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Okay, I’m done counting!  Whew!  Quite the workout.  The Tinkerbell Mix Max goes to D!  And the SpongeBob set goes to Shane!

Congratulations. Look for an email from me.
I don’t know how my parents did it.
Our summer vacations were dominated by road trips.  
One of my first memories is of a very long car ride to Disney World, back in the 1970’s.  It must have been in the winter because our little Ford Pinto didn’t have a heater and we kept warm with quilts. 
That worked out great until my twin sister and I decided to ‘play horsey’ with our older brother. We used his belt for the reigns.  
Around his neck.  Great fun, until he puked chocolate milk.  All over the blankets. That were keeping us warm.  My next memories are of a cold car ride to Disney World.
Because we entertained ourselves.
Not something my kids excel at on our road trips these days. We’ve got the whole audiovisual thing going on in our minivan and a plethora of travel paraphernalia. 
And I’m not about to change it. Because I like progression.
Call me a sissy.  A weenie.  Just don’t take it away. M’kay?
And because my Momma taught me to play nice and share, I want your last traveling summer getaway or trip to Wal Mart to go well.
I’m giving away TWO amazing prizes at a $100 value each!
I will choose two random winners.  One will receive a brand new Disney MixMax Video MP3 Digital Media Player.  Tinkerbell edition.  It holds 240 songs and plays 16 hours of video.  It’s rechargeable and comes with software, earbuds, and a wrist strap! Value $100. Perfect for those long car rides!
The other random winner will receive two $50 prizes, for a total value of $100.  Both of these items are brand new and made by Npower’s Nickelodeon line, Sponge Bob edition:  A digital music player (MP3) that holds 250 songs, comes with software, ear buds and is rechargeable AND a flash digital camera that holds approx. 79 photos.  It has sound effects, an LCD screen, software, adhesive skins, a wrist strap, cables and much more! Perfect for busy hands on a road trip. US shipping only.
So, leave a comment (ONE, Please) with your choice (tinkerbell or sponge bob) and you can get double entries if you add this button to your blog (because I’m not above bribery) or subscribe to my feed (let me know in your comment if you do this or already have):
Subscribe in a reader andGrab the button for your blog!

This giveaway will close on Friday morning 9 am (CST)


  1. 1051

    Cat says

    Oh, what a wonderful giveaway! Your’re right, it would make that next vacation a little easier. We just did a 3800 mile trip recently (me and 4 kids 7 years down to 4 months) and it was definitely interesting!

  2. 1053

    Tiffany Hulbert says

    We moved to Texas from the midwest a couple years ago, so we are now making a few road trips a year to visit family……and now we are listening to our kids say “Are we there yet??” – and, now I appreciate my parents even more! Thank you for this wonderful giveaway and keep blogging!


  3. 1055


    My most “interesting” memory of a family trip? The year we went from IL to the UP of Michigan. Long enough trip with 3 kids and a baby. Then add the fact that my dad made a wrong turn somewhere and we almost ended up in Canada. Yeah. Really. That was the trip from heck.

    I’d like to win the Tinkerbell, please. With 5 kids myself it would definitely come in handy.

    I also subscribed via Feedburner and added your link to my site at

    Feel free to take a cruise by my site to enter my giveaway. (IF I win, please e-mail me at Heather @ (same e-mail I subscribed with), as my gmail is usually overrun with misc. e-mail.

    Thanks for this opportunity!!

  4. 1062


    Tinkerbell for my daughter and this would be so great for her, we’re driving from NJ to Fl in a couple months and this would work well in the car.


  5. 1069


    With four (three boys and a girl) either one would work. My boys are beyond “if it is pink or girly they wont touch it” and well, even though we “don’t do sponge bob here” that looks pretty tame (and who knows, it could be his twin brother who doesn’t have a show).
    thanks for doing this.
    Happy day.

  6. 1073 says

    My daughter loves Tinkerbell…she will only wear undies if they have Tink on them! Every time she sees earrings in a store, she informs me that she is looking for tinkerbell earrings — typical two-year old I guess!

  7. 1074


    Tink or Bob I’d take either one. :)

    Thanks for the chance and bringing back my memories of my trip to
    Disneyland when I was 10 in a Datsun stationwagon with no air conditioning! ha.

