I Feel Like A Woman*GiVeaWay!

*UPDATE*  We have a winner! Look who’s getting a new apron!  Congratulations to Mom of Two Princesses!

I am 35 years old.

I have been married for nearly 15 years.
I have birthed three children.
And I have never felt more like a woman, than I do, right now:
Standing in my kitchen, wearing my first apron.
A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about my cooking skills.  It was a short post.
At the same time, I was answering a meme from Happy Mommy about cooking.
Because I’m a smart cookie.
I mentioned that I did not own an apron.  Even as I typed this, I flinched.  Because I knew the Apron Queen might read the post.
And thankfully, she did.
Do you know what she did?  She sent a rick-rack attack over to my little Texas home!  She sent me my first apron.  And she sent both of my daughters, their first apron.
There was a lot of squealing in the kitchen that day.
But once we sent my hubby and son outside, they stopped the racket.
The day the apron arrived, we had just returned from my in-laws farm.  My counters overflowed with fresh garden produce my mother-in-law shared.  As I chopped and grated, I felt very feminine.
Who knew an apron could make dinner taste so yummy?  
I have always thought aprons were for gourmet-cooking women.  But even as I opened a can of Chef Boy-are-dee last night, I felt glamourous. 
Our aprons hang on a hook in the kitchen and my little girls love to tie them on.
The Apron Queen is generously offering to make one of my lucky readers feel like a woman too, today with an apron giveaway!
Go, look around at her wonderful store, come back here and leave one comment (please) about which apron would get you in the mood to heat up the kitchen.  The random number generator will choose a lucky winner.  Comments close Tuesday at 10 p.m. (CST). This is a $35 value!
Many of you were shocked that I didn’t own an apron.  Now, that I do, I think it’s a little weird too, since I love old things. So, if you have an apron, take a picture of it or of you in it, and I’ll throw up a Mr. Linky, so we can have a little impromptu apron party today!
Here, we will go first!


  1. 1


    That picture is precious! I don’t own an apron and I think my husband would laugh at me if he saw me wearing one. Maybe if I wore one though it would improve my cooking skills. The Lord knows I need all the help I can get!

    I LOVE the sunny side up bib apron. I am thinking about buying a couple for Christmas gifts too. So cute and so afordable.

  2. 7


    I dont have any aprons which is really a shame seeing as how I need them, I cant seem to cook and not get something on me.

    I love those photos of you and your girls! They are just darling. I hope AQ puts them up on her site.

    If I were to buy an apron, I think Aunt Wandas Wonderful Vintage Apron would be just the one. Reminds me of my old Dutch aunts and how they used to cook and cook and cook. They had an endless supply of aprons that dated back to the first WW. Makes me wonder where all those aprons went?

    More than that though, I think my daughter Meg would look darling in it!

  3. 8


    I love aprons! I would like either the Pink Cadillac, the Polka Dot Momma, the Double Trouble, the Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, the Auntie Ferns’s, or Grandma Dorthy’s. It’s too late at night to make such an important decision and I like them all, so narrowing it down to 7 is pretty good. I should go with a full apron since my shirts bear the brunt of my messes.


  4. 9

    Nicole says

    Too cute, those aprons are!

    I don’t have an apron, but I have to say I love Bodacious Blue Bandanas Vintage Apron.


  5. 10


    Oh wow this is such a great giveaway! Its the first giveaway I actually really really want to win and maybe it will be my first:) I love The Pink Cadillac Vintage Apron so cute! I love how the towel is attatched!!!!

  6. 12


    You and your girls are so cute in your aprons!

    I love the cotton candy vintage floral apron. I have boys so I need some extra femininity around here! : ) Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  7. 13

    Hosehead says

    How to choose just one??!!!??? They are all so cute!! I love the Auntie Fern, Cotton Candy and the Double Trouble Floral Vintage Aprons! Great giveaway! Thanks for offering it!
    the4moyers at msn dot com

  8. 14


    I am not an apron wearing person but I know someone who would love one, my friend Julia. She has three already but I think she would love more. I think she would love the Cutie Patootie Vintage Apron. That is so cute I would love it to.

  9. 15

    Lisa Russell says

    I like the Lucy in the Sky, too. I didn’t see Pink Cadillac, I’m going to have to go back and check it out.

