I Feel a Makeover Coming On!

*Updated* Thank you for all the laundry tips!  
You guys are awesome! 
I CAN’T WAIT to show you my laundry room makeover….
Congrats to Amanda on winning the sign. I will email you.

(Stay for a giveaway that will encourage you to do laundry, all while delighting your spouse!)

Laundry is my nemeses. My foe. My arch rival. The bane of my existence, the thorn in my flesh, the thief of my joy.

I may have gotten a little carried away. Sorry.

But I think you get the picture.

It’s not so much the chore itself. It’s just that I’m never done.  

I used to get very frustrated.  I would work all day to catch up and then two days later, the mounds would be out of control. Again.

And then I realized something. Call me intuitive, but I finally understood why there was always laundry:

Because the people in my house keep wearing clothes.

I know, it’s powerful.

But that helped me. I still do laundry, a little every day 
or none. I know it will be there, waiting for me.

Since I spend a lot of time in that room, 
it occurred to me that I would feel better if I decorated it.  
Right now, it’s pitiful.

So, I shared my deep laundry concerns with my hubby. 
And guess what? We started on a small renovation in the tiny clothes preparing place since I spend so much time in there.

I can’t wait to share the results, as soon as I, well, finish it.

But I think you’re going to like it.

Until then, I bought this:

Because it made me laugh.

And beca
use it was $4.00. That’s almost free!

Guess what? There were two signs, for $4.00!  
So, I bought you one.  

Yeah, you, the lucky random reader who comments on this 
post before 10 pm (CST Tuesday night) and gives me a laundry tip!

Here’s my tip: I have found that doing laundry without pants on, is just plain interesting.

See? It’s a great sign!


  1. 1


    My one (and only) success as a parent is that I taught the kids to do their own laundry at 9. I paid them extra for their allowance to do it.

    When my son became a teen he wanted more money I offered the weekly towels and he happily took it. Best 5 bucks I have ever spent.

  2. 2


    It’s a tip, or at least I think so. :) Never wait all week to do laundry. You will have nothing to wear that you find presentable and your kids will be looking for socks and your husband will be buying new underwear because well, let’s just say that those in the back of the drawer, well they no longer fit him. (he thinks he hasn’t gained any weight, ha! and i’m demi moore!)

  3. 5

    Judy says

    Don’t even know if I’m making the time-cut here because the post just showed up on my feedreader tonight! However, here’s my laundry tip…we have a “perpetual load” ready to go at all times. When my son is playing baseball, he needs his ball pants and uniform shirt washed almost nightly. So, we put things directly into the laundry that can be washed with that…dish towels, underwear, jeans, t-shirts – instead of piling them in the dirty clothes, my boys simply put them in the washing machine. I do one load of clothes a day/night, then I usually do the rest that piles up on Thursday (like reds, whites – specialty loads, I like to call them). I always have one load each night so that pool towels and uniforms are ready to go the next day. And, laundry day isn’t quite so overwhelming.

  4. 6


    I love that sign!! :-)
    Here’s my tip…I learned (through another blog) that I do laundry “batchler style” – I never knew that was what it was called! At the end of the day I round up all the clothes that everyone has taken off (and obviously thrown on the floor) and throw them in the washer. When the washer is full I start the load. Since there are only 4 of us I wash about every other day. It works for me!
    Good luck with your loads! :-)

  5. 7

    Hosehead says

    Cute sign!!! I too, detest laundry! I try not to let it pile up, but I no sooner get it cleaned out and it’s half full again!!! What is that! Do I have a tip? Make sure you don’t put a red sock in with your whites??? Does that count???? :o) Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. 8


    Okay, my tip isn’t anything spectacular. But if you find yourself having to do an unexpected load of laundry, throw in everything else that needs washing while you’re at it.

  7. 9


    Oh man I’m too late!

    I have a habit of washing one load after breakfast, folding the load in dryer and teaching the kids to put them away singing “neatly” after school all help even the little one, drying the washed load in the evening…starting again the next day…the only time I do more is on Friday’s because I don’t like to work on the weekends…this is what works for me :0)

    As for decorating the room…well let’s just say there’s only so much one can do with a corner of the kitchen and dining rm till this house is done ;0)

  8. 10


    Maybe I’m too late but my tip still stands – I have been having my kids take care of their own laundry for a while now and it works great! When they complain of not having anything clean to wear I simply say, “I guess you better do your laundry”

  9. 11


    okay, I just love that sign!

    my laundry tip is that if you add an asprin to a load of whites it will brighten them. (this has actually seemed to help with hubby’s yucky looking undershirts!)

  10. 13


    I’m pretty bad at the whole laundry thing. I’ve even admitted on my blog my tendency to rewash loads 3 times because I keep forgetting to take them out of the washer before they sour.

