This Old Bird Has Found A Nest Away From Home*Giveaway!

*Update* Lucky Tassel winner announcement:  Congrats to Heidi of Frantically Simple! I’ll email you.

I love home decor.

I love cheap home decor.
I love cheap, do-it-yourself home decor.
Rarely, do I find something that encapsulates my deep-seeded home decor needs.
But this old bird has found a nest away from home at:  The Nesting Place.  
I don’t think I have ever fallen for a blog so quickly.  And she sells handmade tassels on etsy.
I bought this adorable domino tassel with a cream pom pom:
In a thank-you-I-received-it-email, I actually wrote, “If I had a BFF necklace, I would send you the other half.”
And I don’t kid about best friend necklaces.
I’m pretty sure I scared her. Half.To.Death.
She might even block me on Twitter.  
The Nester has beautiful taste. Many of her posts are about creative ideas she’s done in her own home. She has a classic, clean look and who wouldn’t love her motto, “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”?  
One of my favorite parts (besides her tassel giveaways, in which she appeals to your inner-moocher) is her Mistreatment Club for window treatments.
Look, here’s mine.  I ordered the fabric on ebay.  And painted black wooden balls from WalMart.  My hubby helped me with the double-sided screws.  Little black cording spaced every now and then make perfect hangers.
My tip?  Go visit The Nester at her blog or here at her etsy store. And if you see something you like, buy it immediately because I have NEVER seen a store sell out more quickly! The people are all about tasseling.  
It’s like an epidemic of fringed-proportions.
Or you can leave a comment and risk the odds that you will be chosen to win a domino tassel just like mine ($20 value).  (See?  I told ya’ll she was the best!  And so generous!)
Domino Tassel 190
She’s a hoot and that’s my favorite kind of bird.
Leave just one comment and I’ll choose the lucky tassel winner Thursday night at 10 p.m. CST.


  1. 1


    I love the Nester, too. I want her to come visit me so I can walk her through every room in my house and make her give me free advice.

  2. 6


    I’m am on my way to the blog, followed by her Etasy store!
    Your window treatment is Very pretty. What a GENIUS idea she had!!!
    (Is that how you spell genius?…Just proves I’m not one huh?)

  3. 10


    I’ll def. add her to my blogroll! I did go to her etsy store and saw that it was near EMPTY! You GO GIRL!!!

    My MIL makes awesome tassels, too! She just made some for each of us. I’ll show you sometime… tooooooooooo tired right now! And DH left the camera at church (drats—how can one blog without their camera?!?!?!?!).

  4. 14


    dang! i got lost in there :) i now have a few more bookmarks to add to my browser. Great giveaway! I hope i’m the lucky winner :)

    now back to reading and learning more decor secrets :)

  5. 18


    an epidemic of fringed proportions–I so am gonna have to use that!

    I think this is my favorite post of yours ever-imagine that!

    you are so good with your words, lucky. That’s why I have to put so many photos in my posts–I can’t think of good words.

    I would wear the other half of that necklace.

  6. 29


    I want new window treatments I have …I hate t admit this but mauve satin curtains they are so so so ugly so ugly but I havent had the time or money to replace them so as I go to sleep at night I think I hate you mauve curtains. You S*ck!

  7. 30


    I totally love the window treatment that you did! It’s inspiring!

    I would love to win the tassel. I would also love to see how people use tassels. [LOL, I come from a deprived family who don’t own any tassels …]

  8. 34


    I love her so much! She makes me sick though with how she can take something so ordinary and make it extraordinary. One day I will be like her….. One Day

  9. 38


    You have such good taste in home decorating. Maybe when the kids go off to school, you can put your talents to good use…hire yourself out to decorate others homes with others money!!!!

  10. 39


    I LOVE the Nester! She was my very 1st blog reading addiction, I mean inspiration!!

    I, too, have done a mistreatment but yours is much more beautiful. I love it!!

    I sooooo want the Nester to be my neighbor!

  11. 41


    I found her via another blog one day. I fell in love with her witty decorating at once! She is so tasteful yet so savvy when it comes to her shopping. I would love to win one of these, because well, who wouldn’t? I have made the raggamuffin garlands and I have mistreated my windows, but tassle making is a talent that I can’t seem to master no matter how hard I try! So pick me pick me, please!! (can’t you hear the desperation over here?)

  12. 48


    i had no idea that people used tassels to decorate these days. i love them! she is an amazing artist! thanks for the chance to win one.


  13. 60

    Anonymous says

    I love The Nester and have followed her blog for while. When I grow up I hope to be half as talented as she is!


  14. 62


    I’m a H-U-G-E Nesting Place fan too! I just stumbled onto her blog about a month ago and visit it daily. I sure hope she doesn’t think I’m stalking her! That’s for the awesome giveaway.

  15. 67

    Tiffany Hulbert says

    I love your curtains!! Hey, I don’t kid about BFF necklaces either! :) Thank you for this contest!


  16. 69

    tonya says

    Okay, I spent way too much time at the “Nesting Place” after reading your post! She is incredible. So are you! This is my absolute favorite blog.

  17. 74


    Really New To Blogging but caught your page on a friends site, love it! I also love the idea of tassels, that is just the cutest. I think I will take the idea of hanging them on my hubbies arms (like the wrestler)… LOL
    God Bless

  18. 76

    Anonymous says

    After a lifetime of things hanging from door knobs I have been vindicated. I loved her site very much. I have put it on my favorites for a fun morning read

  19. 80


    i heart the nester too . . . she is amazing . . . her home decor kills me . . . it’s gorgeous! this is my favorite giveaway yet! thanks. kristen.


  20. 83


    I also love the Nester! She has great ideas! I would love the tassle and give it to my mom for her birthday!

    nicolmontero at gmail dot com

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