The Throne

I had an urge to buy this a couple of months early.
This is for my turd child.  I found it in the dump.
Just taking care of business.
I’m sorry this post was completely inappropriate.
Really, sorry.
As you were.
disclaimer:  The Dump is a store in my town
This post is a part of the blog train!


  1. 14

    Marcy - The Glamorous Life! says

    You may wish to join the Pun Anonymous group near you. They meet in church basements all over the country every Punday at noon. Dang…I missed the last meeting too.

  2. 23


    Hi Kristen!

    This chair is hilarious! We used a game called My Throne for potty training. This would have been a perfect addition to our game!

    She is just a dolly!

  3. 35


    Why did you apologize? It was simply the Kristen that we’ve come to know, expect and love on this blog! :-)

    Really cute chair! Is it working??

  4. 37


    How in the world do you do it??? Do you just go looking in dumps, and trash cans everywhere? Is that your real living, a dumpster diver and you just aren’t confessing. You are talented way beyond messure!!!
    “Turd Child” Oh my gosh….. THIRD child, I got it, and turd in the true sense of the word. We will forgive you for this posting!!! ha ha ha, oh my.

  5. 40


    You found it in the DUMP?? Man, why can’t I find stuff like that! Surely though, you repainted it? If not, the person that through that away is a BIG Bucket Head!!!!!


  6. 46


    Thanks for the laugh! Shoot if my little boys had a throne like that I think they wouldn’t put up such a fuss about using the potty!

  7. 49


    There’s a store near here called “The Dump.” I went in right after they opened, and I swear to you, they were selling a couch for $12,000.

    1.) Who in their right mind spends $12,000 on a couch?

    2.) Why in the world would said person be shopping at a place called “The Dump”?

    I can see it now. [Scene] Setting: Some upper-class cocktail party.

    “Oh, dah-ling, I just adore your settee. Where, pray tell, did you find it?”

    “Oh, that ol’ thing? I got it down at “The Dump.” It was a real steal!”

    Gasps and various other displays of horror abound. [End Scene]

  8. 56


    That’s just disgusting! And completely inappropriate to be coming from a “turd”y-something y/o woman! Pah-LEASE clean up your act woman!


  9. 57


    tee-hee, you said turd.

    My “turd” had a royal potty that sounded a royal trumpet when you “used” it.

    Hey, whatever works, right?

  10. 58


    Is potty talk inappropriate? I suppose I’ve become desensitized. My favorite question of the day is, “Mom, do you want to see my poo poo?” The joys!

  11. 60


    Okay how much did you pay for this? How can I get one?! I have a little girl to potty train next year!!! This is TOOOOOOOOO CUTE!

  12. 62


    Hey if giving the princess a throne doesn’t help the potty process what will? My daughter got princess panties and it worked like a “charm”
    Seriously that chair is so cute and your post was hilarious.
    Thanks for a good laugh.
    ((hugs)) Mechelle

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