    However, now that pregnancy is giving me an excuse to be more lazy than usual, I am bribing my kids to help. My tip? Let the kids keep whatever money they find when doing laundry and they’ll always be willing to help. It is totally worth throwing a dollar or two into the dryer to make sure they’re happy helping out…

    I love the sign! If I don’t win, I may just have to make one for myself!

  11. 14


    I think you should extend the giveaway time, my reader thingy didn’t even show you had a new blog until just now!!
    I love that sign, I was trying to figure out how to make my own when I saw you were giving one away.
    My tip: Don';t have your laundry room in a creepy old garage without good lighting , yep, that’s it…mine is in a creepy garage, without easy to access lighting. I hate it and therefore, if it doesn’t get down during daylight, it doesn’t get done.
    Also, I have a posted tip about laundry, i just remembered:

  12. 15


    Here’s my tip that changed my laundry life! Do the laundry by room. Assign a day (or two) for each room. Do that room’s laundry (and any emergency laundry… I know you KWIM!) on that day. The reason this changed my life: you only have piles/stacks for that kiddo(s) not many different ones to put up; you experience success (that day’s stuff gets done… doesn’t matter that more is coming- you accomplished the goal for that day and it feels really good!).

  13. 16


    I just LOVE the sign. And I can’t wait to see your laundry room make over. Mine is in desperate need. It’s more of a nook under the stairs that the previous owners never finished. Barely walking room. It’s horrible.

    But my tip (thats at least helped me) is to have separate bins to sort your clothes into. So instead of a pile on the floor, the dirty laundry is kept in the bin until large enough for a load. I just got two of the 3 sack holder type of thing at Target and it made a HUGE difference in my barely there laundry room.

    Good Luck!!

  14. 17


    man, I think i may be too late, but I am gonna comment anyway… i am with you on laundry being the bane of your existence. my tip… use your dressers for storage, keep the clothes you wear in the baskets… i don’t like it but more often than not that is the status at my house.

  15. 18


    Oh, I wish I had a tip for you, but, see, I don’t do laundry. I taught my children how to do their clothes. And my husband washes our clothes. He works nights so he made a deal that as long as he works nights, he’ll do the laundry to help me out some. I work at a school so really during the summer I have the time to do my clothes. But, he didn’t stop and I sure didn’t say anything to him.

    Love the sign! I’m sure my peeps would get a kick out of it while they are laundering their clothes. 😉

  16. 19


    I’m not a huge fan of laundry, but I don’t think I dislike it as much as you do. When we moved in here I painted the laundry room a very cute lavender shade and hung a couple of whimsical paintings done by a dear friend of mine.

    Now if you could do something about my dishes . . . . that would keep me from jumping off a cliff.

  17. 20


    Man I wish I had a good comment right now, but I don’t. Can I enter anyways because I so need a boost in my laundry room. Right now as I type I have a load in the dryer and about 6 on the couch. It’s pathetic how long I let it go.

  18. 21


    Man I wish I had a good comment right now, but I don’t. Can I enter anyways because I so need a boost in my laundry room. Right now as I type I have a load in the dryer and about 6 on the couch. It’s pathetic how long I let it go.

  19. 23


    I invite my mother to visit and do not do laundry for 2 weeks before she gets here. Then she will wash, dry, fold and put away every darn thing for me. And is happy to do it. Causer she likes to keep busy. It works for us. Now if I could just get her to visit every 2 weeks……

  20. 24


    I don’t do laundry–my hubby does. He has been doing the laundry since we got married in 1992. My tip is, if someone else in doing the laundry, don’t criticize they way they fold the towels.

    I love the sign but I really don’t need or want it. I live in a travel trailer and don’t have a laundry room and no where to put it.

  21. 25


    Love the sign! My tip is pretty easy, but I hate separating laundry when there’s a ginormous pile of it (hubby’s week-old underwear? who wants to separate that??). So for like five bucks I bought one of those laundry baskets that has three sections in it. I keep it under my bed and at night when we disrobe we toss the dirty clothes in the proper sections. On laundry day I pull out the laundry already separated and just toss it in the washer. :)

  22. 26


    I think some people didn’t realize that you meant 10pm Tuesday night!

    That is a very cute sign. I have been thinking of decorating our laundry room to make it more fun.

    I have trouble with folding and putting away clean clothes, so I started following a tip from Sarah Mae at Like a warm cup of Coffee. She suggested not starting a new load until one load is folded and put away. That actually helped me as then there wasn’t a huge pile to deal with. Still workin’ on it though.

  23. 27


    You are so fun! With a family of eleven, I find that I HAVE to do laundry every day. What I like to do after the kids go to bed is to get my pile of unfolded clothes, turn on the computer to my favorite scripture-reading website, and have the computer read scripture to me as I fold clothes! Two birds with one stone is what I’m ALL about!