  10. 16


    I like the Sunnyside up and Polka Dot momma ones because they cover the upper half. I also love the princess fairy one and the red one, with the fluffy gingham layer, I forgot the name.
    All so fun!
    I have aprons but I am finding it hard to get a good photo of me in one!

  11. 17


    Hey anything would be better than the plain white one with the “Salad masters” logo on it!

    You gals are just so darn cute!

    I’ll link by Tuesday promise!!!

    You may even get a pix of the real me with it on!

  12. 18


    I don’t know what happened to my one and only apron.

    I adore the Grandma Penny’s Pink Pantaloon’s. I may just go ahead and order it anyway.

  13. 21


    I absolutely love the
    Cotton Candy Vintage Apron!! I would love to have a beautiful Apron from The Apron Queen!


    kenzkween at hotmail dot com

  14. 23


    Hi Kristen,
    I am #3 in Mr. Linky and I planned on posting a picture of me in my only apron, which is a leftover smock from when my sister used to work in a grocery store–ugh! Sorry, though, I just discovered that the batteries in my digital camera are dead and my recharger isn’t working…apparently it was on the floor during our recent flood and there’s no reviving it!

    Anyway, I LOVE the Terry Towel vintage aprons, especially The Pink Cadillac. The thought of an apron AND a towel is just too awesome.

    One of the desires of my husband’s heart is for me to always keep a hand towel in the kitchen and bathroom…because for some reason I hang them and they don’t consistently stay there. Seems every time I turn around they are being used to clean up one spill or another. So when my hubby washes up and goes to dry his hands…oops! I’m sure he would love it if I had a built-in towel around my waist. :)

    Thanks for the great contest!

  15. 25


    I like Grandma Virginia’s full apron.

    I love apron’s -especially full vintage ones. Problem is I have a few aprons – but rarely wear them. It’s usually b/c I have forgotten and finally remember when it’s too late and I already have spaghetti sauce splashed on my shirt!

  16. 26


    The only apron I own is an old denim Pampered Chef one from my saleswoman days.

    My favorites from the site are the Gem of a Vintage Apron, The Pink Cadillac Vintage Apron, and the Cotton Candy Vintage Apron.

  17. 27


    This is TOO hard! They’re all so cute! But I narrowed it down to three:
    ~ Mama Roo
    ~ Rooty Tooty Red Rose
    ~ Tea Party in the Rose Garden

  18. 28


    I love vintage aprons, but what I do not have is a Christmas one. I love all of those!

    I will have to take a pic of one of mine today!

  19. 35


    I own an apron but it’s a mans apron! It was my dad’s when they lived here before they moved to AL. It’s ugly and I am ashamed to take a picture in it…(gasp, oh the shock and horror)

    I love the Aunt Rosie’s Vintage Apron, very beautiful and feminine!

  20. 38

    Sonya says

    The Sunny Side Up apron is my favorite. I always manage to get something on my shirt so I need a full apron.

  21. 40


    Wild Woman in WildFlowers ( I can’t resist the name)
    Farmer’s alarm clock ( I think my mom had one similar to that when I was younger)

  22. 41


    I have one heavy denim bib apron.. I think thats the term for it. Too heavy for everyday unless we’re having spaghetti or something. haha. I LOOOVE the Cotton Candy apron. Pink is my favorite color. I’ll have to fight my daughter for it though! She loves pink too. : )

  23. 42


    I found your blog through Land of Lovings. I love your blog! I absolutely love getting in the kitchen and doing stuff–I never make it out without at least 20 suspicious looking stains all over. I absolutely love the Apron Queen’s aprons. What talent! I love the Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds apron the best, I think.

    Thanks for such a cheery blog!

  24. 44


    Waaahhhh! My hubby and my daughter have an apron… but alas I do not! So please, random generator, pick my number!!!

    I REALLY like Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

  25. 45


    I won a very nice apron with matching gloves last year. But the picture I posted is the only time I ever wore it. I’d never forgive myself if I actually spilled something on it!

  26. 46


    I like the Grandma Virginia’s Vintage apron because I need an apron with a bib! I’m very messy in the kitchen. In fact, I do own aprons, I have 4 of them, all black from when my daughters worked at various restaurants. Black hides the stains, but flour really shows up!

  27. 48


    So many cute aprons! I think I like the cotton candy one too!

    I posted my apron pic. This was my first party participation. So much fun!

