MEN’S WEEK: My Hubby’s Favorite Blog + Giveaway!

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Since this is Man’s Week here at THAT family (I just want to grunt every time I type that), I thought I’d share a tip and tell you my hubby’s favorite blog.  
Other than mine.
The blog is written for husband’s and is aptly called, iAMHUSBAND. I must admit, I subscribe too.
The insightful author has dedicated his blog to helping husbands be better husbands.  He encourages and challenges hubby’s to take their wives on date nights, starve their eyes from lusting after other women, help their wives through bad days and surprising them with trinkets or something special.

Now we’re talking.
He also gives ideas for dates, advice, and encourages men to read the latest and best books on marriage.  Like For Men Only by Shaunti Feldhahn.  
I read For Women Only two years ago and it changed my marriage.  I’ll be sharing about that later this week.
This was a post from last week on iAMHUSBAND

“You have twenty-four hours to surprise your wife with something nice. The only catch is that it can’t be that thing you usually surprise her with; this has to be something different. Do something, buy something, make something, or say something. Get creative, think big, think small — just think. And then come back here and share with us what did.”

Does it get any better than that?  Someone telling my hubby to do something nice for little, ‘ol me? 

And, guess what?  He did.
That works for me.   Share this little tip with your hubby.  You’ll be glad you did!  Go see what works for everyone else at Works for Me Wednesday.
Oh, and don’t forget to leave a comment so you can be entered to win this:
Yes, I am not holding back this week.  Only the best for you.  This is exactly what the griller in your life needs because this handy tool belt holds all the grilling necessities.  
It will change his life or at least the steak he’s cooking. 

Leave a comment by Wednesday night at 10 pm (CST) and I’ll announce the lucky winner on Thursday.

Congrats to FavAunt (email) on winning the giant Remote Control!

Men’s Week: Men & Mom Blogs

I am a mom.

This is a mom blog.
I write about my good days filled with amber-colored sweet tea and sniffin’ the necks of my yummy kids.
I write about my bad days filled with super glue, Taco Bell and The Heimlich Maneuver.  
I post about my feelings and fears, my vanities and victories.
You understand; because you are a mom.
Or are you?
I assume, as I type furiously in my pajamas, at my laptop, that my readers are women. 
I mean, I know there are occasional male readers.  Who else would leave the toilet seat up?
But seriously, every once in awhile when I write about moaning over Strawberry Shortcake or post pictures of my rear view, it dawns on me after the fact (like weeks later) that men might be reading what was intended well, really, for women.  
And then, I feel weird.
Don’t get me wrong.  I like men.  Especially, the one who is sitting next to me, reading over my shoulder.  I value his opinion and he reads just about everything I write.  He likes me. He’s nice that way.
But I’ve heard through the grapevine, that some of the men in my extended life think my blog is too personal.
Probably.  But don’t we (women) want it that way?
Even my own sweet hubby, had second thoughts about me posting this.  But I’m so glad I did. Why?  Because you encouraged me and helped me through a difficult time.
And so, here’s the crux, do you write with all this in mind and not say all you’re thinking or just let it all hang out?  Well.  I’m not exactly a ‘let all hang out kind of girl, but you know what I mean.
Not to mention, there are some great dad blogs out there.  Do a lot of men comment on your blog?  Do you visit dad blogs?
Help me, oh, my dear internet friends.  We’re focusing on men this week and I need a woman’s view!
By the way, in celebration of MEN’S WEEK, I’m giving away a much-needed item for the man in your life, every day this week!  Yahooooooo!
This is up for grabs.  What man wouldn’t want a giant universal remote control?  I’ll choose a random number from the comments and close this little giveaway down around  10 pm (CST).
Men’s Cookbook Winner:  P.S. He Loves You. Congrats, girl!  (Email me your address and I’ll mail it tomorrow)

Father Knows Best-Giveaway!

Father’s Day is on Sunday.

