The Top 5

My top 5 Favorite photos from our recent trip back to my in-laws farm:
1. My son asking his cousins to remove their shirts so he can teach them the art of arm tooting.  I was so proud.
2. Meeting Daisy and her drool.
3. Climbing into the hayloft of a very old barn for a family picture and praying it held our weight.  You know, since Nanny fixes biscuits and gravy every morning.
4. Giving Nanny her own pair of flashy rubber boots (with hot pink liner) so she can impress the cattle and fish.  And then watching her pose in them!
5. Laughing at my hubby trying to roll a hay bale!  Better than pictures of us rolling in the hay!
For more great photos, visit 5 Minutes for Mom!


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    What fun photos! “Tooting” in itself is such a boy thing. Anything that makes that noise has them going!

    Thanks for sharing, and I love the boots! Those cows will surely be impressed.

  2. 19

    Anonymous says

    Looks like you had TONS of fun! You gotta love the arm tooting and drooling cows! Your family barn picture turned out very nicely, too!

  3. 27


    I love your pics! My grandmother lives on a farm about 10 minutes from our house and it is such a wonderful place to be with the fam.

    The picture of your husband on the big hay bale made me laugh. We used to jump out of the hayloft into big piles of hay, and make hay forts. I am a city girl, but I do feel at home on a farm too! mmmm biscuits and gravy!!!!

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    I love the picture of your son doing “armpit toots”. Classic. That is sooo the world that I live in. Even my dainty little girl loves doing armpit toots w/ her brother & cousins. Except they stick bendy straws in their pits and blow. That allows for longer and louder toots with less effort. (Keep this a secret, though…)

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