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After about six months of marriage, my hubby and I moved to Arkansas and become Youth Pastors at a church.
We were newly graduated from Bible College and ready to take on the world. During those first two years, we experienced a full spectrum of situations, from dressing up in clown suits, weekly, to a nasty church split.
It was quite an odyssey.
Into space.
I am not kidding.
And so, this picture seems fitting of our first years in church work. This was our first Vacation Bible School.  We are aliens and, yes, that is half a volleyball on my hubby’s head and strangely, that looks like a perm in mine.  (When will I learn?)
We grew up a lot during that time:
I learned that some church people are mean. 
I learned that silver paint that says ‘washable’ isn’t necessarily.  
I learned that my hubby was the closest friend I would ever have. 
I learned that I didn’t learn everything in Bible College. 
I learned to laugh at myself. 
I learned to cry for others. 
And I learned that some people, are very good, even in bad situations.
Looking back nearly 15 years ago, I can say I also learned that you can leave full time ministry and carefully laid plans behind and have a better life than you ever imagined.
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    I adore that picture! Where in Arkansas did ya’ll live? I’m from Pine Bluff, although I haven’t stepped foot there in over 15 years.

    You learned a lot of wonderful things during that time.

  2. 3


    Oh y’all look so young and silly!!!!

    Church splits are no fun, and why do some people have to be so mean? I remember when I was smaller and our church had a split. You really think you know people until something like that happens.

    Oh I just can’t stop looking at that picture. :)

  3. 5

    Marcy - The Glamorous Life! says

    I am weekly amazed at your bravery to post such photos. Really BRAVE. I put up one of me- eating a large fake flower. Don’t worry there is story to go with it….of course. I mean when don’t I have a story???

    This is my favorite Linky of all time…it speaks to me

  4. 6


    So funny! I love that volley ball and those glasses, it’s a hoot!

    I will not be in this week, my blog party is really getting crazy! I will be posting that picture of the hubby next Thursday!

  5. 7


    Wow. If I were you, I’d get a big print made of that picture and use the pic to weed out your kid’s future dates. You know, let the kids see the gene pool. I think ya’ll are cute, BTW. But then I’m a dork. In high school, I dreamed of my own Star Trek uniform. It’s a shame that never happened – would have made an awesome ‘Fro pic!

  6. 8


    Ok Kristen – you’ve done it again. Another week of inspiration.

    I actually wrote this week’s Sincerely ‘Fro post several days ago and post dated. Unfortunately, I lost a family member today and was going to change it to be about him but decided he’d probably not like that.
    So my original letter to my 14 year old self remains this week. And next week the tears will come.

    Thanks again!

  7. 11


    I’m sure the kids enjoyed every minute of the Space Odyssey.

    Funny how God uses different circumstances to learn life’s lessons. Good and seemingly bad.

  8. 12


    Hey you’ve finally follwed me on Twitter!

    But you still need to come sign up in my bloggy giveaway!

    tisk tisk…so hard with all that fame of yours I bet!

    Ha ha!

    Your dh and you are quite the couple and I bet you guys would be very cool to hang out with!

    My dh and I have an simular church situations and the one thing we’ve learned is to ALWAYS LOOK TO THE CROSS as the EXample!

    Great post!

  9. 15


    I can’t participate this week, and I miss you already! My kid is sick, my scanner won’t work, ugh.
    I do love your photo though, too fun, and it seems to me you learned some very valuable lessons and truths.

  10. 16

    Ok, Where Was I? says

    What great things you learned. Laughed that you hadn’t learned about the perms though. And I can laugh b/c I have plenty of bad perm photos. What was I thinking?

  11. 17


    :) Awww! You both looked like you were having so much fun!
    I had to stop in and comment because your post really grabbed my heart strings. My husband and I were in childrens ministry for about 3 years so I know how exciting and fun it is. We loved it, most of the time.
    We recently left that church ~ Several reasons I won’t go into but mainly because we felt like we weren’t fitting there anymore. It has been one of the hardest and most hurtful things I’ve ever had to go through because when we left we were basically ostracized. We spent 10 years of our life pouring out and making friends only to have those friends now turn their backs on us. I love our old church and everyone in it~ It’s a wonderful church but my hubby and I decided it was time to serve an area closer to our home town and in a church that fits us better. Needless to say we are now in the process of starting over and it’s not easy but I know that God will be with us every step of the way~ I am sad for the loss of so many good friends and I will always leave my phone line and door open to them should they ever want to pick up where we left off.
    Thank you for sharing your story!
    ((hugs)) Mechelle

  12. 18


    The two of you were adorable! Sounds like a time of growth for the two of you. Sometimes it is easy and other times growing pains are involved. I am so glad that you are happy now!


  13. 21


    sorry- i think i entered your contest wrong! i didn’t realize that it was a carnival. but i enjoyed reading the posts, and looking at all the crazy pictures! i’ll have to look through my stash, and find one for next time! i think there is one of me somewhere, holding a pig.

  14. 23


    Now that picture is truly what Fro Me to You is all about!! I love how you can take a fun and goofy picture like this and create such an impacting message. Nicely done!!

  15. 25


    And the old saying….when one door closes another one opens…you
    lived it huh? I am so glad you are where you are today, selfish I know, but I would not have met you otherwise. Thanks for being a part of my life.

    ps. today is Thursday, your posting says Friday, I have to keep checking my calendar to make sure I have not missed a day somewhere!

  16. 27


    Church splits are tough. Honestly, some of my worst memories and scars are from church and its leaders. Especially since it boils down to flesh being fleshly (selfish, lazy, greedy, etc)but stamping God’s name on it. SOmehow (God’s mercy) I learned to filter the things said and done in church and keep my focus on Him. And keep church in its rightful place. It IS important, but it’s not God.

  17. 28


    I LOVE your facial expressions! Classic. Your posts amaze me in the fact that they so often relate to whats happening in my life. (God is good, huh?!) Some stuff has been going on in the ministry in which I serve at our church. I am not sure if it is my flesh that wants to step down or the Lord giving me discernment. Just handling with prayer!
    Thanks for the encouragement!

    God bless you.

  18. 36



    I’m sure we could swap stories. My husband and I have had similar experiences. We aren’t in full-time ministry anymore nor is our life anything like what we ‘planned.’ But then, it’s all ultimately God’s plan anyways.

    It’s hard to go through those situations, but that is exactly where we learn life lessons and our character is forged and shaped.


  19. 38


    I love this picture! You guys are pretty cute aliens…and it seems that it took me a while to learn that perms aren’t for me either. It always seems like such a good idea at the time. What is up with that!!!Hahaha

  20. 39


    Ministry is hard isn’t it? We’ve been seeing #1; sometimes I wonder how long it will take us to get to #8 (and what that will look like). In the meantime, we’re praying through the rest of that list, hoping to be faithful along the way. Thanks for sharing.

  21. 40


    I am cracking up at your picture!!! I can only imagine how fun you and your hubby are at parties. I really enjoy reading about the wisdom God has given you through the years.

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