  24. 28


    I don’t have a laundry room so I can’t hide my laundry I just make a big ole pile on the floor. My tip, skip seperating the colors and just throw it all into one big load I haven’t had any problems and I have been doing laundry for years!

  25. 29

    Mrs. Querido says

    Your feelings regarding laundry are my sentiments exactly! I thought I was the only one who left stuff to sour in the wash…lol…it is so good to know that there are others who do laundry like I do!

    My tip, add a spoonful of OxyClean to each load. Stains go bye bye and whites brighten. If you have really tough stains to get out, soak the clothing in bucket/ bowl of water with a scooper full of OxyClean. Works every time!

    My other tip for putting away….make the kiddos do it! LOL. Although, I do tend to see repeat loads showing up in the laundry. Stuff like a sweater that hasn’t been worn since last November…yeah, we are working on the integrity part of folding and putting away…LOL :)

    And yes, I do wait and it piles up into a mountain. Hate that! Especially when I think I have finally caught up and then I find piles in the kids’ closet or under their beds…agggghhhh!

    I view it as a necessary evil..darn Adam and Eve anyway! :)

  26. 31


    Great Sign! With 9 kids still at home and 2 adults our washer and dryer never stop!! I have a small laundry area but we built a shelf over the washer and dryer where I keep laundry baskets one for whites, towels, color and delicates….Our med. size girls sort the clothes as they bring them to the laundry. We spray and wash just about everything prior to putting it in the appropriate basket, this helps keep any stain from getting past us, and then the bigger girls starts a load. We also have developed a bin system everyones clothes goes in the assigned bin that is also on a shelf in the laundry room. The bins are made of canvas and each person has one for socks, one for underwear, one for pj’s, one for shorts, we have 2 bins for swim suits….the idea behind this was to eliminate dressers and eliminate the loose clothes items that were always being stashed in unmentionable places in an attempt not to be put away properly. This system also allows me to sort the clothes right from the dryer and waaa laaaa…clothes is always put away promptly (well not always but mostly)
    We hang t-shirts and jeans and dress clothes, and anything we don’t put in the bins… any way that is how we do it. :)

  27. 32


    Here’s a tip for ya…don’t iron! This will inspire your husband, who has to iron all of his own work clothes, to rush to the dryer and scramble to hang, fold, and put away everything in the load of permanent press before it can cool down!

  28. 33


    Love the sign! It's hilarious. I don't have a laundry "room" per se… my washer & dryer are in our hallway. But I have a great spot to hang that sign. 😉

    My tip: Wash everything in COLD water! Even your whites. They come out so much cleaner & brighter than they did when I washed them in hot water.

  29. 34

    Nancy says

    Love the sign and can’t wait to see your makeover! I haven’t used this tip in quite a while, but I used to do this to save money on dryer sheets. Fill a plastic container with some watered down liquid fabric softener. Soak some small sponges (the kind that dry out…not the “foamy” type) in the liquid. When you throw a load of clothes into the dryer just pull out one of the sponges, squeeze it out so it’s not drippy and throw it in with the clothes. Since you’re using such a small amount of the fabric softener each time and diluting it with water, it lasts for a long time!

  30. 35


    I commandeered a closet near the laundry room and designated it the “kids’ closet.” Then I put metal bins in it for their clothes. My four year olds can switch over laundry loads and put away their clothes. I don’t expect them to fold (they would just toss their clothes around anyway) but every now and then they’ll fold A shirt. They can now fold towels and rags, so they’re in charge of putting away all of those. This leaves me only having to put away my daughter’s clothes and mine and my husband’s. Putting stuff away is the hardest part anyway.

    Makes laundry much less of a chore for me (and something to keep my kids busy).

  31. 36


    My laundry tip is this: send your husband’s clothes to the cleaners. He’s the only one that needs clean and pressed clothes. The kids don’t care what they wear! And I’m fine with a tank top and shorts.

  32. 37


    I don’t sort everything. Only the delicates. Everything else gets washed in cold water, no bleeding, less fading and there is little streching. Delicates get sorted only because of a different soap.

  33. 38


    Love the sign and I hope you show your finished laundry room eventually!

    I go back and forth between having a designated day for laundry and doing a load every other day. The tips the other ladies have given are great!

    I guess my tip is to be willing to change your routine if you get a great tip, your family changes (like adding another member) or you just feel like you’re in a laundry rut!

  34. 39

    brandy says

    Very Cute Sign! And great idea to get good tips!!

    Mine is that keep our extra hangers in the laundry room. I hang a lot of our shirts to dry straight out of the drier. Sounds like it would be more work but it makes life so much easier for me! It is also so much easier to keep a basket in the laundry room and fold or hang clothes straight out of the drier.

