King for the Day

Hail to the King!  Hail to the King!

In a few hours, my hubby will awake.

And be crowned.

He will relax on his thrown.

When he needs something, he will just give his bell a ring.

And his servants will heed the call.

His feet will be propped up on a cooler filled with his favorite drinks.

The remote is strapped to the chair, waiting to do his bidding.

Nascar will blare on the TV.

Favorite candy and snacks adorn the sacred area.

The streamers and balloons announce his Greatness.

A picture of his Royal servants will greet him.  A Nascar grilling cookbook will quench his kingly boredom.

Coupons from his prince and princess are at his disposal.  (One free back scratch and a Texas Tickle Crunch Box are but a few).

When he gets into his Royal Chariot, he will be surprised at the loving grafitti.

Especially since he has an important business meeting early Monday morning. 

Happy Father’s Day, King Daddy and Hubby.

We love you!

I’ll add a picture of his Royal Greatness later today!  Hopefully of his surprised face!

Yeah, I think he’s gonna have a good day.  But would it be bad if I hid the bell?


  1. 1


    What an awesome way to celebrate your husband and your children’s father on this Father’s Day! It makes me wish my husband were here. I hope he is surprised!

  2. 5


    What a cute idea! I am totally steaking it…I mean borrowing it next year! and I blogged about sweet tea today…if you get a sec check it out.

  3. 10


    Funny. My husband picked out his own Father’s Day gift (an i-tunes gc). We are not that big on holidays but I love that you went through the extra “trouble” to spoil your man.

  4. 13


    Because we’ve been on two major family wedding trips for both Mother’s Day and now Father’s Day, we haven’t done anything extravagant because, well, funds are low and directed on all the traveling, vacationing, etc. Andy’s not a big gift-giver, really; it’s just not his thing.

    So last night he said, “oh yeah! Tomorrow’s Father’s Day! What did ya get me?!” (spoken mostly in jest)

    And I said, “the very same thing YOU got ME!” And we laughed hysterically.

  5. 21


    Lucky man!! That was a great idea !! At first when you said throne, my mind went to the toilet, literally !! Have a great day honoring your man.

  6. 24


    That is awesome! I might steal this idea for next year :) I hope the king had a great day. I would probably hide the bell too 😉

  7. 26


    That is so creative! I just threw gifts in a giftbag (didn’t even wrap them or use tissue paper) and had the girls color on their cards. LOL! We have to rush to fast in the mornings since he’s Sunday morning worship leader. I bet my hubby would’ve loved a day like that!!!

    We’ll just have to celebrate on Saturdays instead! *wink, wink*

  8. 30


    I’ve just spent the last several minutes getting caught up on your posts as I’ve taken a few days off and I’m SO kicking myself now because I really wish I had seen your post with the book give-away sooner.

    My hubby and I went through a rough year in 2005 also and have found our way back to each other in the last few years. Counseling and books went a long way and our marriage is happier and stronger now than it’s ever been. Good for you for finding your way out and making it work.

    FYI, another good book (or CDs in our case) are the Light His/her Fire. They helped us tremendously!

  9. 41


    That is an awesome idea! LOVE the creativity and thoughfulness of it all.
    I will have to give some of them a try for our next special celebration.
    Thanks for the pics and the wonderful ideas!

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