Yeah, you better do something about that.  Soon.
In honor of father’s, I’ve deemed this Men’s Week on the blog.
So, we’re going to talk men everyday this week.  About them.
Why? Just because we can.  M’kay?
Now, ladies, I landed me a good one almost 14 years ago.  He’s not perfect, but perfectly created for me. We are the kind of couple who enjoy spending a lot of time together, I guess because we were best friends in college.  
We don’t really like to go our separate ways on the weekend and we wear matching shirts.  Oh, I kid on the shirt thing.  (Although I could dig up a picture of us in matching sweaters, if I wanted to.  But, my hubby draws the line on some things and that’s one of them).
The things I love about him?
He encourages me to be myself and lets me think I’m getting my way on important matters.  He works hard every day and cares deeply.  
His love for his children defines him. He was created to be their Dad. He is the fun parent and leads his children by example.
And, he appreciates my deep love for sweet tea.  I, mean, really, what more could I ask for?
He can cook too.  
Growing up, when my Mom would leave my Dad in charge of dinner, we knew what we’d be eating.  He called it SOS. (As in _____ on a shingle). I’ll just let you figure out that one.  It was actually quite yummy, but not exactly eye candy?  I’m just saying.
So, marrying a man who knew his way around the kitchen and enjoyed it, was a pleasant surprise.  He even asked for Rachel Ray’s latest cookbook for his birthday last year.  
But I know, there may be more men out there like my Dad, serving up SOS on those girl’s nights out, than like my hubby, preparing something I can’t even pronounce.
I found something to solve that problem.  It’s a cookbook called A Man, A Can, A Plan.  I bought it for the title, but there are some great recipes in there!
This cookbook just cracks me up.
Leave a comment and tell me something you love about your hubby/dad/male pet and you could win this fabulous cookbook in time for Father’s Day!  Please only leave one comment and this little contest will end Monday night at 10 pm (CST time).  
Oh, and I have a “My hubby drives me nuts when he does this. . . ” list, too.  
Just so ya know.  Yeah, we’re not that cute.

The Prickly Places

The community we live in has hundreds of walking paths. We take family walks and bike rides every week.
This is our favorite time of year to enjoy the pathways.
Because there are blackberries. Everywhere.
We are berry pickers.
There’s just something about picking fruit from a tree and eating it right there.
“They taste yummier if they haven’t been washed off and if our hands are dirty,” according to my kids.
Plus, the berries are free and I’m all about free.

And you can usually hear me say about 173 times, “Watch out for snakes. Please, watch out for snakes!” Because snakes like berries, almost as much as we do.
To get to the biggest and sweetest blackberries, you must fight your way through some nasty thorns. The best berries are usually deep within the bush. You can’t wear gloves and grab the berries, so we end up with little thorns in our hands and legs.
And, those thorns hurt! Many times, before we can even enjoy the fruit, we have to remove the thorns.
To read the rest of the story, visit the Internet Cafe Devotions.

DIYP-Fabric Frame

I love home decor.

I love garage sales.
Put them together?  Yeah, my idea of a good day.  Know what I mean?
Some of my favorite things came from garage sales.  Scratch that.
Make that most of my favorite things.
My fireplace and mantle are the focal point in my living room.  I needed something dramatic to make a statement above the mantel.  There’s even a little spotlight flood lamp there.  It’s begging for something grand to be on display.
And I found it.  At a garage sale.
It was broken.  And perfect.
I stumbled upon this giant wooden frame.  The owners explained it had a mirror in it at one time and it came with their dresser.  The mirror was broken and they were selling it.
It spoke to me.  That and the price.  $20!
I drug the heavy piece home and convinced my hubby I had great plans for that piece.  He didn’t say a word.  Smart guy.
At a craft store later, it occurred to me that it would look stunning with a tapestry instead of a mirror.
I dug thru the discount bin and found a large scrap of expensive tapestry. I paid around $8 (a steal for the high-end fabric).
And the rest was entirely too easy.  I just used my handy-dandy staple gun and left about a 1/2 border.  I pulled it tight.
My hubby added the wire hanger and that was it!  
So, the next time you’re driving past a garage sale and an old frame or broken mirror catches your attention.  Go back.
Because it might just become your favorite thing!

