I Feel a Makeover Coming On!

*Updated* Thank you for all the laundry tips!  
You guys are awesome! 
I CAN’T WAIT to show you my laundry room makeover….
Congrats to Amanda on winning the sign. I will email you.

(Stay for a giveaway that will encourage you to do laundry, all while delighting your spouse!)

Laundry is my nemeses. My foe. My arch rival. The bane of my existence, the thorn in my flesh, the thief of my joy.

I may have gotten a little carried away. Sorry.

But I think you get the picture.

It’s not so much the chore itself. It’s just that I’m never done.  

I used to get very frustrated.  I would work all day to catch up and then two days later, the mounds would be out of control. Again.

And then I realized something. Call me intuitive, but I finally understood why there was always laundry:

Because the people in my house keep wearing clothes.

I know, it’s powerful.

But that helped me. I still do laundry, a little every day 
or none. I know it will be there, waiting for me.

Since I spend a lot of time in that room, 
it occurred to me that I would feel better if I decorated it.  
Right now, it’s pitiful.

So, I shared my deep laundry concerns with my hubby. 
And guess what? We started on a small renovation in the tiny clothes preparing place since I spend so much time in there.

I can’t wait to share the results, as soon as I, well, finish it.

But I think you’re going to like it.

Until then, I bought this:

Because it made me laugh.

And beca
use it was $4.00. That’s almost free!

Guess what? There were two signs, for $4.00!  
So, I bought you one.  

Yeah, you, the lucky random reader who comments on this 
post before 10 pm (CST Tuesday night) and gives me a laundry tip!

Here’s my tip: I have found that doing laundry without pants on, is just plain interesting.

See? It’s a great sign!

My Parenting Has Reached New Levels

In a couple of weeks I’m going to be sharing some great parenting tips I learned at Family Camp. We returned with an armful of books and a plan to parent our kids. 

We’ve already seen some amazing changes in our home.
But this is a freebie. And I give myself full credit for this stroke of brilliance!
The other day on our way home from the store, my oldest daughter started screaming, “He wiped a booger on me!  A booger!”
She held up the defiled arm so I could confirm it in the rearview mirror.
I looked at my son’s smiling face.  Do you know what I saw?  Pride. This wasn’t the first time he had disrespected his older sister.
Passing back a tissue, I said sternly to my son, “You need to respect her.  That is very gross and when we get home, you are going to get in trouble.”
We finished the car ride in silence, my daughter rejoicing in her brother’s pending doom and my son reflecting on his immediate future.
And that’s when I had my stroke of brilliance.
“Son, you can choose one person in this house….to wipe a booger on your arm.”
He just stared at me.
And then he burst into tears.  “But that is so gross, why, Mom?”
I used the opportunity to share with him how his sister felt.
He took a minute and said, much to my relief, “Okay, I choose her,” pointing to his big sister.
And she said, “Oh, man.  I wish I had known that because I just had a great one.”
I didn’t ask where it went.
Yes, we are that classy around here.
Once, the deed was done, my son hugged me and said, “Thanks, Mom.  I will NEVER do that again.”
And I felt like I had reached an entirely new level of parenting.
I also felt sick to my stomach.
P.S.  If you know my family in real life, please resist the temptation to mention this post to my hubby. He’s not exactly a fan of this parenting technique and as for posting about it, in his words, “Honey, you have to draw the line somewhere.” To which I responded, “Oh, I d0.  I do.”

THAT Family Tree Society-Issue 5

THAT family photo of the week:

The prevalent thought of the week was, “why can’t Daddy stay home and you go to work?

The Week in Review: Well. Can I just say it’s been a long week?  I think once I uttered the words “I’m ready for school to start,” it went downhill. We only had two minor accidents: one involved a scalpel, a little boy’s thumb, and a microscope slide.  Did you guys know blood looks cool under the lens? And the other? I was painfully reminded in Kohl’s why my oldest is still too young to push the cart.  I have a bloody heel to prove it.
And now, I’m happy to introduce you to Alicia of My Life as a Mother, Wife, and Woman.  Welcome to this happy society of misfits moms. She offers her first experience with poison control as her THAT family post!

1. Tell us a little about you/your blog: 

The name of my blog is “My Life as a Mother, Wife, and Woman.” My blog is basically an outlet for me and is also used to keep distant family and friends updated. 

2. How long have you been blogging? 

I’ve been blogging for a year now. 

3. What is your definition of THAT family? 

My definition of THAT family is….well, THAT family. The one that is always filled with chaos and oftentimes disorder. And if something unlucky or unfortunate is going to happen, it’s going to happen to THAT family. 

4. When did you discover you were a part of THAT family?

I discovered I was a part of THAT family the day I was feeding one baby and rocking another one to sleep with my foot while supper was burning on the stove. Or maybe it was the day I went to work and once there I realized that I had forgotten to brush my hair and still had on my pajama top. Or maybe it was the day I stared at my daughter for what seemed like hours, desperately trying to remember her name. Because you know there are so many of them. Then there was that week when I lost my purse, cell phone, keys and wallet 7 times–in one week.

