Fakin’ It

I’m fakin’ it.

Didn’t even know it until The Nester pointed it out.
She’s helpful like that!
I’m joining a slew of other people who have strong feelings regarding the artificial fruit and flower. 
Please don’t feel sorry for us. We are happy in our pretend world.
I have real flowers and  fresh what-nots so seldom that everyone thinks company is coming when I break down and buy the real stuff.
Here’s a taste of my fake decorative touches (and after viewing some of these items more closely, I think I need to clean my house and maybe toss a thing or two out):
I bought this little cage for $1 at a garage sale.  It’s the perfect place to stick my fall festivities:

And don’t look too closely at this little darling –the dust will make you sneeze.

I need a tutorial on floral arranging 101, but here’s my best shot:

This is actually a Christmas decoration I bought 75% off at Hallmark.  The red berries and pears make me happy, so it gets to stay out all year long!
Garage sale:  $2  (And it has feathers!)
The only thing fake about this picture is the foliage, because our love is the real thing!
As I searched my house for all the fakes, I started to turn introspective as the apron hanging in my kitchen began to mock me.  
I won’t even discuss the look my drawer full of padded undergarments gave me. 
 But when this sign hanging in my living room waved it’s finger at me:
I replied, “Don’t judge me, I getting there.”
To see more people fakin’ it, visit The Nester, who makes faux look fabulous!


  1. 7


    I’m so happy someone else feels guilt walking by their “simplify” sign! (a friend bought the same big black “simplify” rooster sign as me and finally spraypainted out the word “simplify”)!

  2. 22


    I love the fake stuff! I have fake stuff everywhere!
    I am feeling better and able to get out of bed today, glad to read some blogs!
    If I had a laptop I might have halfway enjoyed the bed rest!

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