  35. 40


    Laundry is also my nemesis. I say this all the time. I have come to the conclusion that if my kids want clean clothes,towels and sheets then they will help. My oldest is 12, so she can do wash, put clothes in the dryer, take them out, fold them, and separtate by family member. All the while chatting on the phone or IMing friends on the internet. Amazing, huh? I taught her early on, because I need help. My 8 yo and 6 yo can’t really do wash, but they can get the clothes out of the dryer and put them in the basket and help fold.

    Each child is responsible for putting away their own clothes. That helps alot, and this is the part about laundry I despise the most!

    I wash every day, usually 2 loads, and try not to do any on the weekend, if I do any on the weekend, it’s usually towels. And if I get behind, I will spend one day catching up, with the help from my kids – then go back to my 2loads per day.

    So basically, my advice is to teach your kids early on how to help with laundry (they can even just start out folding dish towels or matching socks) and then someday when they go off to college, you won’t have to worry about them bringing home their clothes for you to still wash even after they’ve moved out!

  36. 41


    My battle with laundry was won when I created a laundry schedule that worked for me. I alternate by doing whites one day, darks the next day, bed linens on Saturday and while it’s bothersome I make sure to do at least one load of laundry every day. It is law in my house that your hangers must be returned to the laundry room when you take them from the closet and you must pick up your folded laundry off the dryer top, else your clothing may come up missing for an extended period of time. It took my kids a while to learn what I was talking about but now they know the routine and see that it happens every day.

  37. 42


    I love that sign! Love it..I, like you, live in the laundry room too, (and the kitchen). I like to try to wash a little every day. But sometimes you just can’t do it. Last week I was gone somewhere everyday. So laundry was not done..by Saturday it was to the ceiling. A tip that I have, is to keep a laundry basket in each child’s closet. This serves as their hamper. I bought small, round, white ones…Took a colorful sharpie and wrote their names on it and drew pretty little pictures (I have girls). The children would also enjoy doing this themselves. When they have dirties, they put them in the basket, when its time for laundry, they bring it down..it stays down, as its folded, it goes back in the basket and up to the rooms to be put away. And around here, it usually gets filled w/ whatever else is theirs that is floating downstairs. Another tip.. Snuggle Blue Sparkle dryer sheets…they just smell so good!
    Happy washing!

  38. 43


    It’s been mentioned before, but for me, it truly makes a difference – if you have enough for a load, throw them in the washer and get it going. I sort my laundry, so if I have enough lights, darks, whites, towels, etc. for a full load, then in they go. I used to do laundry once a week, in my single and newly married days. Then once I added a couple kids to the mix, suddenly laundry day was lasting two full days! It ends up being a couple loads every other day or so. I don’t mind the washing and drying so much, but like another comment, folding is the bane of my existance.

  39. 44

    alex says

    I wash everything in cold water. Not only for the environment and to save money, but because I don’t even have to sort the clothes. I just drop a loads worth of clothes in and don’t even worry about sorting. It’s glorious!

  40. 45


    Count me in as another one who hates the folding and putting away part. :)

    My tip: don’t mess with socks when folding a load- toss them all into a basket. At the end of the day, sit down to watch tv and deal with all the sorting and mating of socks. By the time I’m done with a couple of loads, most of the socks’ mates have shown up, so I don’t have to deal with a few stray socks from every load hanging around.

  41. 46


    I just love that sign!!!! Ok here is my tip….Get someone else to do the laundry! :) Oh if only there was such a person.

    Ok my real tip…. sorting your clothes really does save a lot of time and energy. That is when I actually find the time to sort my clothes.

  42. 47


    that is a funny sign!
    I actually like doing laundry..it is a bit of a therapuetic thing for me. I love taking something dirty and smelly and making it fresh and clean. I dont’ even mind folding.
    Cooking..Forget it..that is one job I could live without!

  43. 48


    Oooo! I REALLY like that sign! Okay…my tips is:
    I load the washer with a load of wash the night before. Then in the morning when I get up I start it. It saves a few minutes and gets me jumping on my to-do list. So while I’m making breakfast and getting people out the door my “servant” is doing a load of wash for me! AND! My 2nd Tip (yup 2 for the price of 1 today!) is to do 1 load a day (or 2 depending on the family). For me it makes it easier to deal with – time wise and emotionally!
    Uhm…did I mention how perfectly that sign would look in my laundry nook?!

  44. 50


    My tip? I do a load of laundry right after I get up in the morning. That way, even if I forget about it for a while, I can still finish it before bed just in case someone needs a shirt or socks from the load for the next day.
    take care,

  45. 51


    Cute sign! We have a rule around our house, (mostly for hubby since our kids are too small) but only the cloths that make it into the laundry hamper get washed. and I only do laundry a few days a week so if it’s not in there you’re waiting a while.

