Just a Pleasant Reminder from Your Friendly Blogger…

Don’t forget that the Sizzling Summer Vacation Spectacle is THIS Friday!  There will be more than $600 in door prizes! Yes, you read that right!  

You are only eligible if you link up your vacation story, so get busy!  I will be throwing up Mr. Linky Thursday night at exactly 10 pm (CST) because I just realized that this weekend is Labor Day weekend. I will start announcing door prizes all day long on Friday!
You can link to an older post or write a new one…just as long as it’s about a vacation/or a fun summer day!


  1. 1


    How exciting!! I can’t wait! Is it to early to set up camp?? I guess so…….someone has to transport the kids to and from school.

  2. 4


    I’d like to join the fun, but we had our vacation a month ago and I’ve already blogged it to death. So can I link to previous posts or does it have to be my most current?

  3. 9


    Do we have to be present to win?? I’ll be traveling for part of the time, so do we need to “do” anything in order to be eligible??

    (Gosh…I saw this badge forever ago and it seemed so far in the future, and now it’s HERE???

    OH! MY!!



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