Sincerely ‘Fro Me to You-Bathing Beauty Part 2

Welcome to “Sincerely (Humiliated) ‘Fro Me to You!” You can read all about this crazy carnival here.

I’m so glad you’re here, especially after last week (Want to know why I’m sharing these terrible photos, read last week’s post).  You may rethink your decision to stop by after you see this week’s Bathing Beauty photo. But I am here, as your humble servant, to make you smile, laugh, roll-on-the-floor.  
It’s good for your health.
I thought I would end summer with a bang. 
Let’s talk about this photo, shall we:
1. The Black Bar-I used my mad photo editing skills to cover up the inappropriate cleavage produced by my eager elbows. This is a family show, after all.
2. The Hair-It’s ghastly, but my ‘dookie’ roll is in fine form.
3. The Expression-I remember posing for this picture.  I was going for sultry, sexy, stunning!  I look thoughtful, don’t you think?  
4. The Bathing Suit-It was one of those one-piece bikini’s. Remember them?  My Aunt bought it for me at Miller’s Outpost and I felt very grown-up in it.  Look how tiny my tummy is!  When my 35 year old tummy saw my 15 year old tummy, it wanted to throw up! 
5. The Hole- See the little hole cut out in the fence post behind me?  My ingenious Daddy did that so our little toy poodle could leave the patio area and go potty in the grass.  We call that Southern Engineering and while it doesn’t have anything to do with me modeling my gorgeous swimsuit, I thought you’d like to know. 
You are welcome.
Now, you, go:


  1. 1


    I must commend you on your excellent editing skills.

    At 15, I would have looked the same in the swimsuit coming or going! I’m not sure my elbows would have helped much in my case.

    Love the hole in the fence for the doggy duty.

  2. 2


    I do remember those bathing suits! Yeah, I’m afraid you do look more thoughtful than sultry. But I’m sure you could rock that sultry look now. 😉

  3. 4


    Hey at least you had long hair….I’m on a kick again about hair, go figure!

    As for those suits I had one …and when I find those pix I promise to post my own redition of the “sultry sexy in my own world of thinking pose”…trust me..your will look toned down when I do!

    It’s been fun!

  4. 6


    I totally remember the days of trying so hard to pose like that. So funny to look back on now. I commend you for the swimsuit edition these past two weeks. Brave girl you are. Way to set the standard for all of us!

  5. 7


    Yeah, my about-to-be-30 year old belly looks at my 15 year old belly and gets nauseous as well. At that age I had a girly little six pack from flute-playing, karate, and soprano-singing. These days – notsomuch. On other hand, I didn’t have cleavage until I got pregnant. 😛

    Once again I commend you for your bravery! And by the way, I think your 15-yr-old self is adorable. Love your editing skills, too, by the way.

  6. 8


    I remember those swimsuits! Thought I was quite the sexy thing in mine too. What a dork I was! And still am! :)

    My post this week includes my daughter in sunglasses that would put Paris Hilton to shame. Can’t wait for the blackmail in a few years!

  7. 10


    You brave woman! If I had looked that pretty I would post pics too! I remember the funky two piece. I just couldn’t pull that look off!

    Oh. And I think you NAILED sultry.


  8. 12


    Oh, man, you are FUNNY! That is a great picture! Thank you for the black bar.

    I thought you might like to know the correct term for the swimsuit (I had a red & black one that I thought I looked quite fabulous in myself) – it was called a monokini – yup, it's true, kids!

  9. 19


    Ah…I’m so glad I’m not 15 any more!

    My mom’s friend was a photgrapher and they somehow taked me into posing in my bathing suit…I remember doing the same thing…trying to look “smoldering”…I looked like an idiot!

  10. 20


    Your teenaged version of sultry is great. Would have helped if we’d known what sultry really was back then, right?

    You are one brave woman, Kristin. I’ve burned my bathingsuit pics. And I’m stickin’ to that story!

  11. 21


    My admiration: You have it…not sure there is anything you can do to lose now. I love how you described this photo and I was laughing out loud…almost gave me away…hubby thinks I’m getting ready to go to the store…I read Julie’s comment about Party of Five…you do resemble Neve Campbell a tad in this photo…but to me, you scream Ally Sheedy and back when this photo was taken, I’m guessing that would have been a good thing.

  12. 26


    Oh how well I remember doing those “sultry, sexy” poses at 15 or 16. Were we clueless or what? To think I didn’t even really know much about that S-E-X stuff then…hee hee

    It really is entertaining to look at those old pictures…when we thought we looked so stylish.

    Come see what I was up to back then…


  13. 29


    Oh yeah, I had some of those suits, but without boobs, the tops always came up when I jumped into the water!

    You were lookin good!

  14. 30


    I love this carnival – very funny!

    You have almost inspired me to pull out my old pictures, but I’m too afraid. A childhood spanning the seventies and eighties contains too many outfits (and hair) I would rather forget.

  15. 31


    Of course I remember the one piece bikinis. I never thought I was skinny enough to wear them. I look at my 15 year old self now and want to drop kick her. Helllllllooooooo??? Since when is a size 6 FAT???

  16. 32


    Oh, how funny! As a self-involved 15-year-old, I loved to stand in front of the mirror and perfect the sultry pout, while visions of being ‘discovered’ as the next supermodel floated thru my head. . . (cringe)
    PS: Do stop by my blog, you have an award waiting for you:)

  17. 34


    I’m dreaming of my 15 year old tummy, too; but if I had to grab my 15 year old wardrobe and hair… well, my mommy belly’s looking okay, right now! Great picture and I admire the confidence!!

  18. 35


    That is just too darn cute. It is not fair either that a 15 year old tummy has to flaunt it back to your 35 year old tummy. Tell your tummy you still love it! No wonder you are such a beautiful woman, you were a BEAUTIFUL young lady!

  19. 37


    That black bar is the best! When I first saw the picture I said “No she didn’t!” but then I read your post and said “Yes she did!”

    Stop by my blog tomorrow because you’ve been mentioned by my Friday Featured Blog blogger, CanCan of Mom Most Traveled. The post will be up at midnight tonight.

  20. 42


    Well, life took over and I missed ‘fro again! Shucks!

    But this makes it all better! Oh, I remember the one piece bikini. If it’s what I’m thinkin’…I had a red and white striped one with those plastic connectors on the sides…much like on a booksack today.

    The sad thing for me is that I still had it when I was pregnant with my first child. I was almost 21. I wore the thing to Biloxi with my family. I was over 8 months pregnant. Picture that! A large, pregnant belly poking out of a bikini linked together on the sides with plastic thingys. Yea…proud moment.

    Too bad no pic…..but we have your very thoughtful expression! 😉


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