Is That Bad?

A friend and I stopped by Chick Fil A the other day.  I needed a sweet tea.

“Uh, yes, I need a large sweet tea,” I said to the drive-thru speaker.  “Want anything?” I whispered to my friend.  She shook her head no.

“Okay, Kristen.  That’s $1.67,” the speaker answered.

As I pulled around, I could feel my friend staring at me.

“What?”  I asked.  

“That lady, in the speaker, she KNEW YOUR NAME!” she said in disbelief.

“Oh, that.  Yeah, I come here.  A lot.  It’s funny, she recognizes my voice now and . . .” my words trailed off.  

Because she was really staring now.  Intensely.

“What? Oh, is that bad?”

Obviously it never dawned on me that it wasn’t normal for fast food restaurants to recognize you BEFORE they see you.  

This opened up a whole new dimension of thinking.  Hmmm, I wonder how many things I do that aren’t normal for other people.

Wow.  That’s deep.

I’m a little worried now.  Can you help me decide if these things are bad?

Besides knowing my name and debit card number, the Chick Fil A lady frequently comments on how easy it is to make sweet tea at home and how fattening it is.  

I still go back.  Almost daily.  Is that bad?

My baby’s second and third words were ‘chicken nugget?’ Is that bad?

My one year old got into the pantry the other day while I was in cyberspace.  She dumped out a bag of tiny marshmallows.  She shoveled them in her mouth.  I let her.  Is that bad?

I love Carmel Delights made by the lovely Girl Scouts.  The other day, my daughter asked if there were any left.  “No,” I replied quickly.  No, because I’m hiding the last two to eat later.  When I’m alone.  Is that bad?

I do not enjoy unloading the dishwasher.  Every once in a while, when I feel overwhelmed, I pretend they are still dirty and wash them again.  Is that bad?

On a full moon, sometimes I innocently hand the baby to my hubby, KNOWING she’s stinky.  Is that bad?

I love cupcakes.  

More than some people.

Is that bad?

Sometimes I go to Target.  Okay, I go 4.5 times a week.  When I wear red, my kids wonder if I work there.  Is that bad?

Occasionally, I slip a tabloid into my cart at the store and then hide it when church people come over.  Is that bad?

When I REALLY need a break, I leave my 8 year old to watch my other kids and go to the movies—

Shoot.  I KNOW that’s bad.  Just making sure you’re still reading! And I’m completely kidding!

Since I’m starting to see faults in my moral compass, I’ll leave it with just one more . . .

I have been known to hurt people for chocolate. Is that bad?

This was originally posted in February 2008


  1. 1


    Oh, I really hope none of those is BAD, because I think I pretty much do all of them. Except for the tea. Because we don’t have a Chic-fil-a. (dangit) Also, because sweet tea gags me. (Which I realize, being from the South is downright sinful, but oh, well).

    BUT, once when the Target mgr was giving a tour to new employees, he introduced me, saying, “And this is Buffi. You’ll be seeing a lot of her.” I couldn’t decide if I was proud or mortified.

  2. 3


    Ah…a heathen wanna be…come to the dark side Kristen, come to the dark side.

    I’ve been known to hide behind closed doors with chocolate candy bars after telling the kids they’ve had enough junk…

  3. 4


    That’s not bad… that’s just being REAL!

    Show me a mom who hasn’t hidden some type of food for “later” and I’ll show you a big, fat liar!

  4. 6


    Not bad at all! Well, aside from the 8 year old watching the kids. How could you?!? 😉

    I like the recycling of old posts. Makes me feel smart because I’ve read them before.

  5. 8


    I do not enjoy unloading the dishwasher. Every once in a while, when I feel overwhelmed, I pretend they are still dirty and wash them again. Is that bad?

    This is brilliant and never occurred to me.

    You need to add: “I pass on my bad habits to women the world over. Is that bad?”

