MEN’S WEEK: My Hubby’s Favorite Blog + Giveaway!

(Don’t forget to check out today’s giveaway and yesterday’s winner at the end of this post).

Since this is Man’s Week here at THAT family (I just want to grunt every time I type that), I thought I’d share a tip and tell you my hubby’s favorite blog.  
Other than mine.
The blog is written for husband’s and is aptly called, iAMHUSBAND. I must admit, I subscribe too.
The insightful author has dedicated his blog to helping husbands be better husbands.  He encourages and challenges hubby’s to take their wives on date nights, starve their eyes from lusting after other women, help their wives through bad days and surprising them with trinkets or something special.

Now we’re talking.
He also gives ideas for dates, advice, and encourages men to read the latest and best books on marriage.  Like For Men Only by Shaunti Feldhahn.  
I read For Women Only two years ago and it changed my marriage.  I’ll be sharing about that later this week.
This was a post from last week on iAMHUSBAND

“You have twenty-four hours to surprise your wife with something nice. The only catch is that it can’t be that thing you usually surprise her with; this has to be something different. Do something, buy something, make something, or say something. Get creative, think big, think small — just think. And then come back here and share with us what did.”

Does it get any better than that?  Someone telling my hubby to do something nice for little, ‘ol me? 

And, guess what?  He did.
That works for me.   Share this little tip with your hubby.  You’ll be glad you did!  Go see what works for everyone else at Works for Me Wednesday.
Oh, and don’t forget to leave a comment so you can be entered to win this:
Yes, I am not holding back this week.  Only the best for you.  This is exactly what the griller in your life needs because this handy tool belt holds all the grilling necessities.  
It will change his life or at least the steak he’s cooking. 

Leave a comment by Wednesday night at 10 pm (CST) and I’ll announce the lucky winner on Thursday.

Congrats to FavAunt (email) on winning the giant Remote Control!


  1. 3

    Favaunt says

    I won, I won. Yippeeee-iiiiiii-ayyyyye. Who could ever live without a gigantic, universal remote control. I have to tell you, though, my oldest has been dying for us to get one. He just mentioned the other day how awesome life would be. Are guys born knowing about remotes? Thank you, my clan of men appreciate it.

  2. 4

    Amanda Perko says

    What a great link. I’ll forward it to my guy too. He can always use encouragement in the areas mentioned. Thanks for the tip!

  3. 5


    iamHusband sounds like a great blog. I’m not sure my husband will read it though. He’s not into reading much on the computer unless it has to do with hunting or fishing. But ya never know, I can only try!

  4. 6


    How funny…my future bro in law..would love this belt!

    Where’d you get it again?

    Great post as usual…go leave me a comment! I’m due for a “tycoon” one as of late, you know it’s good for press and all! wink wink!!!

  5. 7


    Mmmm, the perfect thing for a man and summertime: grilling tools! And I’ll get to enjoy not only his joy at receiving the gift, but also the tasty steak. Something for everyone today. Thanks! And I will definitely check out that blog, ’cause it looks great.

  6. 13


    That looks like a great website. My husband rarely uses the computer, but I’m going to send it his way anyhow.

    I just bought For Women Only, and I can’t wait to start reading it. I got the discussion guide, too. You aren’t the first person who has told me that it changed her marriage.

  7. 15


    Heading over to the site after leaving this comment… it sounds great! There’s a ton of sites focused on wives… it’s refreshing to hear of a good one for support of husbands too.

    What a great idea… hubby would love it for his birthday… or our anniversary??!! :o)

    I just found your site and I’ll definitely be stopping by more often!

  8. 19


    I love the idea of a husband blog, and as much as I would love it if my husband would read it, I know he never would. He just isn’t into books about marriage or fatherhood. He just does his thing. He’s good at buying me stuff, usually it’s the Victoria’s Secret kind of stuff (I joke with him that they’re really gifts for him), but I appreciate it nonetheless.

    Great post.

  9. 20


    OMGosh-I just found your blog and I could read for HOURS! I have a feeling our families would get alone just fine, lol.
    The belt is too fun and THAT Wednesday Photo ROCKS!
    Thanks so much for the laugh!

  10. 22


    Oh, wow!!! My hubby would LOVE this. He would look sexy in it too as he was grilling me one of his famous ribeyes. Dangit! Now I’m hungry. The sun is barely up and I’m already hungry for his cooking.

  11. 23


    thanks for the man blog! the picture of the diaper covered family is too funny! or are those pull ups?
    Anyway .. awesome grill accessories!!
    This has been a fun blog week!

  12. 25


    What a great Manly-Man gift! My hubby would love this…his idea of a complete outfit always has something to do with a belt worn around his waist with “trinkets” dangling ~ tools, grilling accessories, whatever! LOL. Loved the Husband site (they can all use a little help in the wife lovin’ dept!)

  13. 26


    Since my husband has yet to be bought a Father’s Day gift, this would be perfect….even if it is a few days late. Grilling is his thing, and he would look so cute (er, macho, I mean) with it on!!

    sarahw56 @ gmail . com
    is my email, but i iwll check back to see WHEN I win it (faith!!!!!)

  14. 30


    Would it be too obvious if I put that link in his Father’s day card? I can’t complain, my husband is stupendous in the taking care of me area, it’s more romance he needs help on!Thanks for the great link.

  15. 31

    Nicole says

    I’m lovin the giant belt!

    And I can’t wait to go check out the hubby blog. I am always trying to find a blog mine would like so he can enjoy the obsession, I mean passtime, of blog-hoppin’.



  16. 37


    Most men should be reading that blog! My DH needs help in that dept., though he’d be crushed to know I think that..

    This is my first visit to your site and I like your style!

  17. 38


    Unfortunately my husband will not read blogs, so there’s no hope that he will read that one, even though it sounds like a great one.

  18. 39

    Growin' with it says

    how funny, i immediately assumed it was a utility belt for t-o-o-l-s! oh my hubby would LOVE one of these!

  19. 48


    I am definitely going to check that blog out. My husband just doesn’t think that way, and I KNOW he won’t read a blog, so I can just him stuff I think he needs to know! Whether it does any good or not? We’ll see.

    And I would LOVE that belt!!!!!!


  20. 49


    My husband is addicted to the “Stuff Christians Like” blog. I bet he would like the iAmHusband blog too.

    How perfect is the grilling utility belt. Hubby could have used that last night!

  21. 50


    Sounds like a great blog. I’ll have to check it out. Better yet, I’ll have to tell my hubby to check it out. Thanks for the info!

  22. 52


    great idea-I will have my hubby check it out. Maybe he will secretly go there and do all the things your husband suggests.
    That would be great.
    Thanks for doing all the giveawys. That is a true blogger. You should pick me cause I have yet bought my dear old hubby anything. This would be perfect, even if he only saw the picture of it!

  23. 54


    With only 17 minutes to go, here is my last minute entry! Gotta say that I love what you are giving away. How creative. It would make a great belated father’s day gift. Thanks a lot.

  24. 55


    This is the best tip I have received all week, and I just read it on Father’s Day to boot! Another great book that changed my marriage (along with Shaunti’s) was Sacred Influence by Gary Thomas. I am a different and thousand times better wife for reading it. Thanks so much for passing this site along.

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