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Okay, I’m done counting!  Whew!  Quite the workout.  The Tinkerbell Mix Max goes to D!  And the SpongeBob set goes to Shane!

Congratulations. Look for an email from me.
I don’t know how my parents did it.
Our summer vacations were dominated by road trips.  
One of my first memories is of a very long car ride to Disney World, back in the 1970’s.  It must have been in the winter because our little Ford Pinto didn’t have a heater and we kept warm with quilts. 
That worked out great until my twin sister and I decided to ‘play horsey’ with our older brother. We used his belt for the reigns.  
Around his neck.  Great fun, until he puked chocolate milk.  All over the blankets. That were keeping us warm.  My next memories are of a cold car ride to Disney World.
Because we entertained ourselves.
Not something my kids excel at on our road trips these days. We’ve got the whole audiovisual thing going on in our minivan and a plethora of travel paraphernalia. 
And I’m not about to change it. Because I like progression.
Call me a sissy.  A weenie.  Just don’t take it away. M’kay?
And because my Momma taught me to play nice and share, I want your last traveling summer getaway or trip to Wal Mart to go well.
I’m giving away TWO amazing prizes at a $100 value each!
I will choose two random winners.  One will receive a brand new Disney MixMax Video MP3 Digital Media Player.  Tinkerbell edition.  It holds 240 songs and plays 16 hours of video.  It’s rechargeable and comes with software, earbuds, and a wrist strap! Value $100. Perfect for those long car rides!
The other random winner will receive two $50 prizes, for a total value of $100.  Both of these items are brand new and made by Npower’s Nickelodeon line, Sponge Bob edition:  A digital music player (MP3) that holds 250 songs, comes with software, ear buds and is rechargeable AND a flash digital camera that holds approx. 79 photos.  It has sound effects, an LCD screen, software, adhesive skins, a wrist strap, cables and much more! Perfect for busy hands on a road trip. US shipping only.
So, leave a comment (ONE, Please) with your choice (tinkerbell or sponge bob) and you can get double entries if you add this button to your blog (because I’m not above bribery) or subscribe to my feed (let me know in your comment if you do this or already have):
Subscribe in a reader andGrab the button for your blog!

This giveaway will close on Friday morning 9 am (CST)


  1. 751


    I’ve never been to disney world, but we did just make a trip down to Florida last week (with weather and traffic 15 hrs!) My DVD portable player died before our movie finished! That 16 hr tinkerbell sounds fantastic. Plus I’m adding your button to my blog now. Thanks!

  2. 752


    Oh my goodness you have brought the flood of memories through my mind. Children today do not know what they are missing out on. I remember one particular trip to Yellowstone in the back of a pick up truck (from the midwest), it had a camper on it, but it was super hot, I remember knocking on the window (no cell phones back then) to stop to go to the bathroom. lol. One particular day it was so hot and we were traveling through Colorado. I begged my mom and dad to stop so I could dip into the river. I will never forget how cold that water was. Thanks for the walk through my past. :) April

  3. 759


    I haven’t been to Disney since I was in High School!! I can’t wait till the girls are old enough to go on the rides!!!

    I’d love the tinkerbell, but either would be awesome! Thank you for the opportunity!

  4. 760


    I have a 4 year old and 1 year. About 4 times a year I drive to Williamsburg, VA to visit my parents (who retired there 3 years ago). I have to admit that I have not yet broken down and bought any car entertaiment yet despite it getting more and more difficult. My 4 year old have reverted to asking me what town we are in as a way to occupy his time. This would be a welcome change on our 7 1/2 hour trips. So does it really matter whether its Tinker Bell or SpongeBob, as long as it’s something!

  5. 762


    Wow this is so intimidating! I subscribed to you via Bloglines! Thanks for the comment, and i kind of prefer spongebob…what happened to my childhood? *sigh*

  6. 768

    Monique says

    Wow what can memories do but make you lol. I remember as a kid mom/dad telling my sis and me to get in the car and just keep quiet. Where are we going is all I remember asking and they would reply….just for a ride. the trip seemed to take forever but at the end we were at Mickey’s house. Oh we were so excited. The lines were long but the wait was worth it I felt. I was all hyped to do It’s a Small Worls when out of the blue my little sister got sick and we ended up having to go home with the promise of going back. It never happened as we were transfered to Hawaii because of the Navy but Sea Life Park helped to ease the pain of no more Mickey Mouse. Road trips were so much fun when you did’nt know where you were going most times.

  7. 775


    Choice would be the Tinkerbell item.

    We did the Disney trip when I was 8, except we were in a tiny 2 door Honda. It was miserable! My older brother made me nap on the floor (over the hump in the middle)!

  8. 777


    Whoops, sorry. I forgot to tell you that I subscribed to your feed as well, so please give me an extra chance…woo hoo!