  46. 52


    I didn’t read everyone else’s comments so this might have already been suggested. But I LOVE the triple sorter from Wal-mart. It has three net clothes holder that hang on a pvc frame with wheels. I put underclothes/towels in one, pants and shirts in the other, and then I wash jeans seperate because they are just so heavy, so they go in the other bin. It makes the laundry go a little faster for me because it is already sorted and when I see it is about half or 3/4 full I know I need to throw a load in the washer. I keep mine between the washer and dryer, fits nicely there, but you could store it anywhere convient, it has wheels so you can roll it to the laundry room if needed. I just find it helps me to stay so much more organized and I too hate laundry. But with it only being the two of us now it is not nearly the ordeal it once was. Something to look forward to when the kids grow up and leave home!!!
    I hope I win the sign, but I wish I found all the neat deals you find. Maybe that would require me to get out of the house. Oh! That might help! But I like my little world right here.

  47. 53


    I try to do a load a day. But my biggest tip is to fold and put away the laundry load as soon as the dryer is done. If I don’t do this, it tends to sit in the dryer for a couple of days–making even bigger piles of waiting laundry because “the dryer is full!!!”

  48. 54


    The sign in our laundry room says…. “Be Joyful ~ This is the day the Lord has made!” I need the reminder as my Thief Joy spend time together….

    I love all of your signs.


  49. 55


    Just found your blog through Nesters…

    I love that sign- it’s hilarious. And I HATE doing laundry. I don’t mind the washing part, but I hate folding and putting it away. My tip is to leave it in baskets on your bedroom floor until your husband gets so aggravated with you that he does it himself! Works for me anyway.

    Okay- my real tip, is when you’re pulling clothes out of the dryer, automatically put them in a separate basket for each person in the family and bathrooms and kitchen, etc. Then just place the baskets in the rooms and throughout the next few days while you are in the rooms make a consious effort to put them away. It just seems easier if they’re pre-sorted.

  50. 57


    My kids sort the clean laundry for one of their chores. That has made doing laundry slightly more managable.

    And this would not apply to a house with no baby, but I have a tip on washing and drying bibs. Most of the bibs we have have plastic on the back and can’t be machine dried. Also, the velcro sticks to everything if I forget to put it together before washing. So I got smart and I put my bibs in a mesh laundry bag and just toss the whole thing in the washing machine. No sticking, and the bag is easy to pull out before drying the rest of the clothes. I just hang the bibs on a hanger and keep them in the laundry room.

    I love the sign.

  51. 58


    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I want that sign!!!!!!! I NEED that SIGN!! Im posting an update on my laundry room today AND Im headed to Walmart. So if I get stuck up on the ladder today I may be calling you :-)

  52. 59


    I have the absolute best tip in the WORLD of laundry (if you’re married): leave bleach dots on everything. EV. ER.Y.ThiNG. And, when hubby takes over the laundry, be sure to stay inept for as long as there is laundry to do(forever). PS – also leave a TV in the room beside the laundry room. It helps.
    I LOVE my life. :)

  53. 60


    Laundry…. grrr. Yeah. I am a fan also. ( I tend to lie sometimes) SO my laundry, since I loathe it so, gets done on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Monday is a busy laundry day because of the whole "wearing clothes" THING that happens all weekend… BUT it's worth having the break. Then I get to work!

    Side note about your sign- if you DID do laundry without pants… you could have that much less in your laundry basket. Just a thought. Who am I kidding, I've already tried it.

  54. 62


    The last third of your right margin is chopped off for some reason, so I’m going to have to guess that you are asking for general laundry tips.

    I’ll just tell you how I keep my hamper from runnething over. Every morning one of the first things I do after everyone gets dressed is go through the house and gather any stray laundry. I take it straight down to the washing machine and dump it all in. I don’t sort, and I wash it all in cold water, and I’ve never had any bleeding or pilling or any of those things the good folks at Proctor and Gamble are always getting their panties wadded up about.

    Once that load is in the dryer, I gather any sheets, towels, or rugs that need washing and I throw those in the wash too.

    When I empty the dryer, I have a hook on the wall above it where I hang things that need to be ironed, and I do the ironing once a week, just grabbing the stuff from that hook.

    And if my hamper gets full anyway? I use the washing machine as a hamper. 😛

  55. 63


    Funny! Love your tip! Love the sign! I have just the right place for one.

    Tip: ALWAYS make sure there are no red socks in your ALL white 500 thread count, bleached, 89.00 sheets BEFORE you turn the washer on! :O

  56. 64


    I load the washer the night before and in the morning I add the soap and fabric softener and start the machine, it give me a little jump start on the day.

    I hate laundry too! And I never get caught up either!

