Sincerely ‘Fro Me to You-Bathing Beauty Part I

Okay, ya’ll.  I’m bringing out the big guns for the next three weeks of Sincerely ‘Fro Me to  You. If  you are new here, I apologize.  Don’t judge me on this, k?  Come back when I’m not um, brave.

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In honor of the end of summer, I decided to share some swim suit photos.  Around fifteen years old, I started reading Seventeen magazine.  I remember spending a lot of time perusing the pages whenever I could get my hands on one.  I was especially jealous enthralled with the swimsuit poses and models.  
And in a strange moment of self-confidence and insanity, I talked my sister into photographing me.  In my bathing suit.  Looking as sexy as possible.  
Three poses.  Three bathing suits.  For the next three weeks.  
Because I love to hear you laugh!
Let’s just take this in, shall we?
First of all, to my Mom’s credit the perming had ceased.
And this is one of the few times I wore long hair.  And after looking at it again, I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to have short hair.  
My family liked to call the roll of hair on my forehead a ‘dookie roll.”  Because they loved me. I would curl it tight and it would stay perfectly, um, rolled, all day.
The hair, the bathing suit, the muscles . . .
*updated to add* I’m not wearing hose, girls!  Mind-boggling, isn’t it?
Words fail me, ya’ll. Is this just awful or what? Link up and make sure you come back next week; I’m aiming for sultry and it only gets worse.


  1. 1


    Bravo! You came out relatively unscathed after the “Dookie roll” comment. I am in awe.

    The swinsuit isn’t bad. Some might even call it patriotic!

    And if you even think I’m posting a pic of me in a bathing suit…THING AGAIN! I’ll just live vicariously through the rest of you.

  2. 3


    That picture is CLASSIC! I LOVE IT!! Why don’t we see more swim suit poses like this? I also love the banner you have printed off on your computer hanging on your wall behind you. “LOVE BOYS!” nice..

  3. 5


    Aw, Seventeen brings back memories! Loved that magazine.

    You look pretty dang good in your bathing suit! I was thinking more along the lines of body building with that pose though. I kid! :)

    Dippity Do allowed me have a have a perfect curl on my forehead all day too.

  4. 6


    Oh my Oh my….your bravery rivals that of Joan of Arc….seriously. This photo is just so bad it is AWESOME.

    And THAT is your sultry pose? You look like you are going out to kick someones butt. Well in a Jane Fonda work-out-sort of a way.

    Thank you for this. I LOVE this so much. I look forward every week.

  5. 7


    This IS so funny and totally endearing…and several people have said something about your I Love Boys banner on the wall.

    That caught my eye too. I used to print those banners off of our computer too! Although mine usually said I love _____ insert some boy’s name who probably didn’t know I existed. Either that or I love New Kids on the Block….particularly Joey. Oh Yeah! :)

    I love how you are so willing to risk humiliation every week just for us. Thank you :) We really do appreciate it!

  6. 13


    Wow, those stripes are so, ummm, bold and bright, and ummm, vertical.

    I remember that pose from Seventeen!
    Girl you had it going on then and still got it! :-)

  7. 14


    LOVE it! Why does this make me think of Baywatch, tho?

    You are one brave woman to post photos of yourself in a bathing suit. I bow to you.

    Got my home-permed hair goin’ on at my SFMTY this week!

  8. 15


    Starting to see the sign of “what you were like as a teen, I LOVE BOYS and you liked stripes, allot.

    Funny you know what’s said about our children after us right?
    Ha ha YOUR NEXT..and you also have two girls!

    Thanks for sharing…btw where you wearing hose? Cuz those are so slick looking legs!

  9. 17


    i also read Seventeen, and I also had this suit. However, I never wore mine with pantyhose, which you seem to have on I think in that photo. You are brave, but you also look great!

  10. 18


    I had a handicap, ya’ll. I was raised by a man who was nearly 50 when I was born. Where WAS the female influence in my life? God is so merciful. He didn’t allow much embarrassing photographic evidence to document my appearance in the 80’s. You are one brave woman!!! Love your blog

  11. 22



    There will never be a pic of me in a swimsuit – not present, not past – EVER posted on the internet.

    I hope I don’t have to eat those words too (I seem to have a palate for word eating).

    #1 you had fabulous muscle tone
    #2 you look like you want to kill the photographer
    #3 your taste in swimsuits is just great
    #4 you are twin, aren’t you? This isn’t revenge against her by playing the switcheroo is it?

    Have a great day and as always, thanks for hosting!


  12. 23




    Oh now this is the best so far! Its right up there with the workout suit. :)

    At least the stripes were vertical so they were very slimming. You do look like you could get blown away by the wind your so tiny.

  13. 26


    There are so many things to laugh about here! First the dookie roll is absolutely hilarious! The computer print out of I LOVE BOYS that is great! I love how you always make me laugh next week i will share something funny I promise!!!

  14. 27

    Nancy says

    Hey, I had that same bathing suit, only mine was navy & white! Unfortunately, I don't have a blog, so you won't be seeing any pictures. Come to think of it, there aren't any pictures!! Not even of the lovely bikini I crocheted for myself when I was about 13. You are very brave. And you look great, by the way. Your posts always make me laugh. I even got my daughter hooked…she was interested in your family camp experience as she works at a camp. Come to find out, the director of the camp she works at (in Mich) used to work at Pine Cove! Small world…

  15. 28


    If I had an award for the bravest blogger, it would most certainly go to you.

    I couldn’t help but form a little caption for this photo in my head, right when I saw it. Goes something like this “Laugh too hard and I’ll show you what I can really do with these biceps.”

  16. 30


    Too funny!

    I have to say this is my favorite thing to do on Thursday and I never get an work done around the house!

    And I love the banner on the wall. I used to love making those and then coloring them in!

    Thanks for sharing!

  17. 37


    You are a brave, hilarious woman! I especially love your “I LOVE BOYS” banner on the wall. The font type and old fashioned computer paper bring me right back to the 80’s!

  18. 39


    LOL… toughie there!

    I got my idea for this weeks post from a gal last week…it works perfect because today would have been my daddy’s birthday. So makes a tribute to him. :)

  19. 41


    You crack me up!

    First….the funny part of it is your pose! You wore your suit well!

    I didn’t do a ‘fro this week….but now you have me thinking back to those days…those unforgettable days of youth….so I shall begin digging through the pics…


  20. 45


    Oh this is great!! I agree you are brave!! I had a similar bathing suit although my was pink and lavender stripped (scary!)Oh and whats even more frightening is that I wore my bangs like that too….”it was cool”

  21. 47


    My daughter just linked up too! But since it was done on this computer it says my name for this comment. :) She’s the girl with Kaleidescope Eyes.

  22. 48


    There are so many things that I love about this picture. The suit of course, the look on your bad to the bone face, and the “banner” on the wall. Wow, remember those cool banners you could make, at school of course, on the computers. I see some more stripes in the closet, ut-oh:) Love this!

  23. 49


    You won’t get any judgement from me–especially when you see what I offer next week when I join this awesome game!

    LOVE the picture-holy high school memories.
    Are you sure you weren’t wearing hose?
    Yeah, I’m boggled.

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