DIYP #14-This Is Why I’m Caught Up on Laundry

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you how I feel about laundry.

My hubby agreed that a happier laundry atmosphere might help me fall in love with doing laundry.
Okay. That is pushing it.  But it couldn’t hurt right?  I mean, look at this before photo:
Clothes would hang there until I ran out of room.  I wasn’t exactly inspired, ya know?
I saw this amazing idea at The Nesting Place of putting a counter on top of the washer and dryer. (My laundry room is small, so my hubby attached the ‘counter’ to the walls to make a faux box around my washer and dryer). And I’m so glad because I have an old drier, but a two year old washer (different brands) and they aren’t level, so my stacks of laundry fall over!
I used a tension shower curtain rod to hang my Walmart window panels ($15 for both!)  
Since I deemed this a no-sew project, I got out my handy glue gun and glued the tabs up like a hem, since I hung the curtain upside down.  I stuck the rod thru the hem pocket.

My hubby even installed a little light, so I could see the controls on my washer/dryer.  (My hubby built the counter about six inches above, so I could reach in and turn it on.  I don’t mind this little inconvenience because I love the look of it!)

I didn’t like the boring cabinet, but this was a makeover on a shoestring budget, so we took the doors off and added baskets.
I shopped the house for the decor and painted the tiny room a yummy coffee color (off the discount rack at Walmart for $6 bucks).
And this is my favorite part:  My mini-mudroom. I saw this here, but needed it smaller so my backdoor would open (plus it cost about a bazillion more dollars than I have).  Because I’m all about functioning.
Since my laundry room doubles as my mudroom and my kids enter thru the garage, I wanted a shelf and cubbies for them to drop their backpacks and lunch boxes off.  I keep their socks in the little baskets on top (thank you, Rocks In My Dryer’s Works for Me Wednesday).  My kids painted the chalkboard signs, so we can keep the baskets organized.

My hubby hired some helpers to build the little cubby from scratch:
Isn’t he it gorgeous?
I painted it white.  Look how organized I am, and just in time for the first week of school!

Total Project Costs:
Wood for counter: $85
Wood for cubby $30
White Paint: $10
Room Paint: $6
Curtains & Rod: $25
Light: $10
Large jar for Soap: $15
Misc: hooks, nails, etc $25
Grand Total: $205.00
Effect on my current laundry mood?  Priceless.

Make sure you check out some other awesome Before and After projects over at Rhoda’s!


  1. 1


    I love your new laundry room. I have one question – is it hard to get your arm back there to use the controls? I have the same Maytag you do, but I have both of them so laundry falling over isn’t an issue. I think I could get my hubby to do something like this as long as the w/d are still easy to use.


  2. 2

    Anonymous says

    Where did you purchase the large jar? It looks so much better than my giant box of detergent. Thanks for the inspiration! -Melissa

  3. 7


    It all looks wonderful. Here we call that room at Utility Room. I would love to do what you have done. I need to show your pics to my dh and drop some subtle hints.

  4. 10


    Priceless. Learning how to bloom where you are planted is, well, one of the best things you can do.

    For me, learning to see my situation from a different perspective is priceless!

  5. 11


    it looks great! and I LOVE the cubby- he did a great job-its perfect for all their stuff. and I think Im going to steal the sock idea. b/c I get so tired of running up the stairs to get a pair of socks. Im going to try and post my Laundry room today. also let me know if your going to Ikdea- i do want those shelves- I should have given you the cash the other day but forgot.

  6. 15


    What I meant to say was …

    Reeeeeeeeeelllly nice! It looks like you spent a whole lot more than you did! Neat idea for the counter …

    I AM inspired to do SOMETHING with my laundry room .. but when? :)

  7. 22


    Great job!!! I wish I could do all of that fun stuff! Maybe someday soon. I’ve got more pressing projects at the moment (leaking gutters, anyone?).

    Anyway, my laundry is in the first floor bedroom, in a huge closet. I put up curtains as a “doorway” and it’s nice, but not as nice as your beautiful new job! Can’t wait to think something up for it.