  57. 65


    * do one load a day and DO NOT take it out of the dryer unless you intend to fold it and put it away

    * do laundry at the same time everyday

    *find a place to fold it that is the least convenient place to keep it (not in the laundry room where you can close the door without putting it away) I fold mine on the dinning room table.

    *if they are old enough have your kids help put it away (even if they are little and it is just their socks)

  58. 66


    LOVE that sign! :)

    My laundry tip was actually on my blog the other day. If you get pen ink on your clothes, spray it with hairspray and then launder…the pen comes right out!

  59. 67


    If you’re lke me, I don’t mind the folding, but I hate putting it all away, so…have a basket for each person that once their stuff is folded they can put it away! That will save you a little sanity!
    going to do more laundry….;)

  60. 68


    My laundry tip is more of a what NOT to do list.

    Do NOT:

    -Forget there are clothes in the washer for 3 days and then put them in the dryer without rewashing them. I learned this as a very inexperienced 21 year old new homemaker.

    -Turn the dryer on 12 times to “fluff” the clothes. Your husband will wonder why all of his clothes keep getting smaller.(He won’t believe you when you say he may have just put on a few pounds)

    -Forget to stock up on every type of stain fighter on the consumer market after you have kids. You may not think they can get chocolate milk and mustard simultaneously on the back of their shirt, but they will find a way!

    -Do not accidentally pour bleach where the fabric softener goes because your baby is 6 days old and you haven’t slept in that many days.

    -And finally, don’t go on a laundry strike to try and prove a point, because you will inevitably be the one who washes, dries and folds the mountains of dirty clothing left in the wake of the strike.

  61. 69


    My laundry tip is to buy the Spray-N-Wash in the form that looks like a giant glue stick. It really gets the stains out. Each night when changing my toddler I inspect his clothes for stains and treat them at that time. Then I just put it in his clothes hamper and I don’t have to worry about looking for stains when starting laundry.

  62. 71


    My latest discovery is Charlie’s soap. You don’t need much, it’s all natural, and you don’t need fabric softener!

    I also have to agree with ashley @ mrs007.net. Don’t forget about your wet and stinky laundry! :)

  63. 72


    Laundry is a never ending cycle in our house and with one, soon to be two in cloth diapers, it adds up exponentially. I thought the sign would be perfect for our laundry room, because of the diapers. Too funny!

    My laundry tip would be that if you have kids with really sensitive skin (two of mine have eczema like crazy!) then your only sure bet is to try soap nuts or Charlie’s Soap. I use Charlie’s Soap for everything. It’s double duty, because you can dissolve it in water or make a paste out of it to clean your kitchen or bathroom. I promise I don’t work for Charlie’s, I am just a very satisified customer. Oh, and when I called their number about my order, the president of their company talked to me and gave me laundry tips, like adding Borax and laundry baking soda to the Charlie’s to give it extra cleaning oomph. And with three going on four boys, we need all the oomph we can get!

    That’s my tip, but since I have already won recently, I don’t mind if someone else gets chosen. I just love to talk laundry, since talking about it is always more fun than doing it! (in my humble opinion) :)

  64. 73


    Great idea about the laundry room makeover – why NOT make it a friendly place since we spend so much dadgum time in there? That sign would go very nicely in my new laundry room – totally my sense of humor.

    As far as tips, hmmm. How about this: when it’s time to wash the sheets, don’t put a different set on the bed and throw the dirties in the hamper. Just wash, dry and put them right back on the bed. That way you don’t have to fuss with folding those uncooperative fitted sheets and they don’t take up space in the hamper. :)

  65. 74


    Ok, here’s my tip – Get to the dryer as soon as it buzzes the first time. If you keep letting it buzz you will never finish and that sounds just gets more irritating! And fold and put away everything as soon as you take it out of the dryer. The longer it sits the harded it is to finish.

    Love the sign!

  66. 75


    You’ve already read on my blog how I feel about laundry… just like you! I can’t tell you how many times over the course of our marriage that my husband has said to me, “Will I have clean underwear in the morning or should I go to Walmart tonight?” Seriously.

    My suggestion: Don’t fold underwear and socks. Takes too much time. And, when was the last time anyone commented on your wrinkled panties?

    I remodeled my laundry room last summer. It helped. I don’t grumble quite as much in there now. And, I have a perfect spot for that sign!

  67. 76


    Laundry is my arch enemy, as well. Although it’s not really the laundry that I detest, it’s the putting up of the laundry that drives me batty and the whole thing about NEVER being ALL caught up!
    My tip? Hmmm, try not to do it with an eager, just turned, 3 year old around! He just RE started my washing machine that had JUST finished! UGHHH!!
    Would LOVE the sign, as my room isn’t looking very loved! And my boys, who love to strip at the door, would find it hilarious!