Sincerely ‘Fro Me to You-The Nose Knows

*UPDATE*  Our Flashback Atari Winner is Land of Lovings (#7) on Mr. Linky.  (Email me your address and I’ll get it in the mail to you!) Thanks everyone for playing along.  And if you are really bummed, visit to play all the old Atari games.  My hubby’s been playing Pitfall for hours.  Thanks to reader Rachel who told us about it.  Her hubby created it!

I’m so excited about this week’s Sincerely ‘Fro Me to You Carnival.  To participate, please check out the guidelines here.  

This week, I’m offering an awesome giveaway just to the Linky participants.  I will randomly draw one participant who links up to win a . . . . Flashback Atari! (Someone decided to remake these and sell them, again! And I bought one to giveaway!) It’s the game console, two controllers and about 40 games. 
Did you just have a flashback? 
I hope so.  I sure did when I stumbled upon this blast from the past game system.  (I had to hide it from my hubby and convince him he really liked our Wii better).
So, in honor of my hubby’s great love for Atari, the beginning of video game greatness, this post is sincerely ‘fro me about him, m’kay?
My hubby told me this story the other day.  Something our second grade daughter said triggered the memory.  It’s probably the single most hilarious story he has ever told me and definitely the grossest.  
Ain’t he cute?  
So, prepare yourself. Do not sip your morning coffee while reading this, the spewing will ruin your laptop.  You’ve been warned.
When my hubby was in the second grade, his class lined up for a bathroom break.  The boys were lined up on one side of the hall, the girls on the other.
One of the girls came running out of the bathroom, yelling the teacher’s name, saying, “Somebody wrote *Sara’s name on the bathroom wall . . . with Doo Doo!”
As the boys stood along the wall, in shock, the teacher went into the bathroom and confirmed the unique grafitti.  She asked, “Who did this?”
No one said a word.
She returned all the students to the classroom and asked each girl to step out into the hall with her, one at a time.
At this point in my hubby’s story, I am sitting on the edge of my seat.  “What’d she do?” I begged to know.  I, mean, I’m totally grossed out, just like you are, right now, but I had to know.
[This where you make the choice to continue reading or go ahead and link up your post.  Trust me, stay, it’s worth it.]
Do you know what that teacher did?  In my opinion, she should have won Teacher of the Year or been fired.  I can’t  decide which one.
She smelled each of their hands until she found the culprit.
Oh, yes, she did.
Because even with soap and water, some smells linger.
That was one smart and courageous teacher, don’t ya think?
*Leslie was sent to the principal’s office.
*names have been changed because, OMG my hubby’s 20 year reunion is next year!
I will be closing down Mr. Linky late Wednesday night.  I’ll draw a winner after that and announce it.

The Best and Worst of Summer

Summer is here.  Like it.  Or not.

I do like it.  A lot. 
My son asked me last night, when Daddy’s summer break starts.  
A question he ponders every day.
I made a list of the best things about summer:
  • The kids are out of school
  • There’s a new routine of no routine
  • There’s the swimming
  • The sunny days
  • The traveling
  • The sibling togetherness
  • The free time
  • The family memories
  • Trying to grow tomatoes
  • Visits to the Library
  • Outdoor fun
I racked my brain and came up with another list.
The worst things about summer:
  • The kids are out of school
  • There’s a new routine of no routine
  • There’s the swimming
  • The sunny days
  • The traveling
  • The sibling togetherness
  • The free time
  • The family memories
  • Trying to grow tomatoes
  • Visits to the Library
  • Outdoor fun
What about you?  What’s on your list?