What’s in Your Bucket?-Giveaway

My kid’s elementary school has a theme this year.

They have deemed themselves a “Bucket-Filling School.”  
Basically, everyone has an invisible bucket.  Our buckets are filled with words and actions.
It makes people happy to have their bucket filled with good things, like compliments, happy thoughts and kindness.
But if you are unkind in your actions or words, you are a bucket-dipper.  Bucket dippers aren’t exactly celebrated.
Don’t you just love this?  The kids will be rewarded all year for filling buckets.
And every once in awhile from the playroom at home, I hear, “You just filled my bucket, thanks!” or “That hurt my feelings, you bucket-dipper!” 
I love this biblical concept. And, I love the way it’s impacted our home.
It’s a darling children’s book.
But let’s be honest, it’s not just for kids.  
Yes, there have been times I have been a bucket-dipper in the way I’ve spoken to my hubby or criticized my kids.  Or gossiped about a neighbor.
And, I’ve met some pretty nasty bucket dippers in my day.
Even in the blog world.  
Not you, though.  You are a bucket filler.  Yes, I’m talking to you.  My bucket is about to burst with all the sweet things you’ve said lately.
Be a bucket filler.  
Resist the urge to knit-pick your kids.  And talk about your friend’s friend.  Don’t belittle your family or refuse to tip the overworked waitress at dinner.  And use your blog to impact the world in a positive way.
Everyone has a bucket. What are you filling it with?
Leave a comment and tell me who has recently filled your bucket. The author is generously giving away 12 autographed copies to 12 of my readers!  I’ll choose some random winners tonight (Wednesday) by 10 pm (CST) I know you want a copy for you your kids! Value $10 each.
So, bucket-filling works for me, my family and my kid’s school!  Check out other tips at Works for Me Wednesday!
And please visit, The Bucket Fillers they hold amazing seminars and presentations!
If you are a teacher, a PTA member or just an involved parent, I think you mighte be interested in learning more.  Here is an excerpt from their website:
The Bucket Fillers travel across the U.S. to present at schools, churches, and parent, community and business groups. In two years, we have read and discussed our books in more than 700 presentations to encourage and empower more than 70,000 children to be daily bucketfillers. We have also inspired thousands of teachers to create bucketfilling classrooms and schools. Read more


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