  9. 779


    Great giveaway – I’d love to win the tinkerbell prize!

    We drove to disney when I was 5 – no portable dvd players, no headphones, no anything except a dufflebag full of barbie dolls and coloring books!


  10. 782

    Anonymous says

    We always went to my Grandma’s house in South Carolina. She lived on a farm and I loved just “living” outdoors, feeding the animals, picking fresh tomatoes from the vines :)Good memories….


  11. 783


    We’re going on a road trip in November with a 3 year old, a 2 year old and a 1 year old … Lord help us! The SpongeBob stuff would be FANTASTIC!


  12. 784


    Oh. My. We spend hours and hours and hours driving to doctors and hospitals for our littlest brother.

    My nine year old is bored out of her gourd through out all of this. But because she loves her little brother, she never complains.

    The TINK would be such a welcome gift!

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  13. 792


    Hey Kristen! Would love to be in the bucket of entries! Love the tinkerbell one! Perfect for my girls…or their mom….whatever! :)

  14. 793


    Ah, gee spongebob…. I really need this spongbob set.

    Great contest. I am so looking forward to your sizzling summer party too…. ( you are up on my side bar)

    Really great contest….did I mention that?

  15. 795

    Tiffany Rosson says

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

    I would love to have the Tinkerbell set.

    Tiffany Ann Rosson at yahoo dot com

  16. 796

    Judy says

    Oh WOW – check YOU out! Congrats on having a successful carnie!

    We’re all about Spongebob here, so enter us for that! And, I’m adding you to my feedreader!

  17. 808

    Kelly Bryan says

    I would love the Tinkerbell one…Neat! I also wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading your blog and how many times you have had me rolling from laughing so hard!
    What a blessing or children are!
    Kelly Bryan

  18. 815



    I’m newbie to blogging so the giveaways are especially exciting for me! I have subscribed to your feed through yahoo…that means I get double entries right?? I prefer Tinkerbell (as I have a daughter), but she likes Spongebob too! Thanks!

  19. 818


    Oh, I so want to win the Tinkerbell one for myself. My children always get everything and I never do. Plus, Tinkerbell has been my favorite Disney character since I was a child. Thank-you for the contest

  20. 827


    I have 2 boys, so no Tinkerbell please, we LOVE SpongeBob! Thanks for the opportunity! Oh yeah, I’m subscribed to your RSS feed, I have you right in front of me everyday on my Yahoo Reader. I love it!!!

  21. 830


    Wonderful! My granddaughter just had her 4th birthday, a Tinkerbell party, too! She also wears her Tinkerbell outfit. She loves Tinkerbell, because “She starts the movies for us!”.

    Enter me for the Tinkerbell one!

  22. 842


    What great prizes!

    Tinkerbell, please. My son is getting married next month and I’ll be “inheriting” a new granddaughter who would go nuts over this–and make getting to know me a little easier. :)

    You can contact me through my blog.

  23. 846

    Marilyn says

    Love the Tinkerbell player!
    I remember many car rides like you described (maybe minus the brother but with the puke, ugh).
    This contest is great, thanks.

    I’ve got 4 grandsons so the Spongebob is cool, too.

    marilynnj at mail dot com

  24. 853

    **Marilyn** says

    tinkerbell please. well. with 3 young girls I really don’t dare introduce Bob SP into the mix. LOL.

    I’ll be adding ur link to my blog also.

  25. 855


    Lucky me . . I live only one hour and 15 minutes to the door of Cinderella’s castle . . not even a whole video ride. We would love the Tink one.

  26. 856


    Okay, I’ve subscribed to your feed and will be adding the button as soon as my blog allows me to (some internet problems I guess).

    My girls very much need their own digital camera, so if I’m chosen SpongeBob please. :)

  27. 862


    I choose Tinker Bell-please please. Ya know I never went on a family vacation and we have never had the money or time from work to do it with our children. how sad and pathetic are we?

    I added your button to my blog :)

  28. 873

    Hosehead says

    Cool giveaway! I’d choose Tinkerbell for my girls! Also, I’m already a subscriber!! :o)

    Thanks for offering it!

  29. 883


    My Jilly is a fiend for anything Sponge Bob. She would have loved these items on our last trip into the city. Thanks for the chance to win.

  30. 884


    I would take either. Tink would go to my niece or Sponge Bob would go to my nephew (although my niece would take SB, too). Either of these would be great since we’re going to go to Disney World in March. Two days in the car….

  31. 887


    I like Tink! I actually don’t have your button but I put you on my blog roll if that counts for something. I enjoy your blog!

  32. 891


    My favorite memory was a summer road trip where we packed up everyone and headed to Washington, DC. It was the year before I went away to college and it was like my last outing with my family. Thanks for a fabulous giveaway

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