DIYP#11 Reviving Furniture Your Sick Of

My Dining Room

This room was born from local garage and thrift stores! Every piece of furniture and most of the accessories are on their second life. 
I store all my dishes in here:

Used, but still useful:
Star ornaments and bandanas make for a fun summer table setting!
My chairs came from a consignment store and this trestle leg table dates back to the 1900’s. It was a steal at $50 from an estate sale! I even got this flag centerpiece at a garage sale!
And now for my favorite piece in my dining room!
I get sick of my furniture. But before I toss it out, I always try repainting it. Sometimes I love it, sometimes, I toss it anyway.
This piece is lovely.  But there are emotional feelings attached to it. I wanted this hutch because I knew it would fit my space. I found it in the newspaper for a great price and the hubby and I went to look at it. I liked it.  He didn’t.
We left without it.
The next day I had a miscarriage.  And so, as we grieved the weekend away, my hubby brought it home to me.  And it’s been in the same spot for three years.  And I’ve had the same thing on it the whole time.
Yes, that’s a Christmas village.  I leave it up year round for the festive feel.  And because I’m too lazy to box it up.
I’ve grown tired of the honey-stain on this piece. Every time I mention replacing it, my hubby agrees. “But it’s my miscarriage piece,” I always whine.
He nods as if he understands what in the world that had to do with this pre-owned hutch.
I did not even sand or prime the sucker.  (I did use very high quality black enamel chip-proof paint from Sherwin Williams, so the first coat serves as a great primer!)

There are probably a lot of different ways to attach the paper.  I used double-sided tape because I wasn’t sure about making it permanent.  I think decoupaging over the paper would seal it nicely. I bought 12×12 sheets and only had to trim off a little of the edges.

I have a thing for white china.  I gathered all my mismatched plates and serving pieces and placed them on the shelves.
And I’ve fallen in love again with this special piece of furniture!
Check out Kelly’s Korner for more appetizing dining rooms!


  1. 5


    It looks terrific!

    I painted my dining room hutch black last fall, too. My huby chose the piece when I selected my dining room table. He loved it. Me, not so much. So, he agreed that if we purchased it, I’d have the right at a later time to replace it if I ever found the *perfect* one. So, last year, I told him I wanted to paint it. I reminded him of his promise and then also pointed out that maybe I’d love it and he’d be safe from having to purchase one for me for awhile longer. We both love it – I think he even likes it more than I do with it’s new black paint.

    I “aged” mine by sanding the corners and edges, too.

  2. 9


    Well, being that I am decoratively deficient, I am absolutely blown away at the idea. Scrapbook paper? Like wallpaper on furniture?

    I stand amazed. Okay I’m sitting, but in my spirit, I’m standing amazed.


  3. 11


    I love it! What a great idea!! Now you totally have me eyeing up all my furniture to see what I can do with it… and I have SO much scrapbooking paper. I never thought to use it like that!
    I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with next week.

  4. 12


    Very pretty! Would never have thought to use scrapbooking paper! And a definite improvement over the Christmas village (though those are very cool at the right time of year . . .)!

  5. 17


    Whoa. I had my doubts as I got to the pieces of scrapbook paper, even though I loved the black. But the finished product is stunning! I just read “No Compromise Decorating” by Lynette Jennings yesterday, and plan to do some of the exercises in it. She would have loved this, and she’s an expert! Way to go! It’s gorgeous!

  6. 24


    That looks great! I think you could have done one shelf in damask, one in stripes, and one in another pattern. Or just alternate the stripes and damask for some visual interest. Awesome job, The Nester is a great inspiration isn’t she?!

  7. 25


    Wow! I didn’t even know that kind of project could be accomplished without a degree in interior decorating! I am majorly impressed! I have the do-it-yourself abilities of a worm. Yeah, that just about sums it up. Take care, Julie

  8. 27


    That’s extremely impressive!! I just wish my weekend wasn’t already so full (in a good way) so I could attack something around the house.

    I always say I can do anything – as long as someone has done it before me and I can copy them.

  9. 28

    Judy says

    WOW – this is awesome! It totally makes me want to go shop the resale shops for some furniture, haha. Seriously, you took a decent piece of furniture and made it look top-notch. Well done.

  10. 29


    That is TOTALLY & EXACTLY Nester's….infact, I'm wondering if maybe, you errrr…uhhhh….oh just are pretending this is YOURS? Hmmm…. J/K

    It's beautiful. I would love to do that but I have no hutch nor do I have pretty white creamy dishes, so I guess I'm out huh? Dang.

  11. 30


    It’s stunning!! If only I could do something like that. The decorating gene completely missed me. But that? Is gorgeous! You did a great job.

  12. 33


    Great job!

    I have seen the Nester’s hutch and love it. I hate mine, and my dining room table and would love to give them a makeover – but I’m so scared I’ll balls it all up – and so they stay, mocking me in all their ugly glory lol!

  13. 35


    That is a great idea! I think I will concider it for a hutch I have in my garage. It isn’t in great shape, but it was my husband’s grandmother’s. I want it for my daughters, but they are not ready for a home of their own. So, I may as well get some use out of it.

  14. 36


    Love it! i so want a hutch. More than any girl should want a peice of furniture.
    Love the scrapbook paper with teh white plates! Classic!
    You did fantastic!

  15. 37


    Looks like it should be in the pages of Better Homes & Gardens! Loved the paper. Now I have to keep my eyes open for paper I like to cover my ugly built in book cases!

  16. 38

    Coffee Please! says

    Love it! I did the same thing to our ‘old’ dining room table about 2 years ago. I moved it downstairs to be my sewing and craft table but painted it black first. LOVE IT SO MUCH! Two years and I’m still not tired of it.