  28. 49


    I love the full body aprons and those are hard to find! The Polka Dot Momma was my very favorite! How cute!

    Missy Hoohaw always refers to her apron as a cape. It never fails to crack me up.

  29. 53


    Wow, they’re all fabulous. I think I’d go with Pink Cadillac, because I am a MESSY cook, and having a dishtowel actually attached to my body seems like a brilliant, inspired idea. I did also love the Midnight Snack and the Sonny Yellow Apron to Cher.

  30. 55


    I haven’t owned an apron since I was a little girl, it seems odd that we lose sight of those things as we grow up and then find them again as adults.

    I love the Fairy Tale Princess apron, it’s so soft and feminine. It seems like it would make iceburg lettuce salad and extravagant event!

  31. 58

    Stacia says

    What a neat giveaway! I’ve never owned an apron, so I’m a prayin’! I love the Farmer’s Alarm Clock trio and also Say Fromage! I do love cheese! langston6atjuno.com

  32. 60


    Well, I don’t ever get to wear my lovely apron from Rick Rack Attack, because my daughter always steals it! I linked up the pictures of her wearing it instead me me. :)

    If I were to receive another one, I would would die to have any of the ones that cover both your top and bottom, or my fav, which has the large yellow roses on it. :)

  33. 61


    OMGosh – they’re all so cute! I don’t have an apron but I’ve been wanting one for a while now. I love the King Me, the Cotton Candy, Grandma Penny’s Pantaloons, the Mama Mia and the Polka Dot Momma. I couldn’t pick just one :)

    Thanks for the chance to win something awesome!!

  34. 62


    I have been wanting an apron for awhile now. All I have is a tailgate apron, which is fun for football games, but not very feminine. I loved the cotton candy vintage apron. I really, really hope I win. I’ve been pining for these aprons for awhile now.

  35. 66


    I don’t own one either and I’m 36! I love the cotton candy vintage floral – it’s PINK and would look so cute on while I make mac n cheese :)

  36. 67

    Manda says

    I really love the Polka Dot Momma apron. It reminds me of one my Gramma used to wear while preparing Thanksgiving dinners.

  37. 68


    How fun! I never owned an apron either. Several years ago my MIL made my girls and I winnie the pooh christmas aprons…they’ve since expired and I haven’t had another apron since…and I’m messy in the Kitchen.

    I loved the Cotton Candy and the all patched up!

  38. 70


    I actually don’t own an apron either! And I am really starting to think I need one after this adorable picture of you and your girls!!

    My favorite apron is the Polka Dot Momma one! I neeeed it!

  39. 71


    Pick me! Pick me! I love aprons!
    Oh wait… I’m the one giving away an apron. :)

    Just wanted to jump in & say WOW! Thank you so much Kristen for hosting the giveaway. What fun! And I love all the apron pics too. You & your girls are adorable!

    For your daily dose of vintage goodness & a bit of silliness, stop by Confessions of an Apron Queen

  40. 73


    The Gem of an apron would definitly heat up my kitchen! I’d love to add my name to mr. linky but I don’t own an apron unfortunatly. I am a new mom to a 4mth old boy and would love to one day make bake him something while wearing and apron and feeling like I’m a pro baker or at least his pro baker!

  41. 74


    Cousin Mabel’s Vintage Apron is just like the one my granny made when I was little, it got handed down to me and finally wore out a coupla years ago. Gotta have it.

  42. 76


    I would love an apron as I don’t have one either. I would love a full one as I tend to catch my shirt mostly. I would love the Grandma Virginia’s one on page 2 or 3 it is with the purple heart on the side. This is such a neat giveaway! :) Heather S.

  43. 77


    Oh how cute! And wearing an apron makes dinner taste good? Is that guaranteed? I may just have to start wearing one…LOL! Thanks. Fun post.

  44. 78

    Nancy says

    Oh, this brings back memories! My mom always wore an apron when I was a kid but I haven’t seen her in one in years. I noticed that not many people picked just one favorite. I was able to narrow it down to 3…Let’s Go Dutch (our town has a Dutch tulip festival every year), Polka Dot Momma, and Oodles of Orange Roses (love that flirty ruffle!). Thanks for this fun contest!