  68. 77


    My tip is to get the kids to help as early as possible. My 2 year olds gather the socks and underwear and put them in the respective drawers. My 4 year old folds washcloths, towels, and anything else he’s able. It’s a big help!

  69. 78

    tonya says

    This is not much of a tip, but it helped me. I wash everything except towels in cold water, so I separate NONE of the adult clothes. Only baby clothes & towels wash separately.

    Now, everyone thinks I'm crazy for doing this, but I hang EVERY piece of clothing to dry (in the house, not outside). Clothes just last longer that way.

    I wash all colored socks inside out so that the inside of the sock gets knotty & faded quicker than the outside (yes, it works).

  70. 79


    Oh Kristen, you always make me laugh. There are six in my house, so I can relate to your laundry woes. My pile never seems to end especially since my girls love to change outfits 3 times a day!
    I’m afraid I don’t have any real tips for you. Well, one I do have that comes in handy often is Hairspray – you may already know this, but spray it on ink spots and they go away in the laundry. My kids are really good at getting more ink on their clothes than on the page.
    Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping me laughing!

  71. 82


    My best moment in laundry history was about a month ago when I realized that my 4 year old would be exceedingly happy to fold the socks for me. To me, folding socks is the absolute worst part of doing laundry. I’ve even tried to talk hubby into wearing sandals to work so that I won’t have to fold the socks. :) Love the sign, by the way!

  72. 83


    Clorox Bleach Pen.

    I seriously LOVE that thing! It is so great to be able to spot treat with bleach and not have to worry about spilling it, or ruining something else. It is especially great to use on white clothes that have other colours – you can ‘white out’ exactly where you want.

    LOVE the sign!

  73. 84


    I read through these comments and obviously I missed the boat by not having my kids do their own laundry. These women are brilliant, I tell you! When mine were much younger, I used to give a monetary reward to the one that had the fewest dirty clothes, but the correct number of dirty undies, for the week!

  74. 86


    My tip is simple….
    I wash a load at night as I go to bed…throw it in the dryer in the morning….have kids help fold it after school! Repeat!

    This makes it much easier to keep up with (which it’s never TOTALLY caught up). Just somewhat manageable…no one searching for undies or socks!
    Oh how I hate WHITE clothes!

  75. 88


    Love it! I’m with you on the laudry piles and the laundry room. I think I’ll do some organizing and cleaning up in mine as well. I just hung a retractable clothes line outside today. I’m so excited to use it. No more hot laundry room this summer. Great giveaway!

  76. 89


    Tips???HUUMMM,,,,,My fav and,seems to be,my final success is to have the clean clothes stored in the laundry room.I have 7 children 4 of them 9 and under.I have just added their clothes to cubbies in the laundry room and I am FINALLY meeting w/success.So,you see,this sign would be VERY appropriate for us.Thanks for sharing.Kristin

  77. 91


    That’s just stinkin’ hilarious!

    hmmm…I hang a lot of my laundry on a washline or clothes rack to dry so it doesn’t take so long in the dryer which tends to be the laundry limiting factor.

  78. 92

    Marion says

    Whenever I do laundry, I actually pray for my family. My biggest ‘nemesis’ of laundry is sorting through it to get rid of stuff that is too small (for my kids, and yes, sometimes for my husband or myself!). When I first started out on my own, my Mom got me a book about chores, and it encouraged praying through the chores, so that’s what I do! One of my kids went through a life threatening ‘dance’ with cancer about 10 years ago, so I have discovered the JOY of laundry-that I have a person to FILL those clothes, and sorting through the ‘too small’ clothes… that they are healthy and GROWING! I’m so thankful for all of my family. I still don’t like chores, but praying really does help!

  79. 93


    oooh I hate laundry! It replicates like dust bunnies! LOL
    My laundry tip: Put funny little pictures or sayings directly in front of your washer and dryer. That way, when your in there, you’ll get a little pick-me-up. The other thing that comes in very handy is to get a laundry sorter and make sure your family is educated on how to use it. It saves you the time and frustration of having to sort. Make sure your “kids” remember to remove socks and underwear from pants before putting them in the sorter.
    ((hugs)) Mechelle

  80. 95


    my laundry tip? do all clothes on cold, and don’t seperate the colors from the whites, or the kids from the adults. then throw it all onthe bed until every garment is cleaned. fold all at once, and have your hubby put it away with you when he gets home! that’s what i do at least…

  81. 96


    Sigh! I know what you mean! Currently my laundry room needs a little makeover along with my laundry storage needing an OVERHAUL (you mean piles on my bedroom floor ALL the time isn’t a decorating style? says who?). a few months ago i found a website http://www.laundrytree.com and i’ve been using soapnuts instead of regular laundry detergent ever since then. i don’t know that i’m actually getting my laundry done any FASTER this way, but i do like doing it differently AND that its green AND my clothes really do feel softer using the soapnuts instead of detergent.

    i found your site via the nester’s mistreatment party and i think its super cute! thanks for sharing! i feel like we are THAT family too…

  82. 97


    “Laundry is my nemeses. My foe. My arch rival. The bane of my existence, the thorn in my flesh, the thief of my joy.” LOL: This is exactly how I feel!