  17. 41


    Seriously, you never cease to amaze me. I know your all modest and say you copied, but still the fact that you would even attempt it and then you go and pull off this incredibly fancy piece. It is gorgeous. You have a great eye for this stuff!

  18. 42


    You took one ugly little hutch (with much sentimental value, though, I’m sure) and made it so cute and hip! Beautiful job, and I can so follow you on the non-comittal paper. It seems like something you could almost “switch out” with the seasons. Love it!

  19. 43


    I actually gasped out loud and hubby turned around to see what I was gasping about. BEAUTIFUL! I just posted on a piece I bought for my bathroom. It looks like a tiny version of your shelf… kind of… a little bit.

    Everyone told me I should do what you just did and now that I see your finished work I AM GOING TO!

  20. 47


    That looks awsome. I wish I had as much vision as you. Even if I did see that on another web site I would never have thought I could do that.

  21. 48


    Kristen, that is amazingly lovely. What a transformation.

    You gotta stop with all this wonder woman stuff. You’re giving me a complex!

    Now excuse me, while I go look at my china cabinet. Seriously, no primer?

  22. 49


    I guess you don’t need my comments here, but fab anyway…

    I wish i’d seen it before I wrote my next article for! It’s all about refinishing something…but I was focusing on something small…and oh my gosh you went and did a big ole guy?! How many coats did you do and did you paint it or spray paint it!?!

  23. 52


    I love paint! It’s amazing how just a coat of black paint changed the entire look of your hutch. It looks fantastic. And yes, it also looks like you copied the Nester. But, I’m a copycat too, so I won’t judge you. :)

    Great job!

  24. 56


    Good job!!! I have my scrapbook paper up trying to decide which one to use. Then I went and looked at the Nester’s site today and she changed her paper out and I think it is exactly the kind I need. So off to Hobby Lobby I go. :)

  25. 66


    I love it too, I’m sure you’ve guessed that after all these comments lol!

    I’m gonna dig in here and look for some more inspiration, I sure need it, glad I’ve found you

    Sarah @ abeachcottage

  26. 67


    Hey Kristen, I met up with you on Window Mistreatments! Since I see that you love carnivals as much as I do, I just wanted to let you know that I’m starting my own carnival tomorrow, Monday, in case you’re interested. Thanks for your cute blog! Keep up the good work!

  27. 71


    how, HOW are you always first on these things? You are like some speed dialing teenager that I always wish I could be.

    your hutch looks better than mine!

  28. 92


    Wow, what a transformation! And why on earth didn’t someone tell me there is something called “chip proof paint”?? Ugh!! I’m in the middle of sanding and stripping a garage sale dresser so that I can paint it black…and NOW you tell me about this miracle paint!

    ~ Sarah

  29. 95


    I am so glad I just found your blog! Your title is great!

    the hutch is beautiful, you did a very nice job. Isn’t it amazing what a fresh coat of black paint can do? A total transformation!

  30. 98


    Wow, what a transformation. It looks incredible. I just love black paint, it makes everything look better. The picture at the bottom of your blog is priceless, I love it.

  31. 99


    what a special thing your sweet husband did for you! high five to him!
    I love the b/w and a goo did idea is meant to be shared! that’s why the Nest rocks! way to go!

  32. 100


    AAAUUUGGHH!!! that’s awesome!!! and you’re family campers!!!! my hubby worked at pinecove for 4 years!!! we left 2 years ago :-( how’d you get that PC button?

  33. 101

    Jennifer Rizzo says

    That looks so great! I do a lot of furntiure make voers and I think you really made the most of the piece! It’s fabulous! Jen R

  34. 106

    Susan says

    I have just about that same buffet…the hutch part is…and I am so tired of it…figure I have another 20 yrs before I can paint it. MIL gave it to us, family piece that also has a table…solid oak…heavy…it’s not my style and I can’t do a thing with it…but maybe I can use the scrapbook paper…I’ve thought of that idea for a long time. And it’s lovely.

  35. 115


    I know you know this already but……….it really does look great! I love your idea of using scrapbooking paper. I did the same thing but I used cardboard cut outs, attached fabric around the cardboard and shoved them in the back of my hutch shelves. Your way looks much easier. Not to mention paper patterns are sometimes easier to find what you like and TOTALLY less expensive.
    Love the idea!

  36. 118


    Visiting from the nester’s….

    This piece is absolutely gorgeous. I just ordered dining room furniture. I love the idea of the paper lining the back. So soon, I will be copying you…..well as soon as it gets here!

  37. 121


    I just saw your dining room post on the Kelly’s Korner blog. I love your hutch transformation! The black and white paper is such a smart trick. I recently purchased a used hutch and painted the interior. Thanks for the inspiration.


  38. 125


    Your room is great! I love the festive table set up! I love seasonal decorating as well! You did an amazing job on the hutch! I am inspired to make or redo a piece that I can’t find a perfect one of for our nursery! Thanks for sharing!

  39. 128


    WOW! What a great room! I love “recycled” stuff. Ours is filled with pieces from various family members on my side and the hubs side. I don’t think we bought anything in the room! Love your hutch, too!! Looks awesome!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  40. 133


    I love the table setting — how fun!! What a great buy — $50.00 for the table?? Fantastic! We recently purchased a trestle leg table but not at that great deal! Beautiful!

  41. 138


    I LOVE it all!! You are all ready for Memorial Day with your tablescape!! Also, I really adore your showcase of white dishes on the hutch that looks SO GREAT!!!

  42. 141


    I love it also! The white dishes are beautiful and very dramatic! You are so creative! Thanks for sharing.
    Carol in Michigan

  43. 145


    I cannot believe no one has mentioned how beautiful your hutch is :)

    I just love how it came together with paint and paper. I am going to store that away in my idea file for sure!

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