  8. 24


    I am so very envious! We are renters…and our washing machine is top loading, so I don’t think a counter would work.

    I did a very very mini laundry makeover last week. I hung up 7 stone-look Celtic crosses. We were in Ireland last summer and we loved strolling through the ancient graveyards. The crosses remind me of our trip, and of the cleansing power of the cross.

  9. 26


    If you need someone to volunteer more laundry so you can spend more time in your adorable room….I’m just sayin’…

    LOVE the new look! How do you open the lid to your washer? I can’t tell from the picture…is it a front loader? I think another commenter asked about reaching the controls. Before copying, I just need the details. :o)

  10. 27


    I have loved all of your DIY projects but I haven’t really needed to do them or been motivated to do them… this one though… I AM DOING! My laundry room is horrible. I think it’s smaller than yours (I don’t have anywhere that cubby would go) but I can do the counter and such.
    I LOVE IT!
    I have a goal now!

  11. 28


    Is there anyway you can email me more specifics on how to make the “counter”… out of? how to? Is it just like a big narrow table with sides or shelf installed into the wall?
    I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to do this but don’t have much experience with this sort of thing!

  12. 32


    I have been waiting for this! :) I love it. I’m going to show this to my hubby and try to get him to do something similar for our new house. The laundry room is in a closet in the hallway. My problem is, I don’t have a front loading washer…so I’m wondering if hubby could just cut out an area for the washer lid to open. ?? What do you think?

    You’ve given me great inspiration to have an awesome laundry room in our new house!

  13. 34


    Ingenious!! I am totally putting my hubby on this as soon as things settle down from the summer at his work. A+ on your project.

  14. 35


    Ok, my sis was soooo pumped about this, but it took me to understand. Why?? Because I’m so old and behind the times when it comes to appliances, I didn’t see how you could actually use your washer. Then I realized it was a front loader. Makes all the sense in the world now. That just wasn’t an assumed thing at first so nothing else fell in place.

    It’s very very cool. IF we had front loaders, we would do this. Even though we rent, I would ask about doing it. The way the owners designed the laundry area really leaves room to be desired, but this would fix it. One could even design the ‘counter’ to be a piece of material that slid into place so it could be removed if the person was ‘really old and behind the times when it comes to appliances’ and they only have a top-loading washer.

    Anyway, super great! Now I hope CajunGal does it. Her laundry area is awful (sorry, sis!) it’s sooo stinkin’ tiny that it’s a good thing she’s so tiny.

  15. 37


    That does look really nice, I too was confused at first about the washer. I am not up to times about a front loader washer and it just did not dawn on me till I went back and looked at the first picture. I just need to get busy and change things in my little house and make it look more inviting.

  16. 40


    It looks AMAZING! I can see how doing laundry will be much more fun now. I need to send you a pic of my horrific laundry room and get some ideas. Think concrete walls & floor – plus a moldy "sink" thrown in for good measure. 😉

    Happy Labor day!

  17. 41


    Awesome makeover! Only thing is, my laundry mood has dipped into a serious depression now that you have shared this. My laundry area is the ugliest room, a basement area, in the house. And sometimes we catch mice in there. Lovely!

    I'm depressed now, but inspired to take action! You did a great job!

    happy day & many blessings,


  18. 55

    Linda@ Lime in the Coconut says

    Love love love it!!

    So……………does it help……..

    with the,that is?

    Fun blog…found you from Rhoda's B&A; partay!!

  19. 56


    Hi – I just discovered your blog. I love your laundry room project! We have very similiar situations – my laundry room is pretty much the same size and shape as yours, and I have two different styles/sizes of machines, too. I am not sure if anything I do will help me w/ laundry. It is the one thing I hate the most! ugh! :-) Thanx for sharing. Blessings, Barb

  20. 64

    Tina says

    This is awesome Kristen. Is your washer a top or front loader? Wanting to do this (counter top), but I have a top loader.

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