    Well, my tip is that I got so overwhelmed with doing laundry everyday that I designated days: Wednesday through Friday and if necessary Saturday. Having set days meant that I knew how to plan my day. If I didn’t get it done then I knew it would be okay because I’d have to do it all over again when Wednesday rolls around again. 😉

  83. 98


    I use Vivid non-chlorine bleach. It’s awesome and gets out all manner of stains. I pre-treat with it and can even get blood out with it.

    My laundry room looks the same since 1981. It’s sad, people!

  84. 99


    I have two tips for you :-)

    I always do all laundry on Sunday – only on Sunday. Then I don’t have to think about it all week. I do all 8 loads in one day and am “done” for the entire week. Oh we still get out and play and hike and golf and whatever else we want to do on Sunday . . . but I do all laundry on Sunday no matter what. Then I’m DONE . . . I love it!

    My 2nd tip – I have 4 bins I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond in my laundry room (I’m blessed with a large laundry room). One white, one tan, one blue, and one red. When anyone brings clothes to the laundry room, they put their clothes in the appropriate colored bin . . . helps TREMENDOUSLY with sorting and makes it much faster. My kids are 8 and 5 and they’re already excellent at sorting their own clothes :-)

  85. 100


    Would it really be fair to win two contests in a row? Yes, I think so.

    Your attitude is freshing. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to reach that state of laundry zen. I’ll press on (no ironing pun intended).

  86. 102


    I just recently stumbled upon your blog and I love it!
    My tip – keep stain sticks everywhere! I have them in my master closet, in the kids bathroom and in the laundry room. I make sure and pack one on trips, too! My kids always end up with something on their clothes!

  87. 103

    Amy B. says

    Remove your thong undies from the laundry piles before your very proper mother in law, who likes to help out with the laundry, comes for a visit.

  88. 104


    I got this tip from a friend, the best spot and stain remover ever is one that is sold as an instant carpet spot remover. It’s called Folex. I use it on the socks and ring around the collar. It’s the best tip I’ve ever gotten.

  89. 105


    I’ve got a couple of tips:

    1). Teach the husband how to wash and fold… (or the kids if old enough)

    2). Fold them as they come out! I have a habit of waiting until it’s ALL done and I have 6 huge, overflowing loads. I find it’d be a lot simpler if I just folded each basket as they came out of the dryer. Not to mention less wrinkles.

  90. 107


    Love the sign! I **SO** need one and here is why…
    My beloved husband sends me on daily scavenger hunts for his dirty clothes. He does not take them all off in one place, but ALL OVER THE HOUSE :) So I have decided to make him go on daily scavenger hunts for his CLEAN clothes :) Let you know if it works on getting my message across!

  91. 108


    To keep my front load washer smelling a little fresher (is that even a word?? more fresh??) I leave the door open to let it dry out and I throw in a dryer sheet at the end of the days loads.

    I LOVE that sign and I know DH would too!! hope I made the cut off!!!

  92. 109


    I love my clothesline. It saves me time, because I can dry so many loads of laundry at the same time. I do laundry twice a week, usually about 4 loads per day, and my goal is to have them all drying on the clothesline before lunchtime. Doesn’t always happen, but that’s the goal.

    I’m hoping I can still get in on this, I just got the feed a couple minutes ago!

  93. 110


    Cute sign! My tip: Don’t wait to get stains out, as soon as you can, whip the offending garment off child and soak that sucker in oxyclean for a day or so. It makes stain fighting much less stressful!9PS: you may already know this, it took me a while to figure it out . . .)

  94. 111


    oh poo i think i missed the deadline by minutes. oh well. anyway, i got a chortle out of this because i am an anti-laudrite.
    i cannot stand laundry. more than anything in the world. my problem isn’t doing it — it’s folding it. many times there are piles dotting my room of clean clothes. then, the dirty clothes make their way into the clean and well guess what? a laundry disaster.

    ugh. so anyway, my biggest tip is: fold and store immediately. then wash and repeat.

  95. 112


    I love the sign! I want one, and if I’m not lucky enough to win, then I might just have to go make one.
    My tip is, if your husband has a white collared shirt and there is a yellow ring on the inside of the collar- use a little shampoo and an old toothbrush, scrub the ring a little, toss the shirt in the washer, and presto no ring.

  96. 113

    freefun0616 says

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