5. Where can we find your blog?

You can find my blog at www.mylifeasamotherwifeandwoman.blogspot.com 

DIYP # 12- A Project, Mr. Linky & A Giveaway! Oh My!

*Update* Congratulations to Domestic Accident!  Thanks for playing along ya’ll.  I enjoyed reading about your projects!

After last week’s scrap book paper masterpiece, I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with baited breath to see what I did with the paper I decided not to use.
Well.  The waiting is over.
See my unsightly mess of cords and games in our Family Room TV cabinet?

I used my handy dandy packing tape and applied the paper!
And because God gave me an exceptional mind, I made sure the paper matched my sofa!
I also wanted to share my real life friend Karen’s idea!  She gave this to someone for a housewarming gift and I love it!
Karen bought an inexpensive watering can and applied outdoor paint with her friend’s new address.  She printed the stencil from here, and filled it with some outdoor watering goodies! I can just see one of these cute cans on my front porch.  My flowers would probably appreciate it too.
Last week I mentioned, throwing up a Mr. Linky so you could share your DIYP ideas!  Can’t wait to read them.  One of the lucky linky participants will win a Cath Kidston Dream Home Journal: A Style Sourcebook & Idea Organizer ($20.00 value).
I’ll close down the comments at 10 pm CST on Saturday evening!
Cath Kidston Dream Home Journal

When God Steps In-Part I of The Persecuted Church

As I shivered at the edge of the pool, I glanced at the clock.

Only 5 more minutes of Mommy & Me swim lessons.  In freezing water. 
I noticed a woman and her children sit near our things, as I bemoaned my decision to struggle with my toddler in the water for two weeks of lessons.
I live a tough life.
We toweled off and my toddler kept saying, “Hi” to the lady I had noticed.
She spoke softly and sweetly to my daughter in a language that sounded like Russian.  
“Where are you from?” I asked making conversation.
“Uzbekistan,” she answered in clipped English.
I nodded my head, as if I knew the exact location. “How long have you been in the US?”
“Eleven months,” she replied.
“Your English is very good. Did you move here for a job?
“No, how do you say, we are Christians and we faced persecution,” she answered as she patted her little boy’s head.
It was a surreal moment. Standing in the heat, watching my kids splash in the kiddie pool while talking to an escapee from the former Soviet Union. A persecuted Christian.
5 minutes from my house.
She shared some about her life. Her husband was a Pastor and arrested and later deported for his crime:  preaching the Gospel.
“Did you face violence?” I asked.
I will never forget the look that crossed her face, she nodded, and tracked her children with her eyes.
She said a hundred things in that moment without uttering a word.
We exchanged phone numbers.
On the way home from the pool, I told my older kids about the conversation.  My voice quivered as I shared her story.  
“Mom, do you remember the Sunday School lesson we had a few weeks ago on the Persecuted Church?”

“That was the country I prayed for,” she said excitedly.
I don’t know why I met her.  I don’t know if we will develop a relationship or what the future holds.
I do know that I don’t regret those swimming lessons and I am convinced that God stepped in.
Our families are meeting for dinner tonight (Friday) and I hope to share more . . . 
You can read Part Two of this story here.
Part Three to this story is here.
Part Four is here.
And, you can donate to them here:

Food for the Soul:
Proverbs 16:9, “In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.”

Sincerely ‘Fro Me to You-Bathing Beauty Part I

Okay, ya’ll.  I’m bringing out the big guns for the next three weeks of Sincerely ‘Fro Me to  You. If  you are new here, I apologize.  Don’t judge me on this, k?  Come back when I’m not um, brave.

And if you want to join in, you can grab the button for your page and read about it here
In honor of the end of summer, I decided to share some swim suit photos.  Around fifteen years old, I started reading Seventeen magazine.  I remember spending a lot of time perusing the pages whenever I could get my hands on one.  I was especially jealous enthralled with the swimsuit poses and models.  
And in a strange moment of self-confidence and insanity, I talked my sister into photographing me.  In my bathing suit.  Looking as sexy as possible.  
Three poses.  Three bathing suits.  For the next three weeks.  
Because I love to hear you laugh!
Let’s just take this in, shall we?
First of all, to my Mom’s credit the perming had ceased.
And this is one of the few times I wore long hair.  And after looking at it again, I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to have short hair.  
My family liked to call the roll of hair on my forehead a ‘dookie roll.”  Because they loved me. I would curl it tight and it would stay perfectly, um, rolled, all day.
The hair, the bathing suit, the muscles . . .
*updated to add* I’m not wearing hose, girls!  Mind-boggling, isn’t it?
Words fail me, ya’ll. Is this just awful or what? Link up and make sure you come back next week; I’m aiming for sultry and it only gets worse.

A Sticky Situation

I found my toddler under the bathroom sink this morning.
She was digging thru her big sister’s nail polish and fingernail decals.
This is how I found her:

Apparently, she’s planning on converting soon.