  8. 1087


    I’d have to go with Spongebob, since I have 2 kids and this has 2 prizes in it they can share. We just made our first longer road trip this past weekend with them and it went pretty well. Only 2-3 “are we there yet?”

  9. 1093


    You have a LOT of reading to do if you read every comment…what a fun response to your giveaway. I would chose the SpongeBob gift. My 5 year old daughter would LOVE her very own camera. That would save my cell phone battery a LOT! Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. 1096

    Anonymous says

    We took our oldest to the beach for the first time when she was 22 months old. She was so scared to touch the water because of the waves swooshing in. It was cloudy too but we still had a blast. She kept saying eww water is dirty.

    Tinkerbell we love.

  11. 1099

    Anonymous says

    Tinkerbell would be terrific!!!
    Much Thanks…Bob would be second best!! ~Connie
    cmhesh at yahoo dot com

  12. 1102

    Judy P says

    My choice, if I win, has to be SpongeBob because I have 4 boys! Thanks for the giveaways.


  13. 1106


    We make a trip every year to the folks, one day ALL day in the car with two very active boys proves to be a very LONG car ride. Thank god for portable dvd players or I would be admitted to the insane asylum. I dont know how my parents managed car rides with seven. I’d have been committed

  14. 1109 says

    TINK for me
    my little girl would love the tink. Either of these would be great for a trip though! my little boy just saw the sponge bob and said he needed that…

  15. 1114

    Anonymous says

    Oh gosh either would be great for the grandkids so personally I like the Sponge Bob.
    wesgonnawin06 at yahoo dot com

  16. 1115


    What a great giveaway! I know what you mean about road trips the old way and the conveniences we have now sure make it a lot easier. I would want the Sponge Bob if I am chosen.
    guysrose at aol dot com

  17. 1124


    Tinkerbell is perfect. My daughter loves her and she loves her music, especially in the car. That way she doesn’t have to listen to mine (because “we don’t have the same tastes and style Mom…”_ .

  18. 1128


    This is so wonderfully generous of you!! I hope to win Tinkerbell. I also put your button on my sidebar and I added you to my reader!!!!! Thanks so much!

  19. 1132


    I’d pick the Sponge Bob edition for my daughter. She would be so thrilled to have this..especially on those ‘boring’ car trips!

  20. 1135


    Ooooo…Tinkerbell please! Anything to keep the kiddos entertained in the car.

    Thanks for offering it!

    princesslimey (at) gmail (dot) com

  21. 1140


    Even at 19, my daughter is a tinkerbell fanatic. She even has her car pimped out in tink gear. If I win, I’d have to put in for tinkerbell or I’d never be forgiven.

  22. 1141


    I would pick the Tinkerbell themed MP3 player. I would like to win one so that I can load it up with great music I could enjoy while doing various graphics projects on the computer. Listening to my favorite songs would make my workdays even more enjoyable.

    Thank you for this great giveaway.

  23. 1142


    Love the Tink for my daughter! Too bad I didn’t already have it for our 10 hour drive this summer!!! :) I subscribed.

  24. 1147


    My favorite new top has Tinkerbell,I’m a zillion years to old to be wearing Tinkerbell. You guessed it I’m choosing Tinkerbell and to feel young at heart.

  25. 1148


    Tinkerbell is my favorite disney character even though mickey and I have the same birthdate. I sure could use this prize for our 2500 round trip,We will be driving from florida to Ohio and back to florida to take grandsons home, and be there for daughters wedding on August 23, and birth of our son’s first child September 7, and neices wedding September 13, so maybe if I’m lucky this prize will be traveling with me to be a great trip saver with 4 kids in the car ranging in ages 16, 12, 12, 7 Thank you for the chance to be a winner.

  26. 1155


    I never got to make the trip to disney land but I love sponge bob so I can take my son to disney land and I am adding your button to my page sweetlittlemama

  27. 1157

    Tonya Williams says

    I would love to win the Disney MixMax Tinkerbell edition video MP3.I would give this to my niece for Christmas.
    Fins2thrite at aol dot com

  28. 1169


    I would have to pick Tinkerbell for my daughter. She is pretty good in the car but is starting to get bored so this would come in handy.

  29. 1171


    Boy I am just getting in under the wire. It is 8:35 central time. So many great blogs to read, I forget I came here to try and win great prizes from wonderful people. My daughter would love the Tinkerbell MP3 player. She loves anything Tinkerbell.
    Thanks so much.

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