  45. 79


    Love them all! I do not have an apron. Never have, but if I had a cutie patootie, I’d be happy padappy. OK that was lame. THey are all cute, but the cutie patootie is my fave

  46. 80


    Great picture! I love vintage linens and have hankies, tea towels, and tablecloths. I think I shy away from aprons because I don’t want to “ruin” them! My favorite at Lisa’s shop right now is the PA Dutch apron with the green waistband.

  47. 82


    Those aprons are fantastic. I love the Cotton Candy one – so feminine and pretty. Great giveaway. If I don’t wink I think I’m going to have to order a few for my sisters and me!

    PS: I have a new URL – its http://ssmomof4.blogspot.com/

    Kim@Situationally Single Mom

  48. 83


    Classic! You have become converted into an apron wearing woman!
    I love the Fancy Smancy sewing apron, which also has some knitting needles and yarn on it. I love to knit and would be perfect for me!

  49. 84


    Aunt Wanda’s and Mama Roo’s aprons are my favorites. Too fun! I don’t own an apron either, but I love to cook and really should have one. Thanks for the chance!

  50. 86


    I, too, am an apron virgin. These are cute and I think I’d feel like June Cleaver, all perfect and prim and proper, wearing mine. I think my husband would think my bootie is cutie if I got the cutie patootie apron from the Apron Queen. Thanks!

  51. 87


    What a great picture of you and your little ladies…

    If you can believe it, I have been married 15 years, have two sons, and don’t have an apron either.

    I have, however, recently talked to my dear hubby about getting one so this is PERFECT timing!

    My favorite one was the…Bee In My Sunbonnet Vintage Apron (although they are all precious!)

    Thanks for the opportunity…it’s so nice to meet you! I just found you through Twitter.

    Melissa in Mels_World

  52. 88


    All beautiful! I have a nice collection of vintage aprons already, but I do adore that Pretty In Pink one. I’ll be thinking of the movie every time I wear it!

    I’ll try to link up with a photo of me and my bunch in aprons!

    Great idea!

  53. 89


    Just found your site today and I love it!! You are so funny and inspirational. I just got my first apron recently too!! It IS so much fun!! Happy blogging… :)

  54. 91


    I don’t own an apron either, but since I became a stay at home mom and actually cook dinner now (I used to work the evening shift) I really want one. I love the Aunt Rosie’s Vintage Apron.

  55. 92


    I love the Bee In My Sunbonnet apron!

    I have a funny apron story. This year at Adam’s preschool, the kids made aprons for the moms. I don’t cook much around here at all. Chris is the cook. So Adam said something to the affect of,”Next time you make pizza for us, you can wear this!” I’m sure you can guess my method of making pizza…..frozen pie in the oven! LOL
    I’ll try to take a pic of me in it and blog it tomorrow!

  56. 93


    I think the polka dot vintage momma apron is cute.
    Aprons are fun and practical. I wear one all the time when I’m cooking. A neighbor lady made a few children’s aprons and gave some to my daughter. They are adorable and work well for art projects, helping out in the kitchen or just pretend play.
    Cute pictures!!

  57. 97


    I absolutely LOVE the Cotton Candy Vintage apron — it’s absolutely perfect for when I am truly feeling the June Cleaver in me!!

  58. 98


    I have two old dress forms in my entry hall that sport vintage aprons. One was my grandmother’s. They are wonderfully cheery! My husband does most of the cooking, but I could use an apron when I feed I my 13 month old!

    I love Keeping You in Stitches! But if the Bodacious Blue Bandanas apron can give me that figure – that’s the apron for me!

  59. 99


    I have to say I LOVE the Domestic Goddess Vintage apron! There is no better way to describe the feeling of wearing a cute apron!
    My husband got me a beautiful vintage apron for my birthday and I wear it almost every day! I would love to add this one to my display hooks and also to my daily apron choices!

  60. 100


    Oh how cool! I don’t own a apron, but the Cutie Patootie Vintage Apron is so pretty. Maybe it would motivate me to do some more cooking.


  61. 102


    I don’t have an apron either, and now I’m thinking I’m going to have to go get one. My favorite(s) I could not pick one, are Cousin Petunia’s Vintage Pantaloons Apron, and the Mama Mia! Vintage Apron. They are my favs.

  62. 104


    So many good aprons… I have to pick the “Polka Dot Momma” vintage apron. So cute.

    Oh, and you look *SO* much like my mom did at your age that it’s unnerving.

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