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    My daughter (9) just had 6 teeth pulled about 4 months ago. Now she inserts a pencil through her clenched teeth and it emerges on the other side. And all the while she says, “Look Mom, I can do what Dad did!” (Her father had teeth pulled as a child too. They both have little mouths!)

    Your son is too cute.

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    I love that toothless grin! Say hi to the tooth fairy – I think the tooth fairy has given a raise to the kids for each tooth! You may want to check that out!

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    He looks adorable! Z & J never looked like that. They had one half grown in before the other fell out. Poor Ben thinks he will never lose a tooth, but the 2 bottom ones are loose so maybe it won't be too much longer. Jon has lost 4 or 5 this summer and Ben has a fit every time. I think he just wants the money!

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    What gorgeous eyes he has! I didn’t even notice the tooth at first because his eyes just grabbed my attention. But the gap in the teeth is adorable too. I hope the tooth fairy remembered to make a visit!

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