The Ladies Man

My son is six years old.  

He is delicious. And one of my most favorite males of all time!
He is also a ladies man.
I’m not even kidding.
He loves women.  Girls. The female persuasion.
It’s not uncommon for him to walk by and pat my fanny or plant a big wet kiss on my lips. Multiple times in a day.
He’s tender and sweet with his baby sister and works his hardest to please his big sister. And even when he argues with her, he’s the first to apologize.  He’s not a fighter.
He’s a lover.
There’s a little pixie girl from his Kindergarten class that stole his heart during the school year.  
He’s been asking me all summer to arrange a play date.  “Mom, I just miss her.  My heart hurts because I haven’t seen her.” 
Oh, and he’s a wee bit dramatic.
And so I arranged it.  But the day before the play date, my Mom and I took the kids to the local swimming pool, only to run into my son’s little friend.
Imagine:  My son shading his eyes from the bright sun and squinting in the distance.  He sees his friend and without a second thought-he splashes through the water, calling her name like a forlorn lover. He picked her up.
And spun her around.
It was like a scene from Casablanca.  Only it was two six year olds and I think they love each other more.
My Mom looked at me and said, “I think he will marry early.”
Sure, Mom, thanks that’s exactly what I needed to hear.
Thankfully, he still wants to marry me.


  1. 4


    Aww… so sweet! Enjoy it while you can. I’m not as attractive to my teenaged son as I once was… and other females have suddently become MORE attractive. Humph.

  2. 6

    Marcy - The Glamorous Life! says

    I can so relate. My little guy is 7- and I have long said he was ‘the lady killer’…it is his blue eyes or his naturally raspy voice or something. He collects girlfriends all year long. And just recently he asked me “do I really have to pick just ONE girl to marry?”

    And he has always been interested in hte female form… Once while we were in the mall he stopped in front of the Victoria Secret store window and said “wow.they look good. All girls should dress like that”….sounds creepy right? Yeah and he was 4 at the time!

  3. 10



    I probably shouldn’t laugh too much – my almost-three-year old will be 7 before I know it! And then 10 and then 17! Yikes!

    It’s funny though, because my girls (5 and 7) have had several friends of the boy sort that they were very glad to see and ran up to and hugged and spun around or got spun around… but they pretty much do the same thing with all their friends that are girls, too. I’ve never once heard them refer to a boy as a boyfriend, or saying they like-liked a boy, or that their “heart hurt” or felt anything for that matter.

    So what I wonder is this: Do boys starting doing that earlier than girls? Or maybe they just haven’t met the right boy yet? Or are my girls just (wonderfully) unattached?? 😀 I’m not complaining! I’ll take it!!

  4. 11


    Dropping by via My three year old told me today he needed a girlfriend. When I asked who the girl would be, he said he needed to find a little girl named Nora. That is my name. Sweet, que no? I have a feeling I may have a boy like yours.

  5. 14


    When my daughter was four she told me she was going to marry her daddy. I told her, “But I’m already married to him.” She immediately started bawling and wailed at the top of her lungs, “Now what am I going to do???” Just precious.

  6. 15


    What a kind and soft spirit he has and tht you are nurturing. I hope that spirit continues throughout his life. And I bet it will. How a boy treats his mother is often how he will treat his wife. There is sure a lucky woman out there somewhere and she doesn’t even know it. One of lifes mysteries. That is a very sweet posting.

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    Favaunt says

    He is too sweet. Where’s the picture? You will blink your eyes and that little lover boy will be almost grown. Cherish every minute of the hiny pats and wet kisses. :)

  8. 21


    I love a sweet boy! My son Bo is very devoted to his mama too. Now not all sons are like that so you are blessed. Luke is very much a guys guy, wanting to play football, and hunt not thinking much about his mama, but Bo is always asking what i want to do and hugging and kissing me often. And Daisy she is all about her daddy!

    Sweet Post!

  9. 22


    Oh what an adorable little lover you have! I hope Bardolf grows out of the trying to gross everyone out phase and finds more of his lover side…he finds it sometimes, but then it just isn’t as fun as making sister gag….

  10. 25


    Thats too funny. My son says his heart hurts too. It makes me laugh and then sort of get sad. He also wants to marry me and his friend MAson Rcahel and the dog.

  11. 26


    Oh yes, we have one of those too.

    He actually said to his kindergarten teacher, “So, I can kiss the girls in kindergarten right?”

    In reading he holds hands with girls under the table, a different girl each day.

    Oh yes, I can relate to this post. He is entering 2nd grade next week. Heaven help us. Good Luck with the wedding plans.

  12. 27

    tonya says

    How precious!! I hope that my son will pat my fanny & want to marry me! He's only 6 months old right now so I have yet to receive a proposal (or a fanny pat). :o)

  13. 30


    Oh my goodness that was so sweet, and also a bit sad. Your wise mom is probably right, and it’s going to be hard to part with our boys who won’t always love us the way that they do now! :(

  14. 34


    Awwwwwwwwwwww!!! That is so cute! Elaina told me the other night, “Mommy, I gettin’ maweed and havin’ babies!”

    I love how you described their reunion!

  15. 38


    Awe!! We were at a reading group today and one of the older little boys grabbed the hand of a cute little girl and whisked her away to show her the chalkboard he had discovered in the corner. She seemed so tickled that he had picked her. It was precious.

  16. 39


    Thank goodness for sweet little boys. Of which I have none.

    You’ve been tagged for a MeMe from Today at Jen’s House —



  17. 42


    What a sweetheart! There is something about that mother/son bond isn’t there? My 4 yr old had his first crush this year… a girl from church who laughs at his jokes and sword fights with him.

  18. 46


    Such a sweet story! My son is a lover too. And I love that about him. Of course, once I cease to be one of the lucky ones to receive his love, it might be a different story. But, that will never happen, right? 😉

  19. 48


    That is too cute. My almost-6 year old hasn’t chosen a girl yet, but someone at church pointed out he’s always got a couple girls following him around. I think he’ll marry early too, but that’s because he has himself convinced you get married first and then you can drive. And I’m sure he won’t be willing to wait until he’s 25 to get his drivers license!

  20. 52


    That’s too funny! I remember one of my classmates in first grade would watch for me every day. When he saw me, he’d run down the hall yelling my name to give me a big hug. I still remember that to this day. Hopefully, his affection will be a good memory for his friend too.

  21. 57


    Love this post! I’m not looking forward to the day that someone steals my little guy’s heart away! I remember the day I figured out my dad was already “taken”. Not a happy day!

  22. 58


    Awww that is so sweet!!

    Lil Logan is similar. He loves him so females. Unfortunately he is a little more crud about it. He will embarrass you at a moments notice by yelling out the window “hey, your HOT” to some random pretty girl. He embarrasses the girls at church by telling them that they are so hot and will declare to the world that they are HIS girlfriends.

    I am in BIG trouble.

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