  6. 9

    Mrs. Querido says

    If I don’t feel like folding the laundry right then, I give it another go around in the dryer…is that bad? :)
    And I totally hear you on the diaper thing! I have been known on occasions not coinciding with a full moon, to hand Miss Precious to Mr. Querido and feign ignorance of the offending treasure filling her diaper. What normal mother hasn’t done that? For that matter, what normal father hasn’t reciprocated? LOL!

    Great post!

    Mrs. Q

  7. 10


    You totally crack me up. I think that I’ve done most of those things myself too. Speaking of sweet tea, I think I’ll go make some right now.

  8. 11


    You are so funny :) … these things can’t be all bad becasue I do them too 😉 … I didn’t know anyone else was as lazy as me about unloading the dishwasher hehehehe …


  9. 15


    Thanks for the laugh! Im with you on a couple of those. Especially the dishwasher and hiding chocolate.

    Yesterday I said to my 3yr old son “I love you more than chocolate” to which he promptly replied “Can I have your chocolate then?”

    Thanks for the post!

  10. 16


    Nothing bad…just special!! I am a sweet tea addict too and am known to go through Mickey D’s just to get one by itself. Oh how I wish I had a Target near by. The closest ones are 40 minutes away so I don’t go too often. I know how sad am I!!!

  11. 17


    I would just like to say one thing. Don’t hide the tabloid! Trust me, your church friends have their own guilty secrets. It will probably make them feel better knowing you have one too! :)

  12. 18


    I have never shared my goodies with the kidz.

    They just know not to ask me anymore.

    And then I expect them to share…


    You think I’m going about it the wrong way?

  13. 20


    You are a completely normal mommy. But the way you told this was very fun and clever.

    Sweet Tea, this is the second post I’ve read this week about sweet tea. Hmm.. I make it about once a week for hubby, it’s easy.

    When I was pregnant the Whataburger drive thru girls knew my name and order.

  14. 21


    Ok that is bad. But I think we are all with you. I could walk into El Chico and the people would know what I was going to order before I got to the table. Sometimes I would have to say to them, today I am going to mix things up so don’t bring me the usual. They would just laugh at me. Knowing my mixing it up did not mean a whole lot. I am pretty simple. Have a great day!

  15. 22


    LOL I used to work at Target when I was in college. I never go there in a red shirt. But I go as often as I can. Love that place, especially after having worked there. It’s a great company.

    The people at my neighborhood ice cream shop in FL knew me by name, and also used a couple of my ideas for their menu. 😛

  16. 24


    Umm… the Target thing… well, I don’t wear red to Target because the last time I did, the manager accidentally handed me a stack of stuff to do. Yeah, oops. Hahaha….

    And if bad actually is bad, I don’t wanna be good…

  17. 25

    Susan T says

    Thanks for the great post – it made me laugh out loud! I’m right there with you – except I go for the diet coke with a slice of lemon instead of the tea.

  18. 29


    Bad?? Of course not…I do most of those and then some. The people (plural) at Outback know me way to well and so do a few at Starbucks :)

  19. 31


    A few years ago (I think 6) I used to go to McDonald’s on my way to work every morning. They had 52 ounce drinks for 52 cents! I got myself a Diet Coke every morning. The window woman knew me and warned me on the last day of the sale that it would be over. What a nice woman.

  20. 32


    Sometimes in the night, when my daughter calls for me, I pretend I’m asleep so that my husband will get up.

    And as far as everything else, a mommy’s gotta do what a mommy’s gotta do to survive!

  21. 34


    I loved this post! I’ve often thought of this myself. Many of the things you described are the same for me.

    One of my favorites happened after being married for just a couple of weeks. My husband and I pulled up to the drive-thru at our bank and the teller said “Hi Gigi”. My husband looked at me in the passenger seat and said “I’ve been banking with this bank for twenty years and no one has ever said “Hi Craig” when I pulled up.” Shows you how outgoing he is! ha ha jk

    Again, I loved this. And I don’t think you’re bad. Keep it up!

  22. 35


    Okay I don’t mind picking up the easy stuff… cups, plates, bowls, and pots but I hate picking up utensils and measuring cups and containers. I totally rewash them on occasion (read: once a week).


