper it was off.

    How about some kid proof diapers???

  14. 34


    Chubby legs are just about as cute as chubby feet! I should take a pic of my boy’s before they’re gone entirely (he’s thinned out SO MUCH lately!). Bummer thing for boys is there’s no diaper cover. Will has recently discovered that he can reach down INSIDE his shorts and undo the tape on this dipe. He thinks he’s so clever!

  15. 37


    What sweet “little” legs.. I missed out on your open up post last Thursday. I will try to make it to this one.. Tommorow will make 6 years that my brother passed away. What better way to remember him and share my heart! Thanks for doing this, Susie H

  16. 39


    Baby chub legs are so cute! Little Elvis has started the diaper removal game. We usually only put him to sleep in a t-shirt, but after last night, he will be sleeping in pants. He ripped off half the diaper and peed all over his crib and everything in it. He was very proud.

  17. 41


    We also recently were reminded of this the hard way- in the crib.

    I love those little legs, too, My girls both had/have them, but not my boys. The same could be said about my husband and me.

  18. 42


    That’s a great tip! I’ve got three boys and a lil’ girl. So far I’ve never experienced that, but the other day my son was running through the sprinkler in the buff. :) Good thing we live in the middle of a cornfield or the neighbors would be scandalized!

  19. 44


    Thanks for the tip! I can so see this happening to me – Esme loves taking off her diaper if she can. My fear has been along the lines of finding puddles or poop somewhere.

  20. 46


    The only thing cuter than a leg roll is an arm roll. Jessamine’s only recently went away, it was very depressing. I’ve got a picture of her somewhere in a little sundress, fat bulging out all over the place. *sigh*

  21. 49


    Yeah, I had that happen to me at a church cookout…in front of everyone and it can be funny yet embarrasing. So i totally (try) to remember to put the bloomers on too. That third kid fries that brain I tell you. lol

  22. 52


    Too funny! You’d think you’d be past this worry once your baby girl graduates from diapers, but that isn’t always the case. I recently received a call from my 4yo DD’s preschool, asking if I knew that she wasn’t wear any underpants. Under her non-liner skirt. Zoiks!

  23. 53


    I had to start putting my girls into pull-ups alot sooner than what I had planned. I also had to make sure and buy the ones that don’t have the velcro sides! Here’s to hoping that my son doesn’t follow his older sisters. By the way, I just found your blog and will be bookmarking it.

  24. 59


    Oh my, that was funny! I will definitely remember that. I love matching diaper covers, but I had no idea they had a functional use also! Thanks!

  25. 63


    Okay, this is my first time visiting your site and I am laughing out loud at that post! And having a 16 month baby girl with chubby thighs, I can so relate! Thanks for the lesson today – and the laugh. I will always make sure the diaper cover is on. 😉

  26. 64


    LOLOLOL, there’s nothing like having a little exhibitionist running around church! I will certainly take your advice to heart with my own little diaper-stripping-dress-wearers!

  27. 66


    oh that is hilarious! And your daughter’s legs are simply adorable! Isn’t it inevitable that they’ll wind up naked somewhere where it’s not cool to be naked! I took my niece grocery shopping (she was 2) and lifted her up to put her in the cart and realized she was blazing it commando…

  28. 70


    Oh my! That is far too funny! My lovely son dropped his diaper on the floor the other day. We didn’t realize that it was full of poop, but once daddy did, we both started shouting, “Don’t sit down Mo!”

  29. 72


    So funny! My friend’s hubby handed her the baby the other day freshly bathed and pajamaed- but NOT diapered, he just forgot. In all fairness he has not been getting a lot of sleep but this was their second! I’ve yet to have a story like that but I know with a two year old and a three month old- it’s coming, I can feel it! Stop by in the next day or two if you want a good funny Ewww! story, I’m just about to head back to my blog and post it.

  30. 74

    M says

    This is a very important tip! I get especially irritated I purchase a dress for my daughter and come to realize the dress does not have a diaper cover included (guess I ought to check before purchasing!).

    That’s extremely cute picture. Love those thigh rolls!

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