Remind Me of This, the Next Time He Makes Me Mad, K?

I woke up the other day with a pounding headache.

Not exactly the best way to start the day.
I have a long history of neck issues and I’m a whiner.
So, I was pretty much a barrel of sunshine by 7:30 a.m.
I took a hot bath, got dressed and fixed breakfast for the kids (hey, unwrapping granola bars counts. Don’t judge me).
My hubby left for work and I took Ibuprofen.
I’m telling ya’ll, I was feeling blah.  And not just because of the headache.  It was a Monday.
But as you know, the show must go on.  So, I filled up the kiddie pool outside and sent the kids upstairs to change out of their pajamas. I put on my clown suit and readied for Act I.
The phone rang. It was my hubby.  He’d been gone about 15 minutes.
“Hey, there was a package on the bench on the front porch when I left. Are you expecting something?”
“No, Really?”
“Yeah, it has your name on it.  Gotta go.”
I walked to the front door and can I just say if I ever doubted that man’s love for me, I never will again?
Yeah. He gets me. 
He knew a large Chick-Fil-A sweet tea would help. Call me silly. But his simple gift spoke volumes to me.  Knowing he was rushing to get to work, and taking the time to bring me my favorite mood food, meant the world to me. 
I love that man.
And you know what?  My head didn’t hurt nearly as bad .
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  1. 5


    Oh my gosh-

    what a man.
    COuld he like give a seminar or something that I could send MY husband to? I will pay and everything. Nothing fancy. Like a bar-b-que in your yard or something. Just where your husband sorta lectures mine for a while? Thanks that would be great.

  2. 10


    Ummm, WOW! My husband would ask me to go get HIM one, even with my headache! Something about his mom doing EVERYTHING for him until he was 25 years old. Anyway, yay for your hubby! He’s a keeper!

  3. 14


    That was so thoughtful and sweet! I’m sure it helped you with your day so much. It’s amazing how those little gestures can help so much.

  4. 15


    Dr. Laura always says that a man with a good wife will swim through shark-infested waters to bring her lemonade…obviously you’re doing something right!

  5. 16


    Aww..that was soo sweet. Its times like that that you fall inlove all over again…when they actually THINK of those things on their own. My hubby will occasionally bring me a coke or pepsi when he knows I NEED one.
    Have a GREAT day…I’m going to try!

  6. 19


    Very, very sweet! (Umm… speakin’ of your hubby, not the tea!)

    On a serious note from a migrain sufferer… caffeine will help with a bad headache.

    See one more good excuse (I mean “reason”) to down the sweet tea!!!

  7. 22


    What a sweetie… he def knows how to speak your language. I’ve got a keeper too and when they do things like that doesn’t it just rock your world? Enjoy your man and your tea!

  8. 27

    Coffee Please! says

    OH MAN!!!

    Ok. I am sooooooo going to show my husband this post.

    When he wakes up.

    And is rushing off to work.


    Mine sucks in the ‘doing little things because I love you’ department.

    He’s lucky I fall into his icy blue eyes every time I look at them. 😉

  9. 28


    That is the greatest! Not only did he bring you sweet tea from a place that knows how to make tea, but his delivery is waaay sweet.

    What a gift he is. Yea!

  10. 34


    How great is that!!!!
    Great story!!! I love to hear thoughtful hubby stories!!I love it when my hubby shows up with a surprise cup of Starbucks…..

  11. 41

    traci says

    before my hubby got different hours he worked at night, got home at 7am just as I started my home daycare routine….EVERY morning he brought me m coveted 7-11 coffee that is 90% coffee and 10% vanilla cappicuino. The moms bringing their kiddos would catch it and think he was the neatest man ever…He is! Its the small things…right?

  12. 43


    Oh how sweet, you should clone him and sell the others, you would make a fortune. He sounds like a great guy, heck, doesn’t sound like it, he proves it. But you might want to keep that your little secret so he doesn’t get the “big head” huh? Hugs for you and HIM.

  13. 44


    Diamonds? Pearls? Nah, just a few simple things are what really send me over the edge – in a good way. And my man knows what they all are. Sonic tea, Starbucks iced latte . . . just the little stuff that means he knows me so well. Any joker could buy a gigantic diamond and impress anyone. It’s the little things that tell me I’m completely known (and loved) that mean the world.

    I like your husband, btw!

  14. 46


    I’m so jealous! That is one the sweetest, and most romantic things I’ve heard in a long time! Something that simple, meaning so much.

    I wish my husband would “get” things like that!

  15. 48


    Could you please have your husband call MY husband.

    You know…he could probably go into business like Will Smith did in “Hitch” and give hubbies some pointers.

  16. 52

    jOni lAnE says

    Awesome. Awesome. Awesome!!!!! I love sweet gestures, they mean more to me than fancy gifts. It’s the time and effort that make it so beautiful. You are very lucky.

  17. 55


    He's a keeper!!! That is just the best. The weekend I realized my hubby was going through some stuff & I needed to be more supportive, (I'm not use to having to be that role, so it took a while to hit me over the head) anyway, so I bought him the male equivalent to a dozen roses – a 12 pack of beer.

  18. 57


    What a sweet-tea!! I had to. I am that big of a dork! My husband did something similar for me yesterday, dropping by CVS on the way home to grab me some eye drops because my eyes were itching like mad. It was sweet and romantic in its own way.

  19. 59


    Well, I don’t like tea much (although I was able to drink it at Chinese tea ceremonies last year), but I loved the story so much I added a link to it on my blog. Hope your headache is history.

  20. 64


    That is awesome!

    Although I am an embarrasment to Southerners everywhere in my preference for unsweet tea. I get it from my mom who was raised in CA.

  21. 84


    I just found your blog. As I was reading the account of your hubby I was thrilled to know that someone else out there has a great treasure also. Sure hope your head feels better.

  22. 88


    I just popped over from Amy’s blog (Living Locurto) and loved the story you shared of your hubby. On the rare occasions that my husband brings me home an extra-large Diet Coke from McDonalds…I’m putty in his hands! :)

    Angie in OH

  23. 90


    Hopping over from Living Locurto.

    What a sweet gesture! It’s nice your husband is so thoughtful, and the way he called you–so sweet.

    However, at my house, first of all, I would have probably snapped at him for not bringing the package inside before he left. I mean, come on! You saw my name on it, but you couldn’t bring the dang thing inside?

    And then even after seeing his sweetness, my husband would get his a$$ kicked if there was just a cup of sweet tea and no Chik-fil-A Sandwich sitting beside it!

    The nearest one is 45 minutes away and I make excuses to drive nearby so I can get me some chicken sandwich lovin. Mmmmmm….

    He once purposefully used our check card at Chik-fil-A on a business trip just so he could rub it in my face when I saw it online. Stinkin’ bastige!!

    I love him more than anything anyway…

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