  23. 37


    I too love Chick-Fil-A and am planning a whole post soon on my love affair with the place. I am also guilty of hiding the good stuff or lying about it from my kids. I felt so guilty when I ate the whole box of Thin Mints and my son asked if I saved him one and I realized I didn’t. I felt really guilty the next week when I picked him up from BSF at church and he had saved 2 goldfish crackers so he could give one to me and eat his last one with me!

  24. 38


    Is it bad that I relate to your post about 90%? The girl scout cookies, the trips to Target (and the wearing red), the cupcakes……

    We should be friends! 😉

  25. 39


    Sounds normal enough to me, in fact on a bad week, I can live out of the dishwasher rather than unload it, and I’ve been known to take the tops of fingers off for chocolate.

    I’ve also told my daughter that the ice cream man only plays music to let everyone know he’s run out.. Now that is BAD.

  26. 40


    If those things are bad, then we are both bad – bad to the bone! I have to agree that I do pretty much all of the things that are on the list. The dishwasher thing – not only do I re-run the dishes, but have, in the past rewashed the clothes in the washer! Shamie, Shamie

  27. 41


    Don’t feel bad about Chick-fil-A…the employees are specifically trained to remember you, you name, your order, etc. because it’s a nice thing to do for the customers. Trust me, I have an insider connection. 😉

    I sometimes hide from my older daughter so I can eat things that I specifically don’t want to share with her…and I do it when she’s awake!

    Plus, I read Cosmo, for the “bedroom tips,” but I would never admit that to my church friends. Everyone has a dirty little secret (uh, no pun intended)…

  28. 42


    I think the last commenter beat me to it, but when I worked at Starbucks they actually have a video camera on the order area and I learned to recognize our usuals and their orders. I bet Chick-fil-a has a similar set-up. :)

  29. 45


    I’m confident hiding cookies from the kiddos is NOT bad. The lying part, ok, yes, but the hiding, NO!

    And Culver’s knows me. They know my order (concrete malt, add caramel, substitute chocolate custard). If I got there and order anything else in the drive through, they ask if I want anything else. If I say no, they say, “Are you sure you don’t want a concrete malt with caramel made with the chocolate custard?” Then, I get it anyway. After I had this baby (early), the first time I went to the drive through the young man got all the workers to come to the window so they could see the baby and find out what I had.
    Is *that* bad?

  30. 47


    I routinely hit the McDonald’s drive-thru for a large Diet Coke, and they know me too . . .

    So, NO. That’s not bad. Not bad at all! You’re in good company.

  31. 48


    Laughing, laughing, laughing that they know your voice at the drive-thru. Too funny.

    I say, if they aren’t willing to hand over the chocolate, then it is not wrong to hurt them.

  32. 49


    I bet Chick Fil A has a camera and they can see you. They recognize your car, not you voice. (I hope)

    None of it is bad. I can relate to it all. Is that bad?

  33. 51


    None of these are bad – we all do them, you just were the first to admit it. I too rerun the diswasher or just ignore it so I don’t have to unload it. As a matter of fact, mine could use to be unloaded now. But that is not happening!

  34. 52


    Re-washing the dishes and handing a dirty diapered baby over to hubby, pretending I don’t know is something I do pretty frequently. :)

  35. 55


    I (used to) since last Wednesday frequent a Coffee House Hardback Cafe and all the Barista’s (Steph;Cheryl;Beck;Cole)know me and my each of my children’s names and even allow the oldest to come in for mom with her c/c and pay for a Chi tea Frappe that he doesn’t even have to order?!
    And talk about ordering outside the box if I order Spice over Vanilla (my fav flavor) it throws them all off!
    So is it bad, that they know when I don’t come it till the dh outta of town so that I may guilt free spend $4.06 on a tall Frappee until he returns?!

  36. 56


    The cookies…I completely do the same thing. I hide them at work so NO ONE but me can have them. I love them…now I want some. Crap.

    Dishwasher…totally did that this weekend.

    None of it is bad, normal maybe.

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